“Mon SPACE à moi” : Francis Guengant – éleveur de porcs

SPACE for me, it goes back up far away, with my father who wanted to go there. I was in primary school. At that time, I had school. I had moved heaven and earth to go to SPACE, I’d even been sulking all week and finally, he said:
“Ok, we will go on Saturday” because at
that time, SPACE opened
on Saturdays. And so, I had succeeded and I was with him
on Saturday, at SPACE. And I was very, very happy. We like to immediately mark SPACE days on our calendar, and then we arrange to do the work earlier in the morning or to find someone to replace us. But, it’s true that SPACE is the event that you don’t want to miss. You have to be present. On SPACE day, I usually visit the halls related to my production, so the pig sector. I usually go to meet my association, to see my genetic organism, also for the semen diffusion. But after that, I also like to see the cattle. This is really the annual outing, where we are happy to go, to meet people, it changes from our daily lives too. It’s a way of openness and sharing in a friendly atmosphere.

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