New Swine Flu Virus Infects Four Children

New Swine Flu Virus Infects Four Children health officials tse four children were infected with a new strain of swine flu MSNBC .Com reports hole for children three girls and one boy have recovered or are recovering and were infected through contact with pigs the virus does not appear to spread easily from person to person experts at the centers for disease control and prevention said MSNBC .Com gave these details about symptoms in two of the children in July the boy was taken to a hospital emergency department with flulike symptoms of fever cough and diarrhea wearer SP are Tory test confirmed influence at a EH 3 the boy who has multiple chronic health condition of was briefly hospitalized he has not been directly exposed to swine but a caretaker had been in direct contact with swine in the weeks before the boy became ill this brand new flu strain picked up a gene from the H1N1 strain that set off the flu pandemic in 2009 and 2010 gene sharing among flu viruses is common and causes problems when it creates novel strains to which people lack immunity the Washington Post explained the new swine flu is unlikely to trigger a pandemic the way each one and one dead experts say CDC Spokesman Tom skinner told MSNBC .Com there’s no evidence of sustained transmission from a human to human MSNBC also reported that in the first two cases both children received flu vaccines in September 2010 whiff protected them against each one and one of that wouldn’t protect against the new virus

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