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MUSIC OPRAH WINFREY: Today, Everyone told Nate this was not possible. But he wouldn’t listen. It’s the biggest home makeover we’ve ever done. Massive demolition, an army of round-the-clock miracle workers, extra muscle from the NFL, just days to get it done. Watch… NATE BERKUS: One… WINFREY: …Nate… Mr. BERKUS: …two… WINFREY: …build… Mr. BERKUS: …three… WINFREY: …a dream house. [APPLAUSE] WINFREY: All for one family that will stay in your hearts forever. That’s a wower. Nate, Very good. Yay. Next. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] WINFREY: Take a look at this house. I want you to get a good look, because in just a few minutes you’re not going to recognize this house. A few weeks ago Nate Berkus began the biggest home makeover we’ve ever done. Before we see the results of his tireless efforts, take a look at the home video we received from the family who was living here in this house. KARI: Hi, Nate and Oprah. We’re here in the rainy Northwest and this is… HALE-JO FAMILY: …our house. Ms. HALE: Get inside. Come on, come on, come on. Hi. I’m Kari Hale and married to my wonderful husband Dave. I have a two year old son named Ty and my three beautiful nieces that live with me, ages seven, ten, and eleven. And we all live together in this little tiny tract home outside of Seattle in Kirkland, Washington. So let me show you around. This is our family room/den/play room/laundry room/ breakfast bar/eating space area all rolled into one mishmashed space. Well, after a long day of being with my four kids, of doing lots of kids stuff, I come to my room. And as I open the door and enter, it makes me want to cry. WINFREY: Okay. But there’s so much more to this story. Here is what convinced us that the Hale-Jo’s deserved a dream house. In 2004 Kari and Dave bought this 1960s tract house. A year later their son Ty came along. They had big plans for their modest home but they soon put those dreams aside. KARI: That kind of kicked off when my brother called me one evening. We discovered later that he had been calling from a pay phone on the street in the town that he was in, but he didn’t know where he was. And I went up there the next day and talked to him and just really saw that they were struggling. WINFREY: Kari and Dave were especially concerned for their three nieces. Jade, Izzy, and Lily. DAVE: The clothes that they had hadn’t been washed in a long time and their hair hadn’t been washed in a long time. And they were underweight. And they weren’t used to eating regularly. KARI: They were living in a house that was pretty run-down. Mr. HALE: They weren’t really attending school regularly at all and there were other things like that. LILY: We never really had breakfast. We didn’t usually go to school. IZZY: Because we were sick a lot more. JADE: You were sick a whole lot and Izzy kept getting the stomach flu. DAVE: And pretty soon Kari and I got to the point where we thought, “Should we offer to have them move in with us?” WINFREY: So Kari says she began a difficult conversation with her brother. KARI: My brother was physically very distraught and emotionally very distraught. He needed help and he knew it. I think he knew it, “I know I need help. I need help taking care of my kids.” Yeah, that’s such an act of love and bravery. WINFREY: A year and a half ago the girls moved into their aunt and uncle’s little house. That’s when Kari and Dave realized how much the girls needed them. KARI: Lily, the youngest, who is just a sweetheart, but she couldn’t count to 20 and she was six and a half. Mr. HALE: She didn’t know the ABC song. WINFREY: One year later Kari and Dave won third-party custody of the three girls. KARI: When the girls moved in with us, you know, it’s like every little piece of our budget that we have now and all our energy is really focused really basically 100 percent on them, on the kids, all four kids. And so the house just sort of became practically less of a priority. Family first, furniture second. [APPLAUSE] WINFREY: Nate is here. Nate hasn’t been here for several weeks, because you’ve been up there. Mr. BERKUS: I’ve been there. WINFREY: Been there. Mr. BERKUS: Right. WINFREY: So what was it about this family that moved you, that made you think this is the house we’ve got to do? Mr. BERKUS: I just knew it. And one of the things that really touched me was in the email that Kari sent to the show, she wrote, and the line will stay with me for a long time, “When we bought this house we were planning on redoing this house from top to bottom but now we’re redoing the lives of these three beautiful children.” WINFREY: Hmm. Mr. BERKUS: And I remember reading that and thinking, “Okay.” WINFREY: That’s what you want to do. Mr. BERKUS: Exactly. WINFREY: Okay. Mr. BERKUS: That’s why you want to be there. WINFREY: So to launch what we’re calling Operation Dream House, we set the stage with a little white lie. Just a little one. Mr. BERKUS: It happens. WINFREY: Then we put Nate on a plane to Seattle. KRISTIN: Hello, Kari? Hi. It’s Kristin from the Oprah Show. I’ve got some sad news. We didn’t pick