News conference COVID-19: March 20, 2020

Good afternoon everybody welcome to the City of Toronto daily briefing on COVID-19 for Friday March 20th Today we have four speakers we will start with Dr. Eileen de Villa Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health followed by Fire Chief Matthew Pegg the city’s General Manager of the Office of Emergency Management followed by Deputy City Manager
for Community and Social Services Juliana Carbone C A R B O N E and finally Mister Daniele Zanotti
D A N I E L E Z A N O T T I who is the president and CEO of
United Way Greater Toronto following remarks we will open
up the questions we’ll take a question from the floor here at City Hall then we’ll go online and we’ll alternate back and forth okay Dr. de Villa please Thank You Brad and good afternoon everyone As of 1 o’clock today there are 161 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Toronto and 10 individuals are currently hospitalized. The new cases that we are investigating include a paramedic, a resident of a
long-term care home and individuals who are part of our shelter community. Since we learned of these new cases, we have been actively and carefully
investigating each of these unique circumstances. We are collaborating with
Toronto Paramedic Services, the Fred Victor Centre and the Seven Oaks long-term care home. The paramedic who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 is
currently in isolation at home. My team is actively investigating all possible
contacts to assess potential health risks and will follow up directly with
those who require further action. We have followed up directly as well with Seven Oaks and with a Fred Victor Centre to ensure that enhanced infection
prevention and control measures are in place to protect our most vulnerable
residents and the staff at these facilities. This includes enhancing
cleaning and disinfection to reduce the risk of spread and protect vulnerable
residents and the facility’s staff. Signage on hand washing and infection
prevention and control is also displayed throughout these facilities and other
shelters and respites throughout the city. At this time many people will soon
be returning to our city from March break vacation or travel. Given our current circumstances, I do need these individuals to listen very carefully if you are returning from travel, you must stay home for 14 days, even if you
do not have symptoms of illness and we’re asking you to do this to protect
yourselves, your families and our community. This strong recommendation is
made because people travelling back from March break are likely to have traveled
through areas where COVID-19 is circulating. If you know somebody who’s
returning from March break, please tell them to stay home and help them to be
successful in doing this be a good family member, be a good neighbour or be a good friend pick up groceries or other household supplies for them and drop them off for them at their front door we have a responsibility we all have a responsibility to stop this virus together. I would also like to take this
opportunity to remind everyone what we mean when we’re talking about social
distancing social distancing means working from
home wherever possible social distancing means helping your employees stay home, or helping your
employees work from home social distancing means keeping 6 feet apart
from others to prevent spread social distancing means staying at home and
only going out for essential needs like food, medicine, or to pick up household
supplies social distancing means ordering food through take-out or for
delivery social distancing means purchasing your
goods online where that’s possible social distancing means participating in
community or faith-based organizations, either virtually or by telephone I know this is a lot to process We are all trying to make sense of this why while we are in the thick of this
situation. People are understandably worried and I suspect that many are
lonely as well We really do need to take care of each other. I’m encouraging everyone who can,
to stay home. Essential workers and those who support them need
to come to work and maintain social distancing as much as possible in order
for our city to work. I sincerely thank these workers we should all sincerely
thank these workers for their dedication and for their hard work. The rest of you by staying home, will help these people to stay healthy and to keep our city
working. Lastly, I’m pleased to share that in our most recent assessment of the
compliance of bars and restaurants with provincial orders and direction, we found
that .3 percent of the businesses we looked at we’re not in compliance. Only .3 percent this is an amazing effort and I sincerely think our local business
community for getting behind social distancing In closing, I’m asking
everyone again to make every effort and to take every opportunity to practice
social distancing. Stay home, stay safe and take care of each other. So with that I’ll now turn the podium over to Chief Pegg. Thank You Dr. de Villa and good afternoon as you know the City of Toronto has taken a number of actions to help
prevent the further spread of COVID-19 City Hall, Metro Hall and all City of
Toronto Civic Centres were closed to the public earlier this week and remain
closed non-essential city staff have either
been reassigned to assist with COVID-19 efforts or where feasible are working
from home employees who are presently working from home will be called in
and/or redeployed to support essential or other critical city services as
required as always the City of Toronto remains
