MY SKIN STORY: Hyper Sensitive and Allergic || Hazel Faith Diary

Hey Sweeties! Today we are going to my derma! I don’t know if you’ve noticed from my last videos But recently I have not been wearing as much make up as I used to Now I only wear mascara, eyeliner and blush Today, you will see why So just a little background, but you know this already: I have problematic skin I’m allergic so when I wear make up, I get pimples When I eat certain triggering foods I also break out, and it’s not pimples, it’s rashes so it’s itchy! and it looks really bad on camera So while we’re on our way, I’lll tell you about my skin journey. 2 years ago I started noticing little bumps on my cheeks, on my face I couldn’t cover it up with make up coz the light creates shadows make up can’t smoothe out the bumps It even came to a point where people were saying how my co-actor (who was male) was prettier than me. That’s how hard those comments were on me and it really hurt me so bad That’s why I’ve been trying to get rid of my “pimples” then using apple cider, baking soda and it was effective for a while but I noticed it kept coming back so I tried to research on the internet what is really happening with my skin because all the home remedy treatments were not working they said it might not be pimples, what I have. what I had was allergies. We went to an allergologist in St. Lukes Dra. Rosa Ong and she tested me for possible allergies. What happened was… Turns out I was allergic to about 11 things We cut all of that off and for a while, it was working. She gave me medicines to take to help me with my allergies and for a while it helped But my rashes still kept coming back It came to a point that I was gonna have a taping in two days and my rashes.. it wasn’t just a rash, it was becoming hives all over my face and it was horrible, I was crying I had to go to this well known clinic to get my face fixed and they used glycopeel on me They popped my pimples, I was bloody I came back the next month just a little bit better and they did it on me again, pricking my pimples, I was bleeding again And their doctor recommended me to use these anti pimple face wash, soap this toner everything to dry pimples even though I told that doctor all of my skin conditions and they said this would help si I did for a month or two and it just became worse because when you’re dealing with allergies and rashes, drying it out is not gonna help it. It’s gonna make it worse i stopped going to that cinic and tried to do it on my own all over again and I was starting to lose all hope and then suddenly I got a message from my boss, sir Ciso to try this clinic called Dr. A’s Beauty and Wellness Center I texted Dr. A and she said, “come over to the clinic, let’s see what you have.” She did a check up on me and she prescribes this for super sensitive skin facial wash, toner sunblock which I discussed in my last video and pimple cream she sat me down and told me to stop all the home remedies that I’ve been doing because she said I’m confusing my skin that’s my fault, that’s my bad so she did the PICO Treatment on me the first time by the third day my hives were gone and only my marks were left by the second month I was already happy with my skin. there was a big difference I was camera ready for my vlogs. Hopefully with my treatment today I really won’t need to wear make up anymore because my goal is really “NO MORE MAKE UP EVER AGAIN” unless I want to so first off, they had me wear a headband much like the what I do at home and now I’m gonna wash my face with facial wash for super sensitive skin coz that’s what I need! then we’re gonna go to treatment They even provided their own headbands and towels so sweet! there you can see my pimple and some allergies So what they’re doing to me today is– what do you call our treatment today? BB GLOW That is…what is it? micro-needling? then what will happen is it will be like I have BB Cream permanently so I won’t have to wear make up anymore What they’re putting on me right now is the topical anesthesia that I said earlier right? yeah. then after a while I won’t feel anything on my face anymore. I can’t wait. There, so my BB Glow treatment is done I’m bleeding but it’s supposed to happen like that They said it’s normal that your face gets red we’ll see the results as the days go by but if all goes well and i’m sure it will I’ll no longer need to wear make up So if you want to get a BB Glow like me, come here to Dr. A’s Beauty and Wellness Center I’ll put it down there (description) Don’t miss their promos because it’s so good for cheap girls and budget girls like me that have super sensitive skin you don’t need to be a millionaire to get better skin did you have fun watching me bleed? Thank you for watching guys! If you liked this content, like, share and subscribe to my channel. click the notification button to get updates on my next, upcoming videos don’t ever forget that true beauty is being happy and healthy make your own happiness. Love you sweeties~

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