you for the Nate makeover. Yeah, we decided to go with someone else. But we’re sending you to Pottery Barn to pick out a few new things. [laughs] WINFREY: When the Hale-Jo family arrives they have no idea what’s really in store for them but they’re happy to do a little shopping. MALE SPEAKER: Are you guys excited? FAMILY: Yeah. MALE SPEAKER: Yeah. Ms. HALE: Let’s get going. Yeah, I like that. It’s so cute. This guy is shopping already. Okay, how about this? KARI: Yeah, I do like it. KARI: Okay, super. [APPLAUSE] Mr. BERKUS: Hi. KARI: Hi, Nate. Mr. BERKUS: How are you guys? We were–you know, we were thinking we were so touched by your letter at the Oprah Show, and one to the things I in particularly liked, the quote about how you guys as a young couple bought this house and you were going to redo it from top to bottom and instead you’re really redoing the lives of you three amazing–amazing– I hear you’re amazing. Are you amazing? Yes? KARI: They are amazing. Mr. BERKUS: Be strong. Say you’re amazing. KARI: They are amazing. Mr. BERKUS: We think that we should redo your house. KARI: [laughs]. DAVE: Oh, my god. KARI: Ty, can you give him five? Mr. BERKUS: Give me five. KARI: [laughs] [APPLAUSE] WINFREY: Well, that’s a good little white lie. Mr. BERKUS: It was. WINFREY: So now watch as Nate gets his first look at the Hale-Jo house, though. Take a look at this. KARI: Welcome. Mr. BERKUS: All right, guys. So let’s see the tour. KARI: Okay. This is our living room/dining room area. Mr. BERKUS: Okay. So this piece isn’t really functioning. DAVE: We don’t have a place where everybody can sit and face each other. Mr. BERKUS: So you really need a place to gather. DAVE: Right. KARI: Yeah. Mr. BERKUS: Okay. Tell me about the backyard. KARI: We spend as much time out there as we can when we can, but because we’re in the Seattle area, it rains so much we spend a lot of time inside. There’s lots of toys. DAVE: Lots of toys. KARI: It’s kind of overrun with toys right now. DAVE: Right. Mr. BERKUS: Here’s the kitchen. This is pretty nice, guys. This is redone? KARI: When we bought the house it was like this pretty much. Mr. BERKUS: Okay. KARI: The challenge with this kitchen is this kind of from here back is sort of weird space. Like, it doesn’t work very well. I love a kitchen eating area. Mr. BERKUS: Right. Okay. So let’s see the rest of the house. All right. Where are we now. JADE: This is my room. It has a too big of a bed. Mr. BERKUS: It has too big of a bed. All right. And you don’t have a closet. JADE: No. Mr. BERKUS: Where are you clothes? In here? JADE: Yeah. Mr. BERKUS: Okay. JADE: In these two drawers. Mr. BERKUS: What are your favorite colors? JADE: Any color green. Mr. BERKUS: Any colored green. Okay. Good. I like green too. My favorite color is army green. Okay. Good to know. Now we’re sharing things with each other, what decorators and young clients do. [LAUGHTER] Mr. BERKUS: All right. Izzy and Lily’s room. What about your closet? All your clothes are here? IZZY: Yeah. And the brown boxes are for our memories, like, our good memories. LILY: Our special stuff. Our special stuff. Mr. BERKUS: Will you show me that? LILY: Yeah. Mr. BERKUS: Can I see? So each of you has a box. IZZY: Yeah. Mr. BERKUS: And this is your special memory box. IZZY: Mm-hmm. And this is from this year. It’s from my soccer team. Mr. BERKUS: Awesome. IZZY: And I got a trophy. Mr. BERKUS: Let’s see. Congratulations. This is great, you guys. So you keep all your special treasures in these. So you guys, this is a really cool system that you guys get to keep all this stuff here. KARI: Well, this is the master bedroom. I hate it. Mr. BERKUS: Yeah. You hate everything about it. KARI: I hate it. I do, pretty much. Mr. BERKUS: Okay. KARI: Yeah. Mr. BERKUS: So this needs to be a sanctuary for you guys. KARI: It does. Mr. BERKUS: All right, guys. Thank you all for the tour. I have so much work to do. And seriously, I, like, I’m even a little bit overwhelmed but it is in my hands. I promise I will do a great job for you and I thank you for this opportunity, but I need you guys out of here. DAVE: Okay. Mr. BERKUS: He’s already gone. KARI: Yeah. He’s gone. Mr. BERKUS: Follow his lead. DAVE: Okay. Mr. BERKUS: Out. Out, out, out. KARI: Bye. Mr. BERKUS: Bye, guys. KARI: Thank you. [APPLAUSE] WINFREY: At that point did you have an idea of what was going to happen? Mr. BERKUS: Yeah. WINFREY: Yeah? So you walk in sort of formulating… Mr. BERKUS: Mm-hmm. WINFREY: …what’s going to go where? Mr. BERKUS: Yep. WINFREY: So we moved the Hale-Jos to a furnished apartment a few miles away and made them promise not to drive, not to even drive by their house, not to peek, no calls to the neighbors, nothing. And so you just–you, I know, design a lot of homes and what was the challenge for this? Mr. BERKUS: Well, the challenge was, first of all, they didn’t have enough space. WINFREY: Mm-hmm. Because the whole house was 1,400 square feet. Mr. BERKUS: Exactly. The whole house was 1,400 square feet. And as Kari wrote in her letter, raising a family of six in a 1960s tract house is not the world’s largest disaster. She’s aware of that. But I really wanted the space to function for that family, because they were so loving. WINFREY: Yes. Mr. BERKUS: And so connected in every way. WINFREY: Yeah. Yeah. Mr. BERKUS: And yet this house just wasn’t working for them. WINFREY: And already they had extended themselves to the girls… Mr. BERKUS: Exactly. WINFREY: …and were giving and so we wanted to give back. So we’ll tell you what we did. I haven’t seen any of this, because I wanted to wait to see it when y’all saw it. So we’ll be right back. [APPLAUSE] Coming up: when this job proves to be too much, Nate reaches halfway around the world for help. Mr. BERKUS: Can you help us? WINFREY: And, later, Nate’s dream home is revealed. