Natural Flu And Cold Fighting Tonic – Immunity Boosting!

Hi Danette here with and I’m here in Costa Rica with Juan Pa. I am actually here on the island of Oson, below our foot the actual retreat center I am at… and it’s beautiful here. There are fruit trees everywhere and I’m here with Juan Pa because I came down to study with him. He’s a master studying this ancient forms of healing and bringing it into the mainstream and he has the Conscious Living School he teaches people about the healing benefits of foods, the healing benefits of movement and also just how it all ties into your spirituality and becoming your best self.
We’re here and we noticed this Noni tree. Time to know this Noni a
little bit so I want to have him explain it before he makes this amazing tea with Noni and like talk about the health benefits, where you can actually get it and make this amazing elixir like… Yes this is an amazing medicine to bring us back to our natural state. It is very important first of all because he helps us clean
it comes and opens the cell membrane and helps us clean inside removes the toxins in all the organ…really good for the liver, for large intestines small intestines all the organs we need to clear even the lungs. It’s really good for that. The taste is not the best but we will see that after I’m
gonna convince you that it tastes really good yes but then all the benefits you
receive from this are amazing first it cleanses you and that it helps you a lot with your immunologic system. It brings your defenses… It brings your immunity up… yeah it’s amazing like when you start to get like ill or whatever…you feel that feeling inside, life you’re low in energy, you’re feeling like… in your throat or your lungs… get your hands on Noni. Yes just use Noni all day like three times a day what we’re gonna do and it’s not gonna come. It really works…amazing It also helps the pancreas and the even take it for Diabetes. It helps a lot to regulate the sugar and then it helps the pancreas so you come to your natural state…amazing.. and it has many more benefits but it’s good to keep it like that like those are the basics…We are in front of the Noni tree and he just picked it…so this is like a really fresh Noni… Now we’re gonna go into the kitchen and he’s gonna show us exactly how to make an amazing Noni tree. But I want to tell you that if you can’t get it around and you’re not in Costa Rica in this amazing island like I am…we just picked this from the tree…you can get it in powder form and you can also get it like Noni wine or Noni concentrate make sure you look for
authentic Noni because I’m sure a lot of companies have put Noni on it and there are a lot of sugar and all sort of other stuffs that are not beneficial for you so make sure you’re getting the real deal…So we’re going to the kitchen right now… We’re in the kitchen…you saw him cut up the Noni now if you have just the powder form or like a concentrate you just want to use about a teaspoon but if in real form it’s just about this much…now we have fresh ginger, organic ginger… …you might need four five with four…yes… so then the water and then… real honey raw, uncultured honey…okay so let’s make this…good. So with the Noni this would be more or less per person have to be sold out if you’re feeling
like you might be putting immediately spoon you again wire very much wanted more you need more
yeah and then but also how so many reasons why not good not too high and he
actually told the committee she liked so this is gonna be like my Blendtec
Total Blender this opera right and we don’t mind you can feel it in case you
wanna feel better take care of you

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  1. Awesome video! I love finding new ways to stay healthy with what God has given us in nature! Thank you for sharing this with us Danette!

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