My drummer has a very bad stomach flu (tourlife 8) | L-FRESH The LION

Day 3 at WOMAD and man… the drama doesn’t stop We almost had another crisis situation Clinton, my drummer, has been sick ever since we touched down or even before
that he’s had a bad case of stomach flu or stomach
virus where he’s been in the hotel for the whole
festival we weren’t sure whether he was going to play
with us today or whether he was not gonna make it so we were re-jigging the set as if we were
playing without a drummer then, you know, he’s like, I’ve got the energy Let’s give it a try. Let’s give it a shot so he rolled with us here and now he’s ready
to go so we’re setting up, sound-check Crisis averted so far We’ll find out what happens when we’re on
stage But WOMAD, it’s been such a vibe, such a beautiful
festival We’re so glad. The crew here are so professional so compassionate and so helpful it’s been a breeze flying through some really
crisis situations for a musician so yeah… it’s almost show time Ready to go. I’ve got my ginger, lemongrass tea with honey and we’re on stage in about 20 minutes *performing song “Get Mine” by L-FRESH The
LION feat. Parvyn* WOMAD. Thank you so much for the past few
days It’s been amazing I’m exhausted, which means I’ve had a good
time and it’s been great meeting so many, so many
people playing 2 awesome shows and, you know, being amongst it Thank you so much to everybody involved in
making it happen and to everybody who was there, you know,
who had a good time with us Much love Until next time

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