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] WINFREY: So our own Nate Berkus had only 15 days to pull off the most ambitious home makeover we’ve ever attempted. Take a look. Mr. BERKUS: Apparently I need this. WINFREY: Nate has big plans for this little house. Mr. BERKUS: The Hale’s house was so nondescript and it actually was kind of a sad house. What I thought of when I first met with Mike, the architect, was to try and do something sort of modern light-filled, bright, fresh, a tremendous amount of style. WINFREY: With only 15 days to complete this massive job, not a second is wasted. Let the demolition begin. To open up the living space, Nate’s literally raising the roof and almost doubling the square footage. Mr. BERKUS: I feel like when life is that chaotic you really need to be able to have some room. Room to grow, room to learn, room to interact. And this open plan of this house I think really promotes that. WINFREY: And Nate knows just where to go for materials and supplies. Mr. BERKUS: We need an indoor fixture for that hallway. That is actually really exciting. This is pretty. Yeah. Okay. This is it. Wow. WINFREY: No detail is overlooked. Mr. BERKUS: Come back to me for one second. Okay. So then that’s our answer. Let’s go with that. See, I was going to try to avoid a railing and just drywall out that detail. Like, have, like a series of bookcases. [DOG BARK, NATE GROWLING][LAUGHTER] WINFREY: Nate’s labor of love continues from sunup to, well, sunup again. Mr. BERKUS: I’ve never worked this fast. My crew has never worked this fast. This was a lot, and I mean a lot. WINFREY: Wow. Did you hit any snags? Mr. BERKUS: Oh, yeah. A million. WINFREY: A million snags. Mr. BERKUS: It was a nightmare. WINFREY: Yeah. Mr. BERKUS: Yeah. [LAUGHTER] Mr. BERKUS: Absolutely a nightmare. WINFREY: It was a nightmare, because you’re trying to do this in 15 days. Mr. BERKUS: Right. WINFREY: You know, it’s–yeah. Mr. BERKUS: Yeah. WINFREY: Inside the house Nate’s plan was starting to take shape but outside the Hale-Jos their yard needed some serious attention. So here. Mr. BERKUS: I’ve got my hands full figuring out what to do with the inside of this house. I know just the guy to call to help me with the outside. WINFREY: So Nate phones his friend world-famous landscape designer and one of Australia’s biggest TV stars, Jamie Durie. JAMIE DURIE: Hello? Mr. BERKUS: Jamie. Hey, it’s Nate. Mr. DURIE: Nate. How are you, mate? You’re not going to believe where I am. Mr. BERKUS: Really? Mr. DURIE: I’m actually in Africa at the moment filming this beautiful elephant. Mr. BERKUS: Is there any chance that you can come to Seattle? I’m actually standing in the backyard of the biggest makeover we’ve ever done for the most amazing family of six. Mr. DURIE: Uh-huh. Mr. BERKUS: Their front yard and their backyard need a full overhaul. Like, major. Mr. DURIE: Yeah. I could probably get there. Mr. BERKUS: Can you help us? Mr. DURIE: I’m up for the challenge and I’ll see you soon. Mr. BERKUS: Thank you. WINFREY: Africa to Seattle is one long-ass flight. [LAUGHTER] WINFREY: Let me just tell you. Mr. BERKUS: Oh, yeah. WINFREY: It’s long if you’re going to New York. Africa to Seattle? Mr. BERKUS: He came. WINFREY: Okay. Okay. Nate says that this was one of his favorite projects of all time. Watch this and you’ll see why. Africa to Seattle. Mr. BERKUS: While the guys are hammering away, digging, doing everything they can do to finish this place, I’m going to go hang out with Jade, Izzy, Lily, and little Ty and get to know them a little bit better. WINFREY: So Nate headed to the Hale-Jo home away from home where he picked up his smallest clients and took them out for an afternoon on the town. Mr. BERKUS: Hi, guys. GROUP, KIDS: Hi. Mr. BERKUS: What’s going on? Come here. Hi. You ready? GROUP, KIDS: Yeah. Mr. BERKUS: Yeah? Hi, guys. How are you? GROUP, KIDS: Good. Mr. BERKUS: Yeah? Come on. WINFREY: They may be pint-sized but their ideas are super-sized. Mr. BERKUS: There you go. IZZY: I had a dream that you built a tree fort on top of our house. Mr. BERKUS: A tree fort? [LAUGHTER] Mr. BERKUS: So it’s like–explain it. So, like, you walk like on top of your house there’s another house like a tree house? IZZY: Yeah. [laughs] Mr. BERKUS: Interesting. I’ve never done that before. So that’d be a new thing for American architecture. WINFREY: Nate wanted to find out everything he could about his four new