K: Hello Everyone! F: Welcome to our channel! F: I really hate this entrance. K: Yes, I don’t like it! K: Let’s not start like that after this video. F: What we gonna do today Kunduz? K: What we do… K: We’re going to make a reaction video about Pentatonix, again. New Rules x Are You That Somebody K: They published yesterday The previous Pentatonix (Havana) video has been watched to much (according to a new channel like us) K: And we wanted to do another one F: Think that no one watch this video, lol (We hope that’s not gonna happen) K: Shall we begin? F: Yeah, play it! F: They so cute! Aww :3 K: (I don’t know why I don’t move lol) K: (Do something! Come on! Move your body!) K: I really like their clothes F: Aaa! I think Kirstin had a one piercing on her eyebrow. Now it’s two. F: I’m not sure K: No, She always had a two piercings. K: Mashup, right? F: Probably F: Cause I remember New Rules F: By the way, before recording this video I watched their old videos. F: Two people has change in their band right? K: No. just one person. F: Yes, this guy is a new member of Pentatonix. (Matt Sallee) The former member is Avi Kaplan but he left (I still don’t know why he left. Didn’t check yet) K: We talked about that on previous video. F: Ah’ How lazy you are! K: I know :(( K: And the new member is so familiar. I don’t know where. I’m gonna find it F: Music transitions are really good K: They’re having a lot of fun doing it. I really like that. F: It’s a lot of fun to do it but I think it’s very difficult. K: I agree. They worked to much to make this music and video. F: What you say? K: Wait, I love to watch endings. F: I still couldn’t get used to looking at the camera while I’m talking. But you really get used to it. K: Born this way, baby F: I really like this song as always F: They are really good and different and doing it for years K: And I think their style will never lose value. K: Their harmony is so good The original song is a completely different beauty after their touch K: I remember their some songs, I listened more than original version. F: They give a different taste to original songs. K: When I listening a song, -especially a male singer- i dreamed like I’m singing that song K: I really have a bad voice. I can’t sing :/ K: I can imagine easily this dream when I’m listening to Pentatonix songs Cause they one of us. They deserve this successful They success with their talent K: They’re not a regular singer. It’s really hard to catch that synchronous in their work. F: Before the recording this video F: Before the recording this video I watched their old works Probably they recording with their phone F: Quality is not so good and they probably didn’t record any music, they sing live. K: I hope they always do this and they will not leave us. K: Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! F: I hope they will continue to make song videos for us. If you still didn’t watch any Pentatonix video, go for it! K: Take care of yourself. Thank you for watching us F: See you on the next video


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