New type of coronavirus found for pneumonia outbreak in China: WHO

a preliminary investigation into a
mysterious pneumonia outbreak in China has been identified as a previously
unknown coronavirus for more on this and other news from around the world let’s
turn to our union means the gentlemen tell us what health authorities have
found sure mark the World Health Organization raised the possibility that
a series of mysterious pneumonia cases in the Chinese city of ohan may be a new
type of corona virus the Health Organization added and needs more
information to confirm the cause on Thursday China’s Xinhua news agency
reported a group of experts found a new type of corona virus in their
preliminary lab results they said 15 positive results of a new corona virus
were detected from the patient’s test samples the news agency said it may take
years to develop vaccines coronaviruses are a family of viruses that can cause
severe acute respiratory syndrome known as SARS or Middle East respiratory
syndrome MERS Chinese authorities that the new virus can cause severe illness
in some patients but does not seem to easily pass from person to person
according to ohand health authorities 15 nine cases were reported as of sunday
while eight of them have been discharged and seven are in a critical condition
what’s worrisome is that Lunar New Year holidays are just a few weeks away in
China when millions of people will be traveling China’s Transport Ministry
said it will tighten efforts to prevent the disease from spreading during the

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