friends. Mr. BERKUS: Do you guys play instruments and stuff at home? JADE: I play the clarinet. Mr. BERKUS: Clarinet? You? LILY: I play the piano. Mr. BERKUS: Okay. IZZY: I play nothing. Mr. BERKUS: You play nothing. What do you play? TY: A saxophone. Mr. BERKUS: Saxophone? TY: Yeah. Mr. BERKUS: Excellent. [LAUGHTER] LILY: One of my favorite things to do is listening to Izzy’s music on High School Musical 2 on the radio and dance around. Mr. BERKUS: Wait. Okay. I have to make sure I understand this. One of your favorite things is what? [LAUGHTER] LILY: Dancing. Mr. BERKUS: Dancing. [LAUGHTER] LILY: To Izzy’s music. Mr. BERKUS: To Izzy’s music. Of what? [LAUGHTER] LILY: High School Musical 2. Mr. BERKUS: Okay. When I was your age what we had was Grease. Have you ever seen that? GROUP, KIDS: No. Mr. BERKUS: With John Travolta and Olivia Newton John. [LAUGHTER] [CRICKETS CHIRPING] Mr. BERKUS: Never? GROUP, KIDS: No. [LAUGHTER] Mr. BERKUS: See, Zac Efron is a young cool guy and I’m an old guy who watches Grease. WINFREY: He may not be as young as Zac Efron, but the girls still think Nate is way cool. GROUP, KIDS: We were wondering if we give you our autograph… [LAUGHTER] GROUP, KIDS: Then you’ll give us yours. [LAUGHTER] GROUP, KIDS: Yeah. Mr. BERKUS: So you give me your autograph, I give you mine. IZZY: Yeah. Mr. BERKUS: That’s what you guys wanted to ask me? Okay. Sounds like a good deal. Well, we’ve gone from burgers to an autograph exchange, which, go figure, at Red Robin. But that’s what we’re doing. WINFREY: Really cool. The big reveal is next. We’ll be right back. Can’t wait to see it. [APPLAUSE] WINFREY: Coming up, the Hale-Jos see their new dream for the very first time. Mr. BERKUS: Ready? [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] Mr. HALE: Oh, my god. Mr. BERKUS: And Nate calls on the stars of High School Musical to help make this fantasy complete. [APPLAUSE] WINFREY: So for 15 days the Hale-Jo family lived in a furnished apartment while Nate Berkus and his crew literally tore the roof off of their house. And we made them promise not to peek until their dream house was complete. Take a look as they see it for the very first time. WINFREY: After two weeks on pins and needles the family is just minutes away from the big reveal. KARI: I am totally excited. And I have no idea what to expect. JADE: Yeah. DAVE: We haven’t been able to sleep for, like, three or four days now. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] WINFREY: Family, friends, and neighbors have come out to cheer them on. Finally, the moment everybody’s been waiting for. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] Mr. BERKUS: Guys, two weeks ago we asked you to leave your house. This is what it looked like before. Are you guys ready to see what we did? KARI: Oh, yeah. DAVE: Yeah. Mr. BERKUS: Ready? One, two, three. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] Mr. BERKUS: It came down. Look at that. What do you guys think? KARI: I only wanted a towel rack. [laughs] Mr. BERKUS: That’s true. You said, “I just want a towel rack and a bookshelf.” [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] Mr. BERKUS: Oh, guys. Are you still excited? IZZY: Yeah. Mr. BERKUS: Yeah? I know you’re so excited to see it. Ready? KARI: My god. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] Mr. BERKUS: Go ahead. You guys go right up to the front door. KARI: Oh. Oh, god. Mr. BERKUS: Look at this, huh? KARI Oh, my god. Mr. BERKUS: Now, just a second. We’re going to go in, okay? You ready? You ready? DAVE: Ready. IZZY: Yeah. Mr. BERKUS: All right. JADE: Okay. I’m ready. Mr. BERKUS: One, two… KARI: Do you need a hand? Mr. BERKUS: …three. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] WINFREY: Wow. Wow, wow, wow. Please welcome the Hale-Jo family: Kari, Dave, Jade, Izzy, Lily. Wow. KARI: Hi, Nate. Hi. Oh, my god. WINFREY: Hi, Kari. How are you? Mr. BERKUS: Hi, guys. WINFREY: Hi, Dave. Great to see you. Mr. BERKUS: Hi. WINFREY: Great to see you. Mr. BERKUS: Did you miss me? IZZY: Yeah. WINFREY: Hi, girls. Mr. BERKUS: You did? WINFREY: Hi, girls. Welcome to the Oprah Show. Mr. BERKUS: Here, you can sit right next to me. WINFREY: Hi, hi, hi. Mr. BERKUS: Sit next to me. WINFREY: Hi. Hi. So little two year old Ty is backstage taking a nap. [LAUGHTER] WINFREY: So we’ll bring him out later. So incredible. KARI: Incredible. WINFREY: Incredible. I heard that you were only expecting a towel rod. KARI: Yeah. That’s right. [LAUGHTER] WINFREY: Yes. After we got the call from our associate producer you thought, “Okay. We’ll go to Pottery Barn and we’ll get some free towel rods.” KARI: Go get a towel rod, you know, a candle. WINFREY: A candle. [LAUGHTER] WINFREY: They have great candles there too. KARI: A candle. WINFREY: What did you think, Dave? DAVE: You know, we sat around, we thought, “Gosh, what could they possibly be doing?” And then I thought, “Well, maybe if we’re really lucky that Nate might have the outside painted and the inside. If we’re really lucky.” You know? [LAUGHTER] WINFREY: Yeah. Yeah. DAVE: Maybe he might mow. Possibly. Mow. WINFREY: Maybe. KARI: Yeah. DAVE: Maybe. Maybe. WINFREY: Well, take a look as the family steps inside their new dream home. Wow. Mr. HALE: Oh, my god. [laughs] Mr. BERKUS: Here we are. Come on in, guys. Come on in. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] KARI: Is this our house? Mr. BERKUS: This is your house. KARI: Oh, my god. JADE: Oh, my gosh. KARI: It’s amazing. DAVE: Ty, look at this. This is your train table right there. KARI: Oh, my gosh. It’s amazing. Oh, my gosh. Mr. BERKUS: Do you like it? DAVE Oh, god. IZZY: Yeah. Mr. BERKUS: You do? KARI: Yeah. We love it. WINFREY: In record time, Nate transformed this cramped living area into a fully functional and spectacular space for the entire family. Remember how they used to eat meals? Now there’s a spacious place where they all can gather. [APPLAUSE] KARI: Look at the chairs. DAVE: Oh, my god. KARI: It’s a place for you guys to sit. I couldn’t have dreamed this. Mr. BERKUS: I wanted you guys to have a space, because you’re so together as a family. And I wanted to open up this whole space so that people could do homework. You guys could either eat over here, you could at the table, you could all hang out. WINFREY: In the family’s old house the kitchen was in decent shape but the layout wasn’t working so Nate tore down a dividing wall and opened up the kitchen into the living room, creating the ultimate retreat. Mr. BERKUS: I want to show you guys this. I saw this picture of you guys in the little frame and now this is the family. [APPLAUSE] Mr. BERKUS: And I think this is the coolest thing, to have all four of you. Isn’t that great, you guys? That is my favorite picture I found in your entire house. WINFREY: Before, Kari had to store her books in her closet. Now she can display them in this elegant new bookshelf. [APPLAUSE] Mr. BERKUS: Bookshelves for you, which, you know… KARI: Thank you. Mr. BERKUS: …your books are no longer in your basket… DAVE: Yeah. KARI: Thank you. Mr. BERKUS: …in the floor of your closet. WINFREY: And for those cold gray Seattle nights… Mr. BERKUS: Look at your fireplace, it goes inside and out. KARI: I saw that. DAVE: Incredible. KARI: That is amazing. JADE: Oh, my god. Mr. HALE: That’s the first thing I noticed. WINFREY: So now, even when it’s raining outside, and it rains a lot in Seattle, the family has bright open space inside, big enough for the entire family. [APPLAUSE] WINFREY: Wow. That’s a wower. I thought it was interesting. I heard you say–I just heard you say there you couldn’t have dreamed it. We’re calling it a dream house but you’re saying, “I couldn’t have dreamed it.” Ms. HALE: No. WINFREY: No. Ms. HALE: I mean, it was beyond what we expected. WINFREY: That you could take that little house and turn it into that. Yeah. Ms. HALE: Yeah. WINFREY: But I do love the idea, and everybody who’s watching, obviously, Nate’s not going to come to your house and raise the roof, but everybody has a favorite photograph that you can blow up and use as a major piece of art on the wall. Mr. BERKUS: Yeah. WINFREY: That was a fantastic idea. Mr. BERKUS: Thanks. It’s great. It’s actually there’s companies online that do that. You just send them the picture and they put it on canvas. So I thought that it was a really special moment. And there’s not a lot of walls anymore because it’s all windows. WINFREY: Yeah. Mr. BERKUS: So I wanted something really great… WINFREY: Wow. Mr. BERKUS: …on the first floor. WINFREY: That is incredible. We’ll be right back. [APPLAUSE] WINFREY: When construction was done this house was a bit of a mess. So the Green Works clean team scrubbed the place from top to bottom with their new Green Works natural cleaners, perfect for a kid-filled home. And every house needs clean water, so Nate installed a Brita water filtration system. And this new Brita pitcher will help the Hale-Jo family cut back on bottled water. Thanks, Green Works and Brita. Coming up: it used to be a ranch house, now it’s two stories. Wait ’till you see what’s upstairs. KARI: Oh, my gosh. [APPLAUSE] WINFREY: Dave, what were you just saying? DAVE: I think I’ve cried every single day since we walked in the house, it is that beautiful. WINFREY: Yeah. DAVE: It’s amazing. WINFREY: Well, Nate fell in love with the Hale-Jo family, especially the kids. Here he is in all his glory unveiling the new rooms for Lily, Izzy, and Jade. But first he dazzled them with a little star power. Take a look at this. Mr. BERKUS: I know you guys are really excited. There’s a couple of people that wanted to send you a message. Okay? Watch this. VANESSA HUDGENS: Hey, Jade, Izzy, Lily, and Ty. It’s me, Vanessa Hudgens, from High School Musical. ZAC EFRON: And Zac Efron. What’s up, guys. Ms. HUDGENS: We’ve heard so many wonderful things about you guys. MR. EFRON: So we decided to give Nate a hand in decorating your rooms. Me and Vanessa pulled a few strings… [LAUGHTER] MR. EFRON: …and we got you some of our favorite props from the movie. Ms. HUDGENS: We have so many happy memories from making High School Musical and we really wanted to share some of those memories with you. MR. EFRON: So I hope you like what we picked out. Ms. HUDGENS: And I hope you love your new bedrooms! MR. EFRON: Thanks, guys. Bye-bye. Ms. HUDGENS: Bye. [APPLAUSE] Mr. BERKUS: So, guys are you ready to see your new bedroom? Over here? Yeah? Want to see what they gave you? All right. KARI: I do. My gosh. Mr. BERKUS: Miss Lily, are you ready, honey? LILY: Yeah. Mr. BERKUS: All right. WINFREY: Eight year old Lily used to share her room with big sister Izzy. Now she has her very own space. Mr. BERKUS: And you can pin up all your stuff. Those are corkboards and you can draw on that if you want. Pottery Barn Kids wanted you guys to have all this stuff. This is all for you. This is your space, honey. WINFREY: And that’s the actual dress worn by Vanessa Hudgens in High School Musical 2. LILY: Wow. Mr. BERKUS: Do you like it? LILY: Yeah. Mr. BERKUS: Izzy, your big concern was that you were going to have to share a room with this person, right, right over there. So here’s the truth. You don’t. [LAUGHTER] Mr. BERKUS: You don’t have to share a room with anybody. [APPLAUSE] Mr. BERKUS: And you remember what you told me your favorite color was? IZZY: Purple. Mr. BERKUS: Go on in. IZZY: [gasps] Oh. Oh, my bed. KARI: Oh, my goodness. Mr. BERKUS: And this is her costume for Izzy. IZZY: It’s amazing. WINFREY: This pretty pink robe was worn by Ashley Tisdale in High School Musical 2 and now it belongs to ten year old Izzy. Mr. BERKUS: See, look. KARI: Oh, my gosh. Mr. BERKUS: She’s wearing it in the picture and she sent it just for you. IZZY: I finally have my own room! Whoo! [APPLAUSE] WINFREY: And for 11 year old Jade. Mr. BERKUS: Remember who used to live in this room? JADE: My aunt and uncle. Mr. BERKUS: Your aunt and uncle. WINFREY: What once was the master bedroom becomes a “‘tween oasis. Mr. BERKUS: This room is all for you. JADE: Oh, my god. KARI: Oh, my god. IZZY: Jade, look at that. DAVE: Oh. KARI: Whoo. IZZY: And it’s her own bathroom. KARI: It’s a perfect room. Mr. BERKUS: Your own bathroom, Jade. You’re right. Do you love it? Come here, honey. AUDIENCE MEMBER: Aw… Mr. BERKUS: This is your special place. JADE: Thank you. Mr. BERKUS: You going to be happy here? JADE: Yeah. Mr. BERKUS: Good. AUDIENCE MEMBER: Whoo. WINFREY: Wow. [APPLAUSE] WINFREY: That’s a wower. Gosh. You girls give good surprise. They’re look whoa. [LAUGHTER] WINFREY: That was great. So how is it now that you’re living in the space? Jade? JADE: I love it. WINFREY: You love it? Are you keeping it clean? JADE: Yes. [LAUGHTER] WINFREY: Your room’s clean? JADE: Yeah. WINFREY: Yeah. Yeah. KARI: She keeps it so clean she could, like, charge admission. WINFREY: Really? KARI: Yeah. Really. It’s museum-quality. WINFREY: Right. Right, right. Well, Kari told us that she longed for a bedroom that felt like a sanctuary and Nate listened and Nate delivered. You know he did. Let’s watch. Mr. BERKUS: Come on up. KARI: All right. Mr. BERKUS: You guys go ahead of me and we’ll stop when we get to the top. KARI: Okay. Oh, my gosh. There are stairs in our house. WINFREY: To give Kari and Dave the private sanctuary they crave, Nate had nowhere to go but up. Mr. BERKUS: All right. DAVE: Oh- KARI: There’s a little–there’s a little landing area. Yeah. Mr. BERKUS: This is a little reading area I created for you so that you could be with the kids, you could hear them. KARI: Wow. Mr. BERKUS: And you have all this natural light coming from the new two-story foyer. KARI: Oh. Oh, my gosh. Mr. BERKUS: And beautiful candles, just kind of relax and read a book by sunlight. DAVE: It’s perfect. KARI: Perfect. Mr. BERKUS: Yeah? KARI: Yes. Mr. BERKUS: Your little escape. KARI: You may not be able to get me out of that chair. [LAUGHTER] Mr. BERKUS: All right, hang on. Hey, Ty. You can come with us. Come here. KARI: Gotcha. Mr. BERKUS: I really wanted to give you guys a space so that you could have a space to yourselves. And I know it was a huge sacrifice to just have this little guy and then have your three nieces living with you. So feel free to go in. DAVE: Why don’t you go first? KARI: You want me to go first? Mr. BERKUS: Yeah. KARI: Oh, my gosh. WINFREY: Remember their old bedroom? The new master bedroom suite takes up the entire second floor. [APPLAUSE] KARI: Oh, my gosh. There’s a–there’s a- DAVE: There’s a couch right there. KARI: That’s what they call it. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] Mr. BERKUS: And Pottery Barn gave us the bed and the sofa, which, to me, is simple, classic… DAVE: Yeah. Mr. BERKUS: …beautiful. WINFREY: Before, their bedroom was dark and cramped. Now it’s open, airy, and serene. KARI: Oh, my goodness. Oh, my God. Mr. BERKUS: I really wanted you guys to have a complete retreat. KARI Oh, my word. I feel like I’m in another world. It’s–oh, my. DAVE: Look at this. Mr. BERKUS: All right. So over here, Kari… KARI: Okay. Yeah. Mr. BERKUS: …if I could have you right over here. KARI: Okay. Mr. BERKUS: Dave, when you said that since everything’s changed in your home, that you try to give Kari a break when you come home from work and you used to stand in that shower… KARI: Yeah. Mr. BERKUS: …that little dark shower, so hopefully this will be a little bit