Natural Healing Tips : Natural Cold Remedies

Everybody gets cold. Treating them isn’t always
yummy, but I can show you a way that will work really well. I’m Lauren Roy from Sugar
Hollow Farm in Phillipston, Mass. If you feel a cold coming on, that’s the best time to
start taking care of it. When you get that little feeling and you think you’re getting
a cold, you’re getting a cold. The first thing you want to do is boost your body’s immune
system. You can do that with garlic. Garlic is the strongest antibacterial, antifungal
that has ever been created. You’re going to take a couple of cloves of garlic and put
them in your teacup and steep them for ten minutes. To that, you’re going to add the
juice of one lemon, as well as two tablespoons of honey, which also have antibacterial and
antifungal properties. It also helps mask the taste of the garlic. But nobody said everything’s
going to taste good. If you’re getting that chill you can add some ginger to it because
ginger has natural heating abilities. Put that all in your cup and let it steep for
a good ten minutes and drink it down. You’re going to have to repeat this a couple of times
during the day, and you’re going to have to drink the whole thing, you can add as much
honey as you want to mask the taste of the garlic, but the garlic is very important.
You have your antibacterial properties, you have your antifungal properties, your vitamin
C, you can add something like chamomile tea and catnip tea if you’re having trouble sleeping.
You do this at the very beginning of a cold and it will shorten the duration of the cold.
I’m Lauren Roy at Sugar Hollow Form in Phillipston, Mass.

31 thoughts on “Natural Healing Tips : Natural Cold Remedies

  1. Interesting. Typically people want everything to taste "good". I've ingested some pretty nasty tasting things for the end result. Or I've struggled with substances that have a certain texture like Psyllium that has maybe sat for too long (ack). Another drink that I indulge in is made with Bragg's vinegar. Recipe is on the label and available in any good Natural food store. Thanks for the video…I'm gonna do it.

  2. Well, i dont have any garlic cloves so i shall make chamomile tea…. and put garlic powder in it… this will eather cure me or taste so bad i wont mind the cold. 5/5 stars

  3. i bet it will probably work 10 times better than DayQuil. That thing tasted horrible and it only stopped my coughing for 1/2 hour.

  4. I really love learning from people older than me. It's all about experience in life. Thank you so much for your info!

  5. I am going to try in the morning and i'll give you a feed back.. ..I have a sinus infection for like 4 months now… non of the anitibiotic worked….

  6. I don't understand how using 'anti-fungal' and 'anti-bacterial' ingredients would do anything to a cold as a cold is a constantly mutating virus, not a fungus or a bacteria. Not to say that this doesn't work though, perhaps it does. I'm just slightly skeptical because of the way she explained it.

  7. Um just to clarify – great video, but… colds arent from bacteria. Theyre virus! Viruses dont die. But ginger helps the immune system, garlic helps blood flow and speeding up the healing process, and honey and lemon help sooth…. Actually all the ingredients actually help fight off bacteria as well, but a cold is a virus… thanks for the video!

  8. Man up and chew the garlic down its great , let it excite your taste buds , you will smell great in the morning .

  9. Aloe Vera makes a great addition to a cold/flu defense regimen. Aloe is nutritionally rich (vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E and minerals including zinc) and has been credited with inhibiting the functioning and spread of certain viruses, including influenza. In addition to boosting the immune system, Aloe has the added bonus of easing cold and flu symptoms- for info and recipes, check

  10. i need a mom like you :/ i'm doing everything but the garlic, didnt' realize until this video about it, although I knew about its antifungal properties.

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  12. this is so true. I love garlic! I had a cold that was going on for a month! Tried everything I knew (naturally, no drugs)… then I remembered Garlic! I ate garlic with each meal, plus I went to sleep early a few nights (complete darkness allows your immune system to work better). Finally stupid cold/flu went away. Praise the Lord, He made garlic.

  13. I just boiled water with garlic & ginger in it & sat over the steam to help my nose. It helped, but my room stinks now. 😐 Probably should have just used water, lol.

  14. I usually just eat the raw garlic as is. I don't know if I could drink a garlic tea. I haven't had a cold in over 2 years!

  15. Why do say antibacterial when a cold is a virus! Antibacterial kills bacteria not viruses. Perhaps you meant antiviral.

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