committed to providing safe effective and efficient work environments for all
city staff there are many roles and functions that
are needed to support our collective efforts in responding to and managing
the COVID-19 situation the continued function of essential and critical city
services is very important our city staff are committed to doing all that we
can do to help city services that continue to deliver normal service
levels include all emergency services including police fire and paramedic
service emergency response toronto water continues to ensure our drinking water
is reliable safe and remains at the high standard we’ve all come to expect
shelters shelters and respite sites remain open city operated long-term care
homes will continue to operate but with no visitors being permitted at this time
garbage and recycling collection will continue as scheduled but yard waste has
been suspended again I’ll remind you if you have put yard waste out for
collection this week please remove it from the curb until further notice Road
operations including snow removal services if required will continue as
normal Toronto Hydro the TTC and 3-1-1 are all operating normally the City of
Toronto Shelter Support and Administration have initiated a number
of proactive measures in support of individuals experiencing homelessness
these measures have been developed in accordance with the recommendations of
the Ontario Ministry of Health and Toronto Public Health in order to ensure
our our shelters are safe for both our clients and our staff these measures
include the following we have opened five new facilities in
order to facilitate effective social distancing as recommended by Toronto
Public Health it is important to note that this is not net new capacity it is
temporary space to support social distancing recommendations we have
established one new isolation site for people undergo undergoing COVID-19
testing we have secured additional hotel capacity for the family sector we have
secured one additional site to shelter those who require 14 day self-isolation
as a result of travel screening for both illness and travel history is being
conducted as part of the shelter intake process both by phone and in person
anyone who is identified as requiring further health assessment through this
screening process is being referred to one of the provinces assessment centres
before being admitted to the shelter routine infection prevention and control
practices are in place and will continue this includes enhancing cleaning and
disinfection to reduce the risk of spread and protect vulnerable residents
in the facility staff we are engaged with both the provincial and federal
governments in making the required personal protective equipment available
for our community agencies as well additional funding has been provided to
each of the community operated 24-hour shelter sites to assist with their
procurement of personal protective equipment and enhanced cleaning supplies
signage that provides information and instruction on hand-washing along with
infection prevention and control is displayed throughout our
and respite sites we have now secured a location for a new kovat 19 recovery
facility for Toronto’s homeless population which includes wraparound
health supports and we are in the process of placing this facility into
service the location of this site is not being provided in order to ensure the
privacy of individuals is protected I want to remind everyone that our public
health call centers continue to experience high volumes of calls many of
the questions being asked can quickly be addressed by accessing I encourage everyone to make the city’s website their first point of
access for credible and reliable information all information related to
city service levels as well as public health information is continually
updated online and once again please do not call 911 information about COVID-9
or about city services 911 emergency situations requiring the response by
Toronto police Toronto paramedics or toronto fire services only as I advised
yesterday and officially communicated by the city this morning Toronto can expect
some unsettled weather today and into tomorrow including the potential for
heavy rain high winds and plummeting temperatures city staff from
transportation toronto water and parks forestry and recreation as well as
Toronto Hydro are on standby to address any flooding icy roads downed trees or
branches or downed power lines should that be required as always police
fire and paramedic services are ready to respond to any emergency situation that
may arise in short the city is well prepared as it always is to address
emergencies if you encounter a downed power line
stay at least 10 meters back roughly about the length of a full-size School
Bus and call 911 at the Emergency Operations Center as
well as the entire corporate leadership team here at the City of Toronto remains
focused on keeping Toronto and its residents safe and well informed I will now invite Deputy City Manager Julianne Carboni to address good afternoon everyone during this emergency we are committed to looking after the needs of
our vulnerable residents residents we are leveraging our relationships with
community agencies to meet these needs working closely with the United Way and
leaders across a community-based not-for-profit sector to better
understand those needs we have convened groups that include representatives from
community agencies and many city divisions to share information to
identify new and emergent merging issues such as food insecurity and access to
services to develop effective responses and to work closely with neighborhood
