News 5 at 6 – What’s Going Around / March 31, 2014

six. Colin>>(C) A specific type of rash is going around this week. Katie>>(K) Here’s News 5’s Ginger ten Bensel with this week’s edition of What’s Going Around. . . . Doctor Michael Johnson with the Hastings Family Practice has recently treated patients for, Gastroenteritis, pink eye and chlamydia. Dr. Janice Kutilek with the Grand Island Clinic says that allergies and asthma are already lurking. If you have either one of these… get started on your meds before it gets too bad. Strep throat with scarlatina rash and roseola are going around. Kutilek says that roseola begins with a fever of about 102 degrees and lasts for three days. Then a rash develops after that. Roseola has mild symptoms of a runny nose and cough. The body takes care of the illness itself in a week to ten days. Kutilek also spoke about the importance of getting enough rest. This on the heels of a new University of Pennsylvania study that points out taking naps won’t necessarily make-up for lost sleep… in fact… the lack of rest can cause brain damage. Kutilek says the average adult needs nine hours of sleep every night. Teens need the same and not getting enough rest as a teen can cause behavioral problems, poor grades, and a limited attention span. Kutilek added that you should stay away from the computer before bed to allow your natural hormones to kick in so you can sleep. For more information you can go to our website KHAS-TV dot com. With what’s going around I’m Ginger ten Bensel news 5.

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