Neumonía por aspiración 2019

aspiration pneumonia the whole generality is that pneumonia
by breathing it is divided into two it’s an aspiration pneumonia and the
pneumonia than mania by aspiration is the entry of particles
practically said to the lung more than all for more perspiration the pneumonia
chemistry forward the salt income of leeds bile salts and gastric juices a
the respiratory tract however you live in two that is the
pneumonia here in the community that is properly speaking the aspirations that
are generated with the hospital setting whether in nursing homes or in the home or in
other entities and pneumonias intros and aspirations while hospitable
the ceremonies here in the community are present between 5 to 15 percent and
the pneumonias by aspirations Intrahospital care is unknown
there are still no solid criteria for diagnose aspiration pneumonia
to a chemical pneumonia the macro aspirations of content and
contents colonized by gastric are the sign of pneumonia
aspiration as it basically has to have my macro aspirations so that
go from aspiration pneumonia to chemical pneumonia without it will not be
pneumonia the factors that influence are the virulence and the bacteria in the
risk the risk of repetitions of side of aspirations and residence
of the patient then of this that it influences that they live in geriatric homes
or in objectivity without family support the clinical phenotype and location
Anatomical and anatomical pulmonary refers to the type of person and some
commitments that are sometimes seen are in the respiratory tract or in the parenchyma
pulmonary the hobbies the respiratory tract or
the pulmonary parenchyma and cut of said in the microbiology microbiota in a
patient with brain events vascular have found the last
studies that have been isolated up to 103 thousand different types of bacteria from the
which 29 of these had not even been discovered that they were in the tract
respiratory then to the advance of the microbiota has also evolved in the
part of the treatment and other entities more the virulence is fixed has changed the
concept and now it is defined as the Relative capacity of the microorganism
to cause harm to a guest was not as in the previous version or the ones or
previous models the definition
the island model adapted biographer pulmonary biography means that now
it has been found that the good some pulmonary events predominate more
some bacteria and can infect others with more quantity is not the same
that a bacterium arrives to one the respiratory tract remains
that the pulmonary parenchyma arrives and it also depends on the ph that this requires
for to make an effective virulence
so if there is a low ph and it is in the part of the lung parenchyma to
predominate the big negative ones our lung goal is due to
feedback circuits what means this that the mechanism reflects
both what it does is expel and trap the mechanisms and the bacteria and
take them to the lung and through it reflex the cough expel them or through
the cleansing of the cilia eliminate the bacteria when a loop of
this negative feedback and it happens to be a positive feedback
then it is going to suppress this these two mechanisms to eliminate bacteria and
growth will predominate bacterial It can also be altered by the due
the breaths between bigger is the content that is most aspired
difficult to eliminate it then will be more trapped in the parts the rapid rapid growth a mixture
microbial that pathology
which will dominate a single species that will grow before
others before the normal bacterial flora lately there has been a problem that
it’s called gods just one for abuse or excessive consumption isolated the micro or have changed the
the flora or an infectious mechanism of these
there were no less everything has been seen the easy way is great or a cancer
what Neurological diseases such as ar there are some men the stress in cardiac arrest in the use
of basic medicines basically the what and some medications that generate
alterations substances Y in cardiac arrest
first 24 hours result of a bad swallow breathing now in the farmer greater than 120 milliliters the oldest of 129 the patients who have
a prolonged course although they are initiated high doses of
proton pump inhibitors then they will decrease the gastric pH
and this is going to be what Gram-negative bacteria in consumption
of meat in a case of aspiration the patient debuts with sudden onset
of dyspnea hypoxia tachycardia diffuse or crackling wheezing
in this is not very frequent because it can have an acute episode its acute or
chronic is according to the amount of aspiration and the flora that go
growing little by little also the patient to present fever
all tachycardia barrales If the patient is incoherent,
patient had the extended conspiracy
lying down will get to the part lower respiratory tract
to get to the lower lobes of the respiratory tract
if the patient had the episode sitting is going to see him Diagnosis is made with history
clinic looking and
signs or symptoms that indicate a conspiracy that has the pass of the
patient risk factors and that there are compatible findings
chest x-ray infiltrates in the pulmonary cement
depending on the severity treatment and treatment of aspiration pneumonia to the community and
between hospital now the factors one that has a normality in the
radiography and the second is that you have a
a clean x-ray the x-ray at the beginning can not be seen
it will always be altered and they may
a very aspiration very large and then there has not been
graphic engagements and happy later by bacteria will be generated in the
part of the pneumonia then when it an abnormal chest x-ray in
main the main medicine that let’s use that discipline is a fatal
let’s nailed nato nations quinielas and carp pena
it has been seen that several studies that they both have the same
equal effectiveness in the treatment of this pathology
in this scenario when there is a abnormal alteration of the tract of the
mouth or that has a normal dental you have to add medications like 63 hours
looking for covering gram bacilli negative
when there is nothing bone scan alteration that is mild to moderate
can observe if there is a phase and if it has a no sepsis box or something done
and independent of the radiograph be clean, what is not going to be done is
add a medication
to cover resistant germs forgiveness of resistant montesin staphylococci and
the option of a dance is sought the hospital environment
you always have to cover Independent
what is the scenario in the normal radiography are covered
a normal radiograph but without factor of risk for people of resistant ampicillin amoxicillin medications
caula dato a flower or a milonga and in a charge to penn
a risk factor for a resistance you have to add a
aminoglycosides or colistin and increase the treatment first
line to pipe tazos efe asks or you we offered
with a normal radiograph the patient it can and if they are symptoms of
moderate you can awaken something the antibiotic or start according to the
Clinical patients are seen with a You have to start again on the
antibiotic without any of the time also without either of the two scenarios the
patient has no symptoms and a Clear radiography can be expected from 24
at 48 72 hours for a new rescue Cultivation can only be carried to a bar
for a decision in prevention there are several
several options one is in the surgical part it is a fast
less than eight hours and that of those eight hours in the last two hours and the
patient of come to consume liquids clear before surgery after a stroke
it is necessary to make an evaluation complete speech and illusion before
to start a start with liquids or solids in the oral route patients
they should receive enteral nutrition in a semi-straight position instead of
supine to minimize the risk of gastric aspiration even though
the nasogastric tube arrives do not hesitate, it has not been seen that the probe
gastric see your anal side has not had a difference in him
in the improvement of this pathology it has also been seen that what almost the
sky is sun rise the levels of the substance what favors the cough
first and improve the reflection of the swallowing
then in this type of patients that they have risk factors you have to
use the administration of antibiotics
during the first 24 hours after a comma to a state
comatose which has recently been given
Urgency or after cardiac arrest have decreased considerably
the cases of aspiration pneumonia oral care with brushing and
tooth extraction animal states the pathology has also improved
long term has not been seen
improvement with the use of to control this one in the conclusions the disease
it is a difficult diagnosis disease which should be considered when you have a
patient risk factors a clinic and a suggestive images
and definitely the use of antibiotics he has improved above him
the corticosteroids in this case are not using corticoid flames

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