Motu Ki Chheenk – Motu Patlu in Hindi – 3D Animation Cartoon for Kids -As seen on Nickelodeon

Big brother, quickly give us some very hot ice cream. Very hot or very cold! Oh ho because of the habit of eating samosas it always comes out hot from my mouth. Come-on give cold ice-cream. Yes, take this samosa ice cream, I have all types of ice creams. Praise lord, ice cream in the shape of a samosa! Enough Motu, if you eat so many ice creams you will catch a cold. First time I am eating samosa shape ice creams, let me eat, let more ice creams come. Stop! All the ice creams are over, now give me the money in all five thousand rupees. Patlu give him five thousand rupees, now I will go and take some rest. Very good you eat the ice cream and I pay the bill. I think, I have caught a cold. It is bound to happen because you ate so many ice creams at one time. I told you not to eat so many ice creams. But why are you sneezing? Because of you. Now your cold has caught me. If we can catch cold because of -cold ice-cream, we can also get cured by piping hot samosas. Hey, who are you people and where are you going with your face covered? To eat Samosa. Then why are you covering your mouth? Take your hands off. No! We will not remove our hand big brother. Why are you not removing your hands off? You must be hiding something from me. Say, are you removing your hand or shall I give you two punches? Do not remove, Boxer brother, or else you will regret afterwards. Hey remove your hand quickly. Hey Motu! You have got this much guts that you sneeze on my face. Now I will show you. Run, he will beat you up! Hey Motu Patlu! You gave me a cold, I won’t leave you. Tea vendor aaakchhee give us. Here aakchhee is not available. Aakchhee, means tea samosa, aakchhee , give us. Okay I will give right away, but how come you caught cold, why don’t you take medicines? One thing you have done is loss of my samosas over that, you come here and gave me the cold. Now come back only after getting yourself cured, or else I swear on , I will beat you up. Oh my god! Motu Patlu where are you both running away? Why are you running? What for are you running? What is the matter? Tell me quickly. Don’t stop us Chingam sir let us go, we will tell you the story later. You will have to tell me right now. The whole world is behind us, Boxer is behind us, tea vendor is behind us.

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  2. Please upload more new episode and thanks for wow kidz to see the world best cartoon 😁😁😟😟

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