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what that fox is up all of you fabulous fox
fans so glad you could join me for another episode of what the fox today
I’m gonna be talking about the influenza vaccine and how this year it may not
even be effective according to a new study released by a non-profit private
research institution now let’s jump down the rabbit hole okay thoughts fans welcome to Monday’s
episode of what the box I’m glad you could join me because today I’m going to
talk about the influenza vaccine before that I just want to let you know to stay
tuned to the end of the episode where I’m gonna give you a choice of which
story I will cover on this week’s Friday Friday okay so let’s get into the story
the influenza vaccine that is currently being manufactured and distributed to
all of us is less effective due to the way they produce it using chicken eggs
this is the claim made by a private not-for-profit organization known as the
Scripps Research Institute or CSR Adi before I get to the details of why it’s
less effective I just want to go over a little background of the manufacturing
process to date of the current influenza vaccine for over 70 years the flu
vaccine had been made the same way and that is by injecting the virus into a
chicken egg where it then replicates and grows until they have enough of the
virus that they can then purify the liquid and get the buyers to make the
vaccines now one of the stories that you’re gonna get to choose from at the
end of this episode will involve chicken eggs as well so make sure you stay tuned
back to the study it was conducted on a very well known subtype of influenza
known as h3 and – and this is one of several subtypes that’s known to mutate
when growing and replicating inside of chicken egg
these independent researchers who are conducting the study say it’s time to
find a new way to manufacture the vaccine because this way doesn’t work
anymore in case you’re wondering I included all the links to this study in
the description so you can go and check it out for yourself if you choose to
otherwise you can just take my word for it why would you want to go and check
out the study well it shows you exactly why AG based manufacturing no longer
works and it also covers why this is a specific problem for subtypes like h3n2
and several others now there are scientists and researchers trying to get
better vaccines out but growing it in eggs just doesn’t work anymore according
to the new study by TS RI now the vaccine is meant to teach the human
immune system how to fight the virus but according to the study it only works 33%
of the time ah best now on to why the researchers at TS are I believe that the
current way the flu vaccine is manufactured is no longer effective for
H 3 & 2 subtype and other subtypes like I’m just gonna read the actual excerpt
from the press release by TS RI when grown in eggs the h3n2 subtype mutates a
key protein to better attach to receptors in bird cells specifically
there was a mutation called l19 or p on the virus’s hemagglutinin
glycoprotein this mutation disrupts the region on the protein that is commonly
recognized by our immune system so this basically means that the mutation
bypasses the protein that our immune system needs to actually by
the buyer is effectively our immune system is left with no better weapons
than what it had prior to getting the vaccine in fact the straight h3n2
currently contains the l1 940 mutation and it is the one used in our vaccines
this again is according to TS our eyes research now as far as I have seen their
research has not been thoroughly peer-reviewed yet but that doesn’t mean
there isn’t something to it I personally think that vaccine producers need to
seriously take a look at this mutation but I want to know what you guys think
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  1. well my school is having vaccination the 14th but i live in Canada,Montreal idk if it will work i hope it does cuz i dont wanna be sick cuz thats lame oh and update on youtube clickbait OH HOW IT CONTINUES apparently Nibiru is gonna hit us on the 19th face plam next fake news, now some people say a dark star is gonna end us on, you guessed it, the 19th. Anyways thanks for the vid fox have a good day

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