Michael is homeless in Toronto, Canada. He has walking pneumonia.

(coughs) – Sorry, you’ll have to excuse
me, I’m very sick right now. – [Interviewer] I’m sorry. – I have walking pneumonia at the moment. – [Interviewer] Oh my
gosh, that’s horrible. – Yeah. I’ve actually been in the hospital, in and out the last couple days. – [Interviewer] Oh my gosh, Michael. – Yes. – [Interviewer] We’re here in Toronto. You’re homeless. – Yup. – [Interviewer] Oh my
gosh, you just told me you’d been in and out of the hospital because you’ve got pneumonia. – Mm-hmm. – [Interviewer] That’s horrible. – I’m very sick right now. – [Interviewer] Tell me about
homelessness in Toronto. – If it wasn’t for the great
people in this Toronto, I’d probably be dead. I’ve managed to survive in the woods for over four months
now thanks to donations of tents, tarps, Coleman stoves, and all kinds of wonderful
things that have helped me survive in the woods here in Toronto, with my two dogs. I ended up homeless because
I made some bad choices, was in a bad relationship, and we lost our apartment, I
ended up here on the streets, and when you have a couple
of animals to care for and you end up homeless, it gets very difficult to
find another place to live. – [Interviewer] So
what’s your future like? – It’s okay, I’m just
gonna keep pushing along. I have first and last
month’s rent saved up, I’m gonna keep looking, it’s almost the first of the month again, there’s lots of desperate
landlords out there. The city’s full of slum lords, so I’ll just take my cash,
they don’t care I have dogs, so unfortunately my future
is probably gonna be renting an apartment from some
slum lord here in the city. – [Interviewer] You’d get out of this. – I know my rights and I’ll make it work. And what I get out of
this, I will learn from it, and certainly won’t make
those mistakes again. (Interviewer laughs) – [Interviewer] If you had three
wishes, what would they be? – A roof over my head, peace in the world, and food for everyone. – [Interviewer] Great wishes. Thank you very much for talking to me. – Absolutely. Thank you.

18 thoughts on “Michael is homeless in Toronto, Canada. He has walking pneumonia.

  1. There would be so many things to talk about his situation but
    The fact that he don't have anywhere to go even though he have the diseases is so sad and bad. He might have to be in a shelter with carers.

  2. Why are there so many homeless people in Toronto, and major cities all over the world? Because homeless people don't give kickbacks to politicians. And Toronto's politicians are among the most corrupt in the world. I'm looking at you John Tory, and you, Frank Scarpitti – you corrupt motherfuckers.

  3. Very Seldom you hear from the Homeless When u asked for 3 Wishes "I Want A Billion Dollars" its always world peace , food for everyone etc. … I grew up middle classed in New Brunswick Canada and came to Toronto to visit my now deceased step brother and was afforded many luxuries while on vacation … i cant imagine being homeless there ! Ive been homeless by choice and alcoholism but i live in a rural area and with my survival training I didnt have a hard time at all and i was drunk and on opiates most of the time anyway…Great Fella and I Hope For Him and his Fur babies a great life and a helping hand…God Damn What a World we live in Eh

  4. I am 64 and married for 46 years. My wife and I lost everything more than once and found ourselves evicted for lack of work or funds. However, our faith in God brought us through the very darkest and scary moments. We never missed a meal or had to sleep outdoors. Friends and family were sometimes there but that was very limited. I know the fear of being unemployed and down to less than $10.00. Owing to self employment most of my life I did not often qualify for compensation or public benefits. But I am here today and few would believe the remarkable story of how God rescued us and redeemed us. We now live on modest social security pensions on a little 13 acre farm that is paid for. Our home and 3 vehicles are all paid for and God still sends us little miracles just in time to meet every need. I wish everyone knew about living the Christian Life with a surrendered will to Jesus Christ to whom I hope and pray comes again quickly to end the suffering of the poor, the homeless and the fearful. God tells us that worry is an abomination to Him and that if we give to others out of our need or blessing He will give to us in full measure, pressed down and will pour His blessings into our laps (Luke). Likewise we must forgive all who trespass against us and  never hate our brothers. We must do good to our enemies because it is like putting hot coals on their heads. Never boast about the good you do or the gifts you give to others. Never worry about tomorrow because today has problems enough. God loves you and has a plan for your life. Your good deeds cannot save you. Believe that Jesus, God's only begotten Son, gave his life freely on the cross for your sins and mine and that he arose from the grave after three days. Acknowledge Jesus in front of others. Follow Jesus and you will be saved and have everlasting life. Jesus will see to all your needs. I know this is true and I am glad to have known most of this since 1966 when I was 12 years old. I thank God everyday for His kind  provision and also for giving me the very best wife that He ever created for any man. She is truly my sweetheart and best friend.

  5. Why cant he get a minimum wage job and rent a room? Sorry its a dog or your life! Get rid of the dogs…send them to the dog shelter and u get a job and find a room for rent for 550 a month lots of those in the kikjij posted! I rented a room fir 550 a month for 3 years worked and now have my own condo i didnt trap my self with useless dog animals…you get animals when u own your own place!

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