Motu Patlu Aur Kite Competition – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Patlu, I too feel like flying a kite. Tomorrow is the kite flying festival and also the kite flying competition. Everyone seems to be preparing themselves for that. Even I feel like flying kites, do something Motu. My brain doesn’t function on an empty stomach, you think of something. Idea!! Let’s collect all the kites that have been cut loose and fly them with whatever is left of their attached string! Long live!! This is a good idea! Look, there goes a kite which has been cut loose, lets go Patlu. Brother Boxer, so sorry, it was by mistake. You see we were actually looking at that kite. Oh! I too love flying kites but you should not go chasing kites on the roads. It could cause an accident. Someone can get hurt and your eyes can get black and blue. Our eyes are fine. How will our eyes become black and blue? Let me show you. Take this!! See, didn’t they become black and blue? They did big brother, they became black also and they became blue also. Thanks a lot. So, what did we learn today? We should not run on the streets behind loose kites to catch them. Patlu, you hold on to me I will stretch my hand forward. You go ahead, I’m holding you. Hurray!! It’s a beautiful day, I have got a new game to play. It will add meaning to my life!! Everybody move aside, now I’m going to fly my kite. Haha!! Mr.Boxer, how did you come under the tree? You had said that it is wrong to run after kites on the streets, so we were taking down kites from trees. Forgive us brother boxer, forgive us. We did not intentionally hurt you. Who am I to give forgiveness or punishment. That is all in the hands of the lord. Absolutely right! Now either the lord above will punish us or he will forgive us. My dear friends, climbing trees to get kites can be dangerous. There is always the danger of falling down on someone and then there is the danger of flying up also. Just a minute! We can fall from up to down but how do we fly from down to up?I did not understand that. I’ll just explain, take this!! What did we learn today? You should not climb trees to catch kites!! Hurray!! It’s a beautiful day, I have got a new game to play. It will add meaning to my life!! Motu and Patlu flew away into the skies. Now my kite will fly very high, haha!! Hurray!! Boxer brother, we know everything, it’s dangerous to fly kites from the roof. It can cause our eyes to be at a risk of turning red and blue. Could be a risk of falling down from up and then fly up again. Maybe there is a chance that we could disappear!! A chance that you could disappear? How does one disappears? Like this! Hey, where did they go? Hey, atleast let me hit you’ll one punch. Boss, we stole the diamonds but how will you manage to send them to your brother across the town border? Inspector Chingam has put up police barricades all around. Police barricade, right no 2? These diamonds have to get across the town border to my brother Shaun today itself. Find some way. I’ve a fantastic idea! We’ll tie the bag of diamonds to our big kite and fly it across the town border. And then drop it where my brother can pick up the diamonds and Chingam will not be able to stop him!! My kite is made in China. It throws out a current when I use the remote. No one can last in front of it. Hey, he is cheating. Wait, I’ll teach him a lesson. Haha!! Motu, go home and go to sleep because to cut off the Don’s kite is not difficult, It’s impossible.Haha!! We have to deal with his kite with another one exactly like his. I have 20 years of experience in tangling flying kites. Just wait a minute, I’ll show him. Oh my lord!! Your kite did not even fly for 20 seconds. Motu do something. What can I do? My brain does not function on an empty stomach. You think of something. As soon as I saw Johns kite I had called Dr.Jhatka. Dr.Jhatka’s kite will be the answer to Johns’ kite. He must be on his way. Hey Motu, my brother, my friend, big brother. See what I got after what Patlu told me. Such a big kite? Not only big, it is strong too. So strong that one person can stand behind and fly with it. It does not fly with a string, it flies with a wire. It can never be cut loose nor can it ever tear. Wow Doctor Jhatka wonderful!! Now we will teach John a lesson. Patlu, take this kite far away and leave it in the air. Once it is up in the air then it can be controlled with a remote. Does it fly on pressing this button? Hey! Stop!! Get me down!! What are you doing? What have you done? Today is the first time I’m flying this. It’s taking me some time to control it. I can’t understand anything. Hey! Stop!! Get me down!! What are you doing? To steal kites is dangerous, to fly kite on the roof is dangerous, to fly a kite on a ground is dangerous. Where Motu and Patlu are present, to walk across that area is dangerous. We cut it!! My one million worth of diamonds!! Catch that kite. One million worth of diamonds!! Catch it!! Catch that kite!! We have to take the diamonds and give them to Chingam. Someone call up Chingam. Thief!! Catch them!! Sorry brother, we are just borrowing it. We will return it by evening. Oh my god! Somebody help me!! Help!! Essence!! Motu, who is driving the fire engine? Hey Patlu! Stop it! Motu, press the button for the ladder on this fire engine. We will climb up on it and catch the kite. Oh my god!! Help!! Put it down!! You, move aside. I will drive. Oh my lord!! Dr. Jhatka help!! Mamoni help!! Mummy!! Help!! No!!! It is impossible to escape from Chingam’s web. impossible. If you don’t find the diamonds then you will stay here your whole lives. No!!

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