Nausea in Adrenal Fatigue

Feeling nauseated or
having a sensation that you want to vomit, this is
actually a very common symptom and complaint reported by our
adrenal fatigue sufferers. With me, I’m Dr. Lam,
with me here is Dr. Carrie, metabolic health coach, and
we’re going talk about this very important topic today. First of all, what is the most
important reason in people with Adrenal Fatigue
that they feel nauseated or having a sensation to vomit? – Well a lot of our
Adrenal Fatigue people, their whole systems are
already slowed down. So that includes their GI
system is also slowed down. And things might start backing up, and food might not be processed very well, so if food gets stuck in the stomach, they just feel like “Oh, it keeps coming up.” They feel nauseated, or they
feel like wanting to vomit. So that’s one of the reasons
why Adrenal Fatigue people can feel that nausea
that they feel so often. – And this is quite common,
more common than you thought. The more events you have,
the more sensitive your body tends to be, even a
supplement, especially pills, they are not well tolerated
because it takes the body energy to try to break it down. Now what do you do if you
have these type of symptoms and, you know it’s not
a structural problem, not a medical problem, but
just a kind of annoyance and discomfort? – So some practical tips if
you’re feeling nauseated, just make sure you have regular
bowel movements every day, you don’t want things to get backed up, you want keep track of what
supplements or what exactly is causing you nausea. Is it a type of food? Is it a supplement? Is it something in the environment
that’s just smelling bad and making you nauseated? You have to find the trigger. And if you need something
additional, there’s always things like ginger that’s very calming
and calming to your stomach, and something that’s actually
recommended for a lot of pregnant women in their first trimester, they feel really nauseated. Other practical tips can
be like eating small meals throughout the day rather than a big meal where you just feel over-bloated and you have to have it all out. – Well, ginger for advanced sufferers, you need to be a little bit more careful because if you have in
addition to just discomfort you also have sensitivities
then you can actually have severe stomach, not tolerance, resulting in even some pain, so just kind of titrate it, okay, slowly. – Another thing you can
also try is peppermint. So when you feel like, very
nauseated, it’s sometimes useful to smell something strong
that clears your sinuses and that’s what peppermint can do for you, as you just get rid of the
nausea or menthol or something, something to distract your nasal nairs and help with that
nausea would be helpful. – One of the things that you
also want to kind of make sure is that you don’t have any kind of reflux. Gastric reflux is one
common cause of nausea, so you going to have to maybe
try to prop yourself up if you suspect you have that. Under what circumstances
should they make sure they see their regular doctors also? – Well I mean if you’re
definitely vomiting without it going away, if you
have any blood in your vomit, definitely go see your doctor, or if your nausea is uncontrolled, even trying all these
things, and it’s not helping, or if you’re not pooping,
then those are all things that you need to go see your doctor for. – Is it common to have
pain associated with vomit? – Not usually. I mean it
is very uncomfortable, no one wants to vomit, but if
you do have abdominal pain, definitely go see your doctor. – Well of course those
who in the pregnancy age, make sure that you’re not
pregnant if you’re nauseated, Okay? And if you have other
issues of bloating that’s associated, then you have
to go see a doctor as well. But generally speaking
what we find is that these are kind of a subtle,
they can come and go in an adrenal fatigue
situation, it may not stay for a long time, and sometimes
you can be going on for days without problem, then all
of a sudden it comes on. And so these are some of
the situations that we see. It’s very unpredictable sometimes. So in any case I hope
we’ve given you some tips and then do pay attention
to your gastric system, because it’s so vital in your
Adrenal Fatigue recovery. I’m Dr. Lam and this Dr. Carrie with me. I empower you to your best recovery.

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  1. Dr thank you for uploading a valuable knowledge but please make a vedio on Premature ejaculation causes and cure

  2. Yes, I've had this for years. And the breaking down of pills. I get fatigued just eating and trying to digest. Yes, i use peppermint. I take internally, often, and run in onto my stomach. But it's as if i can smell stuff a mile off. Most smells make me very nauseous. I also eat smaller meals, and i use aloe vera tablets to help my lower gut – one of the few tablets i can take without a huge reactionl. Then fatigue trying to digest, like my stomach is fatigued, the same overwhelming feeing. And i suddenly go hot and feel faint. I have passed out many times before. You are always absolutely spot on and give great detail…as if you know me, personally! I thank you greatly!

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