My Throat & Tonsil Formulas by Dr. Schulze – Soothes Sore Throat

Throat & Tonsil
feels really good when you have a sore throat. Disinfects the tonsils. When you have infected
tonsils, what do doctors do? Cut them out. Well, geez, that’s
a brilliant idea. Nowadays in every
immune book in college, if you dig deep enough, it
will say that the tonsils are immunologically competent. They’re part of
your immune system. Now we know the immune
system has two more parts. We didn’t know the
appendix and the tonsils. So removing them impairs
your immune system. I got to tell you a
fun little story here. But tonsillectomies
became really popular in the 1920s and 1930s. In fact, they gave family plans. Come on in. Bring all the kids. We know only one
has a sore throat. But we’ll do all 12 kids
for double the price. Rip out all their tonsils. What happens later? 1950s, kids in my neighborhood
are getting poliomyelitis, getting killed and
crippled with polio. But no problem, Dr.
Salk invents a vaccine. Gives all these
kids a polio shot. I went and got back
in line three times because it was cherry
flavored on a sugar cube. And I’m like, this is good shit. Then they discovered that
that vaccine was tainted. When they looked at
it 20 years later, it had 149 other unknown live
viruses living in the vaccine. The folly of breaking the
seal, the folly of medicine, instead of getting the body
stronger, we put poisons in it. Now they find the
SV40 the virus, just one of the things
in the Salk vaccine, inside Cancer cells. And the rate of cancer’s
gone up 25 times since the Salk vaccine. But let me step
one step further. Now they discovered the only
organ in the human body that can synthesize the antibody to
poliomyelitis is your tonsils. [MURMUR] And look at what we did. Rip out tonsils. Got polio. Invented a polio vaccine. Got cancer. You know what? Maybe we should have just
dealt with a sore throat and used a little Throat &
Tonsil or a little Throat & Tonsil spray. We’re not smart enough
to cut parts out. We don’t know the great
invention we got here. I could go an hour on that one. I love immunology. But I could bore
the hell out of you. I could bore the
wallpaper off of you.

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