groups to connect and support agencies we are also working with the Toronto
Aboriginal social services Council to ensure that we continue to meet the
needs of our indigenous communities here in Toronto we know and acknowledge that
our community partners are responding in every way they can to support vulnerable
Torontonians during this emergency they are working hard with staff with
volunteers in the city to keep their vital services available to families
seniors and people living alone the distress distress line and many other
agencies are keeping help lines opens so that residents can call in
access to food is a major issue for low-income residents and families and
the city is working with agencies to understand which food banks are still
operating across the city where the gaps and needs are what what solutions might
be we are identifying food banks that are being closed so that we can work
together to find ways to keep as many of these essential services opened as
possible and we are grateful to our corporate
partner Loblaws who has joined our efforts providing much-needed donations
in food and other supplies and supports access to childcare is another challenge
that has been discussed by the city community response table at the press
conference today the province confirmed that cabinet is discussing this
afternoon the feasibility of emergency childcare as we wait for further
direction from the province planning here at the city continues for residents
in need of social assistance Toronto employment and social services continues
to ensure the provision of critical financial supports and benefits for
low-income residents and vulnerable Torontonians new applications for
Ontario work financial benefits can be made by phone residents can call for one
six three three eight eight eight eight eight to apply for assistance city staff
will also provide information on how to access the additional benefits that were
announced by the Government of Canada on March 18th seniors we know will be
especially vulnerable during this period the city through its supportive housing
program continues to provide essential support services to seniors enrolled in
the program and living in the community who need assistance with personal care
with medication reminders and safety checks and our partners at Toronto
Community Housing are supporting seniors and vulnerable tenants with targeted
check-in phone calls connecting tenants to appropriate community supports
providing information on COViD-19 and how to stay safe and increase cleaning
and disinfection anyone who needs information on social and community
services that are available can call 211 211 is a 24/7 helpline and web
service that’s been connecting people to social services since 2002 as you know
this is an evolving situation and we will continue to work closely with
United Way and our community partners on effectively responding to the needs of
vulnerable residents I cannot stress enough the importance
of these partnerships community groups and agencies are in the communities and
they hear and see firsthand the needs and the concerns of residents as soon as
you will hear from Daniella Zanotti the president and CEO of United Way of
Greater Toronto working closely with our community partners is critical to
supporting vulnerable residents quickly and effectively
I want to thank on behalf of the city the many dedicated community groups and
agencies and the people behind them who continue to support varna kumuk
vulnerable communities every day and throughout this crisis thank you and I
will now welcome the Danieli to come and say a few words good afternoon as the largest investor
in social services next to government United Way stands with our city partners
to ensure Toronto’s network of community agencies can support the most vulnerable
in these unprecedented times because we know people who already face significant
barriers poverty homelessness social isolation need help now more than ever
and we know community connections matter especially in times of crises research
shows that the stronger the sense of connection citizens agencies government
working together the more resilient the community responds we need our social
infrastructure that invisible network of agencies that people visit rely on call
every day in your neighbourhood across this city we need that social
infrastructure today and for decades to come this is why United Way is partnering with the City of Toronto connecting our
frontline agencies to activate 10 community tables
by geography across Toronto neighborhoods and to community clusters
one convening indigenous agencies and the other four citywide organizations
these community tables continue the important work United Way and frontline
service agencies deliver every single day in this city supporting people
experiencing poverty and we are already at work identifying gaps needs and
opportunities that are emerging locally helping agencies navigate change by
offering them flexible funding so they can do what they do best
meet urgent needs and our frontline United Way agencies are already working
in new ways reaching out to that mom struggling with mental illness via a
text and online counseling just to make sure she’s okay
providing service and street outreach for our homeless population making sure
that personal support worker can make a safe visit to your 92 year old neighbour
and helping that young woman with developmental disabilities in a group
home get to her medical appointment we are best positioned to respond to
succeed when we work in a United Way thanks to the City of Toronto for