more relaxing. KARI: Oh, my gosh. DAVE: Oh, my gosh. It’s beautiful. [LAUGHTER] KARI: Okay. I’m going to go. I’m going to–you guys, leave, because I’m going to take my shower. Mr. BERKUS: Yeah. This is your spa. KARI: This is–I’m getting in. Mr. BERKUS: This is your spa. Actually, the whole family can fit in here. KARI: I was going to say. WINFREY: This is what their bathroom used to look like. Now Kari and Dave have their very own spa retreat with his and hers sinks. KARI: Nate, thank you. Mr. BERKUS: You’re so welcome. DAVE: Honey. Mr. BERKUS: You’re so welcome. Come in here. IZZY: It’s ginormous. KARI: You’ll know where to find me. JADE: Yeah. [LAUGHTER] WINFREY: Wow. [APPLAUSE] WINFREY: You can develop a new hobby. Ms. HALE: Yeah. WINFREY: Bathing. Bathing’s one of my hobbies. Fantastic. So how has it changed the way the family interacts in the home? KARI: Well, one thing I love about it already is that there are, like, distinct areas. There’s, like, kid space, family space, and grown-up space. And that just loosens everything up. WINFREY: Mm-hmm. KARI: So everybody has more space. WINFREY: Yeah. KARI: And when I know I walk up the stairs I can feel myself transforming into myself. WINFREY: Really. Yeah. Calming down. Yeah. What’d you want to say, Nate? Mr. BERKUS: Just, you know what, they’re just such an amazing gang, you three, your little brother. I mean, we–and the way that they were living in that space. And I wanted to do something so badly and I’ve never camped out for two solid weeks in a city while I was working on a makeover before. I mean, I got to know the guys in the hotel and the Starbucks people and everybuddy. [LAUGHTER] Mr. BERKUS: I mean, I had a whole life going on. WINFREY: Starbucks’ headquarters up there. Mr. BERKUS: Yeah. Exactly. But it was so great to be able to do this for them. WINFREY: Before we go, two year old Ty got his own bedroom makeover too. He wanted a big boy bed. [LAUGHTER] WINFREY: Nate, very good. Mr. BERKUS: Thank you. WINFREY: Very good. Yay. [APPLAUSE] WINFREY: We’ll be right back. [APPLAUSE] WINFREY: Coming up: the big surprise Nate has hidden in the Hale-Jos backyard. WINFREY: For our biggest home makeover ever, Nate turned Kari and Dave Hale’s house into their dream home. And when he needed some extra muscle, their favorite team, the Seattle Seahawks, pitched in. SEAHAWK PLAYER: Come on, let’s go, guys. Mr. BERKUS: That way. Nice. PLAYER: Where we going? Where we going? Mr. BERKUS: That way. Nice. [APPLAUSE] Ms. HALE: They did? WINFREY: You didn’t know that? DAVE: Well, I didn’t expect that. We just told them that, you know, that we like the Seahawks and–I mean- KARI: No, we didn’t know. DAVE: We didn’t know that. WINFREY: Well, even after adding a second floor, Nate was not satisfied. So take a look at what he dreamed up for their backyard. Take a look. Mr. BERKUS: Come out here, guys, because we are not done with this tour. Ms. HALE: Oh, my word. Mr. BERKUS: Okay, first of all, this is covered so even when it’s rainy you guys in the summer can hang out out here. Which–and there’s lights out here and everything. [LAUGHTER] Mr. BERKUS: Look at your fireplace that goes inside and out. KARI: I saw that. That is amazing. DAVE: That’s the first thing I saw. Mr. BERKUS: Isn’t that cool? But if I can have you guys turn around. Okay. There’s something kind of special that I’ve been saving till this part of your tour. Hands over eyes. KARI: Hands over your eyes. Mr. BERKUS: Dave. No peeking please. One… DAVE: Something’s going to happen. Mr. BERKUS: …two, three. Turn around. Guys, check this out. Mr. BERKUS: Go ahead. [APPLAUSE] KARI: Oh, my gosh. Mr. BERKUS: Go ahead, guys. It’s a playroom. It’s a playroom! IZZY: Oh, my god. JADE : Oh, my god. Mr. BERKUS: Yeah. You guys have a playroom in here. You can do arts and crafts. Isn’t this the coolest? Ms. HALE: Oh, my gosh. DAVE: Look at Izzy. Mr. BERKUS: I wanted you guys to have somewhere where you could do your art or your homework and Aunt Kari can still see you when she’s in the kitchen. This is your space, guys. Isn’t this cool? JADE: Awesome. Mr. BERKUS: Yeah. Each of you guys have your own board. Each one of you can have your own chest if you want. Pottery Barn Teen gave me these. How cool is that? Ms. HALE: Oh, my. IZZY: I don’t feel like this is real. Mr. BERKUS: You don’t? [LAUGHTER] Mr. BERKUS: What does it feel like? I hope it feels like a good dream, not a nightmare. IZZY: It feels good. Mr. BERKUS: Okay. All right. WINFREY: That’s even better than a tree over the house. [APPLAUSE] WINFREY: Wow. Where did you get that idea? What a fantastic idea. Mr. BERKUS: Thanks. It was, you know… WINFREY: What a fantastic idea. Mr. BERKUS: …I always wanted that. WINFREY: Yeah. Mr. BERKUS: So. WINFREY: I’m looking, thinking I want one of those. Mr. BERKUS: Exactly. WINFREY: Yeah. Mr. BERKUS: No. I always wanted that and I thought it would be great for the girls to have a place where they could go where that was completely their little world and you guys could do whatever you wanted to do and hang out and you can kind of even leave it messy. Not really. [LAUGHTER] Mr. BERKUS: But you can, and do your arts and crafts and all that stuff. And they would be out of Kari’s, you know, way if she was making dinner and doing all the things that they do. WINFREY: So I thought everybody was going to do their arts and crafts at the kitchen table. Mr. BERKUS: No. WINFREY: No. Mr. BERKUS: No. I want… WINFREY: They’re in the playhouse. Mr. BERKUS: Well, now they can pin everything up and they can hang out and, you know… WINFREY: Wow. Mr. BERKUS: …Kari can see them from the kitchen. So I thought it was–it was a fantasy for me, actually, that I wanted to make happen for these guys. WINFREY: Cool fantasy. Mr. BERKUS: Yeah. WINFREY: Yeah. We’ll be right back. Next: Jamie Durie reveals his secret garden. WINFREY: So earlier you saw Nate call a master landscape artist Jamie Durie to join the team. Jamie flew from Africa to Seattle. And was still standing. Take a look. Mr. DURIE: Nice to meet you. Hi. G’day. How are you guys? I’m Jamie. Welcome to your new garden. What do you think? Mr. HALE: This is so beautiful. GROUP, KIDS: It’s beautiful. KARI: It’s perfect. WINFREY: Remember their old garden? Mr. DURIE: Check this out. There’s a little sandbox. DAVE: Oh. Oh. Mr. DURIE: Yeah. Isn’t that great? WINFREY: In just five days Jamie and his dream team dug up Kari and Dave’s old garden, laid down 600 square feet of grass, 14 tons of garden rock, and planted over 200 trees and flowers. Mr. DURIE: You’ve got silver birch all the way around the outside. KARI: Oh, my–oh. Mr. DURIE: So you like birch. [laughs] KARI: Oh, it’s beautiful. Mr. DURIE: There’s more to show you, so we’re going to come back this way. Do you like it? IZZY: I love it. Mr. DURIE: [laughs] Now, this little area is your own little zone. This is where you guys can play tag. And you guys can sit down here if you want. KARI: Right on this bench. Mr. DURIE: You can sit and read a book. KARI: Yeah. Mr. BERKUS: Look at him. He’s off. Mr. DURIE: Yeah. This is only the backyard. KARI: I know. Mr. DURIE: Shall we hit the front yard? Ms. HALE: Let’s look at the front yard. IZZY: Let’s go see the front yard. Mr. DURIE: We put a hedge right at the very front of the boundary line so that everything back from there felt like it was a private part of the family’s home. Ms. HALE: I love the stones and the rocks. I love it. [APPLAUSE] WINFREY: So amazing. Ms. HALE: Incredible. WINFREY: Yeah, this is the thing–those of you with boys, you notice girls are looking and they’re like, “Oh, lovely, love it.” And boys are like, “Vroom. Vroom. Vroom.” Running around the yard. Thank you so much, Jamie. Beautiful, beautiful job. Mr. HALE: Amazing. WINFREY: Well, coming up: the family meets the crew who worked round the clock to make their dream house possible. That is next. We’ll be right back. [APPLAUSE] WINFREY: Thanks to the fantastic home improvement team at Lowe’s who helped make this dream home possible. Lowe’s provided and installed all the new windows, the custom craftsmade cabinets, plus the bathroom and kitchen sinks. Thanks again, Lowe’s. WINFREY: [APPLAUSE] WINFREY: Well, it took an amazing crew, as you can imagine, to pull this miracle off in just 15 days. The team is here to take a bow. Come on out, everybody. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] WINFREY: You helped build the Hale-Jo house. [APPLAUSE] WINFREY: Wow. What do you want to say about this crew, Nate? Mr. BERKUS: I have to say I’ve never worked, in all the makeovers that I’ve done, with a group of people more dedicated to what wasn’t just a project, it was a mission. And you guys did an unbelievable job. And Mike Tutmark, who headed up the whole thing. WINFREY: There’s Mike. Mr. BERKUS: You’re an amazing guy. WINFREY: Mike. [APPLAUSE] Mr. BERKUS: You’re an amazing guy. WINFREY: This was not exactly–can you imagine this, now, relaxing or fun for the people who live on the same street as the Hale-Jo family because they were working around the clock. Mr. BERKUS: Around the clock. WINFREY: Around the clock. But we hear the neighbors were patient and your neighbors were nice through all of the long days and nights of construction. So please stand up. Some of the neighbors are here. Thank you all for being so neighborly, neighbors that are here. [APPLAUSE] WINFREY: Neighbors. Oh, good. That’s fantastic. And what did you want to say to these guys, Dave? DAVE: We just can’t thank everybody. How do we thank you guys? How do we thank you guys? [APPLAUSE] WINFREY: Have a good life in that house. Have a good life in that house. We’ll be right back. Back in a moment. [APPLAUSE] WINFREY: So what are you looking for, for the next dream house? Mr. BERKUS: A story. I want a story. I don’t want it just to be about decorating. I want a family, a great family, somebody that really deserves to have a great new space to live their lives in. Send us the story. WINFREY: Send us the story. Mr. BERKUS: Send us the story. WINFREY: Again, thank you to all of our friends at Lowe’s, Brita, and Green Works, who helped make the Hale-Jo family’s dream of a new home come true. Bye, everybody. [APPLAUSE]

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