Mütter Minute: Spanish Flu Statistics

Have you gotten your flu shot yet? Well if you haven’t, by the end of this minute, you will. This is a public health
report published in Britain right after the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918. This is the pandemic that killed more people than any other disease in human history. And among the information in this book, we have tables, graphic display of data. And here you see different locations in England showing mortality and it’s arranged by age group. This is not an epidemic that hit hard the very young or the very old like most do, but rather the flu struck young adults,
so take note. This book also has some pretty alarming color illustrations. Here are two showing cyanosis, or a lack of oxygen. This man is about to die and he’s
turning different shades of blue. We don’t want you to do that, but instead
get that flu shot and come down here to the Mütter Museum where I guarantee you everything behind glass is not infectious.

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