immense leadership on this comprehensive community and social services strategy
and thank you to all the frontline staff and volunteers in United Way’s network
of 270 agencies across this region Toronto peel and York working tirelessly
behind headline and cameras to ensure that the people
who already face significant barriers poverty homelessness social isolation
get the help they need now more than ever thank you
Thank You Danielle a first question we’ll take the first one in front of
City Hall Mark Douglas from 680 News Dr. de Villa or Chief Pegg regarde whichever one of you would feels it should have cleared if
you could just ask who you’re gonna ask you a question of they’ll come up to the
podium and then we can we can have Dr. de Villa, Chief if you like let’s do it that
way Dr. De Villa first please and Chief Pegg if if you want to follow up in this
great the regarding specifically the paramedic who has been confirmed to be
infected did that paramedic catch the virus on the job what was were they
returning from Vegas were they in close contact with someone who was traveling
without revealing any personal details can you tell us how that paramedic
became infected so you’re right I won’t reveal any personal details and I’ve
addressed this audience before that I don’t discuss case details out of
concern for the privacy of the individuals so at this stage
investigation is underway and I’m not prepared to share any further
information in respect of that case Chief Peg I assumed the same response
okay and a quick logistical follow-up then on
the total number of cases and you’re saying 161 now that’s correct just a few
hours ago the city sent out a release saying that the total case count was 153
can we get an explanation of this discrepancy and and I’m gonna take your
numbers as the most up-to-date but why is there a discrepancy between your
department and and and City Hall so I’m gonna suggest to you that you do take my
numbers as the accurate numbers if I do say so myself and that was as of
1 o’clock today with respect to the earlier data that might have been
provided by the city it all depends on what time the data were pulled right so
why you pull the data actually determines
what you’re going to get from the system the situation is constantly evolving I
think you’ve heard many of us talk about the situation is one that is rapidly
evolving in fact so it’s all a question of when the data are actually accessed
so as of one o’clock today 161 confirmed cases ok we take a question online then
to Denise from Reuters please yes hi we’re seeing reports that there’s an
officer from Toronto South detention center who has tested positive for the
virus can you confirm this or can you give any details about this without
giving up personal information I’m afraid I can’t speak to the individual
circumstances of the case so you confirm this no I’m afraid I cannot okay you have a follow-up Deniz no okay thank you Thank You Christine from Christina from
cp24 Hi Dr. de Villa before I ask you this question I want to clarify that we asked
Health Minister Christine Elliot about today as for the advice of your office
and her answer was she’s been having conversations with you so hoping you can
clarify so people have been telling us in the last few days that they can’t go
to the assessment centers to get tested unless of course they’ve had travel
history had been the criteria at least most recently now we understand
according to actually the city of Toronto’s website that may have changed
the algorithm may have changed so if you confirm that the algorithm is now based
on the recognition that community based transmission is present in Toronto and
you no longer have to worry about having travel history to get tested and an
assessment centre so what is on the website is in fact the current state and
what I expect clinicians are doing as they always do is to assess the
individual situation and make determinations premise on what they see
and what they what they obtain from patients as the history that’s how
clinical assessments should occur okay thank you and a question for chief peg
please so of course chief peg we’ve been talking a lot about social distancing
one wondering if you can comment on these two items of social distancing one
wondering if you’ve seen the images outside of EB Games in the city the
mayor commented about this the Premier EB Games has not gotten back to us I
mean our bylaw officers going to attend that location will they be fined also
next door the murder trial regarding Kate legislators taking place we
understand the jurors are all sitting next next to each other the courtroom
the courtroom has according to our reporter there more than 50 people
apparently the jurors were advised you know if you’re not comfortable you don’t
need to sit beside each other but again these are not examples of social
distancing even in a city facility so I’ll start at the second one so I’m not
aware of the situation with respect to the jury trial so we’ll take I’ll take
that back with respect to this circumstance and EB Games we are aware
and I can I can confirm that that information once
it was received has been fed into our Emergency Operations Center and as we’ve
explained before there is there are representatives from all of our
essential service and partner agencies in that within that network so we’re
aware it it is I would say that we it has come to our attention and we are
working through the process of determining what the appropriate
response to that situation is and and I should say it may involve enforcement
that’s yet to be determined but I think first and foremost as you’ve heard dr.
Davila say repeatedly and throughout all of these briefings the most effective
means is one of education and in achieving public support and compliance
I think dr. Davila and the public health team have been crystal clear with all of
us with respect to what social distancing is why it’s important and in
fact what it is not so my advice I would reiterate you know notwithstanding the
fact that we’re aware and we’ll look where we’re continuing to look into that
specific situation I just want to reiterate the advice dr. Davila has
continued to give we need to be no closer than then six feet we need to
protect the principles of health protection that have been provided to us
by public health and we need to do that with an understanding that we’re not
only protecting ourselves but we hold a social responsibility for protecting our
families and the people we live and work with so I can say that with with my
asthma in my capacity as the head of emergency management and as the fire
chief it simply is my expectation that all of us are doing our very best and
that includes everyone on the street on the sidewalk everyone that is going
about their daily lives do it you know meeting there
I guess picking up their necessities and and in this case what appears to be
shopping so I would add my voice to dr. de velas message the responsibility
really doesn’t lie with us with respect to following up specifically I would say
that that that’s ongoing within the EOC people go online now jennifer Peggle
arrow from the Toronto Star Dr. de Villa tell us if the person who
tested positive in the shelter system was screened and if not how could they
were identified and any other client and their staff from that shelter or not
resolution so I’m sorry I just want to clarify the question you were asking if
the shelter client was screened and if any staff or clients were put in
selfishly I feel like isolation as well as a result so with respect to the
shelter client themselves all the protocols were in place at the shelter
and so that would have included it screening as that person approached the
shelter or was checked into the shelters perhaps the more appropriate term with
respect to what else is happening at the shelter my understanding is that we are
conducting the investigation there and there are some individuals who are under
investigation so we will proceed with that investigation I’m happy to provide
updates as I have more clear information and just to follow up I think for
Maryann for other media here just Maryann Bedard General Manager of
Shelter support and Housing hey Marion wondered that the five new facilities
that were mentioned that are now open is that enough given that the permanent
system is at capacity and and what else is planned to try to increase that
number of additional spaces yes well as I said in my comments the other day we
continue to look at this evolving situation and we will continue to revise
our operational plan as required you know we continue to talk to our
community partners and ask them what support they need and so we will
continue to be nimble in our response and and change as we need to okay thank you
not being late from Global News questions for Dr. de Villa just wondering the individual who is
tested positive in the long-term care home again I know you can’t give out
specifics but I noticed that in the city report city release it said that you’re
working to contain an outbreak in that facility you tell me how many other
individuals have been tested there and if any of them are showing symptoms so
you know the term used is outbreak and that’s because we have a case of COVID-19
so that’s exactly what the outbreak is and so all the measures are put into
place in order to manage the spread or to prevent the further spread of disease
within that facility so has anybody else there been tested though well the
investigation is proceeding and those who develop signs and symptoms will be
tested but I can’t speak to the specifics yet at this stage of the game
I’m sorry can you can you just follow up and just provide a little bit more
detail into what the next steps are to make sure that this doesn’t spread
beyond one one individual and and where that I think I saw that that individual
was isolated but were they taken out of the facility so I’m not going to speak
to the individual circumstances of the of the case per se however outbreaks
within the context of long-term care homes is in fact the bread and butter of
local Public Health and it is the area one of the key areas within which
long-term care providers and public health have regular interaction so there
are very well-developed extremely well developed infection
prevention and control measures and outbreak protocols that are in place for
long-term care homes admittedly COVID-19 is a new disease and it comes with with
an extra degree of anxiety and fear associated with it but we do know about
the disease we understand more and more about how its transmitted and we
therefore know what appropriate measures should be put into place in respect of
managing a case of COVID-19 and I am 100% 100% confident that my
staff are working well with the long-term care home providers to ensure
that every measure is being taken okay I think I said court Gord mikekim can I
ask you a quick question gormak eken who’s the chief of Toronto
paramedic services how you doing nice to see you I’m just wondering in relation
to your service member who has tested positive can you tell us if they were on
the job when they can contracted this and and if you have any concerns going
forward for any of your members based on this now so I can tell you that the the
paramedic contacted us on March the 19th that paramedic was in contact with
Public Health and as dr. Davila stated he’s following that paramedic is
following that protocol and instructions as to your second question I’m not
concerned our paramedics are extremely professional they’re they’re their
personal health and safety is one of our is our most important aspect of
responding to the public’s needs and emergency settings and I’m not concerned
about the the level of of current service delivery and we will move
forward it’s an involving situation do you feel like you have enough equipment
to maintain them safely yes I do David Ryder from the Toronto Star hi for dr.
Davila um dr. de belem you expanded your advice to non-essential businesses and I
asked if that would include the possibility of prosecution as as he said
with restaurants and bars you said you wanted to wait and see how compliance
was and then we we have a lineup of people at Eaton Center in fairly close
quarters waiting to get a new video game and the game the store being open are
you contemplating does that does that make you think the prosecution for that
is more likely because it seems right now under the provincial rules and your
rules that store isn’t actually breaking any rules
well I think we’ve heard from chief peg that there’s an investigation an
assessment that needs to be done in respect of that situation you know I’ll
tell you I I’m disappointed right I’m disappointed in the business
owner I’m disappointed that that sort of crowd was allowed to build and that it
doesn’t line up with what we expect from those in our community who are
interested in in protecting and strengthening our community so I trust
that the business owners of in that way in that case will rethink their their
approach and hopefully get behind social distancing and follow-up question is I
think you as always seem calm and measured I think when a lot of people
got a press release saying a person infected a paramedic a person in a
long-term care home and a person who experienced homelessness a lot of people
like felt a pit in their stomach so can you give this big picture is this just
totally expected or is this cause for concern well I think we have always been
talking about the expectation that we would see some degree of community
transmission and we’re talking about members of our community so this is
anticipated and I think we’ve tried to make sure that our community was was
prepared for this eventuality I realize that it is difficult to hear and it’s
difficult to to think about the fact that some of our most vulnerable
residents in our community are now affected by this but that’s why I would
again go back to urge including members of our business community to get behind
social distancing to protect themselves their families and yes other members of
our community including those who are members of our most vulnerable lightfoot
CTV I’ll start with dr. Davila because you’re up there we’re getting calls and
emails from construction workers who are concerned because they haven’t heard
anything about what they do they work in close quarters be it outside but quite
and just by the nature of their job they are within six feet from each other are
there any plans to address the issue of the construction industry obviously it
financially people would like it to keep going but from a public health point of
view what can be done well I think went from a public health point of view we
have to look at all aspects of what it is that contributes to health in our
city and and certainly understanding what keeps the city running right
maintaining you know important aspects of our economy because frankly the
economy is crucial it’s fundamental to health so is managing the current kovat
19 situation so what we’re trying to do is strike this delicate balance between
these two things but at the end of the day the overall goal is promoting and
protecting the health of the residents of this city so regardless of what the
essential you know activity is if you know this is deemed to be important
enough and essential enough in terms of continuing the functioning of the city
still I would try to encourage social distancing as much as possible a second
question would be for Maryann of that spot the other day you walked us through
fairly detailed what the city’s plans were for when this came to the shelter
community can you just sort of talk about what actually happened you
mentioned the other day that if someone was showing symptoms they would not be
admitted to a shelter is that the case here and that the person was not
actually admitted and then can you sort of walk through what will happen next I
understand there’s an isolation facility but I’m guessing there’s some sort of
investigation you’ll have to be looking at who this person interacted with and
then also where people have been told to self isolate that’s not always something
that someone who doesn’t have a home can easily do or is used to doing so are
there measures in place to ensure that they do so so that was a lot of
questions I miss one you’ll have to remind me so again as Dr. de Villa said I
can’t share individual details about this individual what I can tell you is
that while they waited for their test result they were residing in our
isolation center which is as it have been we have created transport so
if an agency identifies a person that they’re concerned about we’ve
coordinated transportation so that we can safely move someone to get a test
and then safely move them to our isolation center where while they wait
for their results so I’m confident that we’ve taken the steps necessary you know
we were hoping to keep this out of the shelter system for as long as we could
and now we’re moving to two steps to obviously to contain it so we’ll be
working very closely with Public Health as they conduct their contact
investigation determine whether or not there are other people of concern and
then following those same procedures and protocols so you missed half two of the
questions here okay chances are this is not a travel case so then how do you is
there an investigation into who the person may have interacted with which
I’m guessing could pose challenges given just the nature of their lifestyle and
second of all in quarantine iing the person someone who is not used to being
at home or not having a home to go to are there steps in place to ensure that
people in the shelter communities do remain in quarantine so we will not be
conducting the investigation we’ll be doing that in in partnership with Dr. de Villa we do keep very detailed data of people’s movements through the shelter
system so we anticipate fully being able to cooperate with Toronto Public
Health’s investigation and we’re also working very closely with our partners
at the inner city health associates to make sure that our isolation program is
an appropriate program for people experiencing homelessness and obviously
is appropriate in a way that encourages them to remain while we wait for their
test results we Cooper from News talked at 10:00 and my first questions for dr.
Davila please dr. de Villa we’ve been hearing that there have been indications
of community transmission communities spread are you confident now in saying
that that is absolutely what we are now dealing with as well as you know
from travel yes thank you you’re welcome and my next question is for gourd please your member you said started to show
symptoms on the 19th so we have to assume that he was care he or she was
carrying the virus for about 2 weeks so are there any other members of the
paramedic service that are now in self self-isolation as a result and if so how
many so just to clarify the paramedic contacted us on March the 19th and I
can’t go into any other details that’s public health will provide the response
in terms of the following the process so I as a privacy respect for my member I
won’t go into any further details and are there other members though in self
isolation as I said ok so Dr. de Villa can you comment on that sorry just to be
clear the question if there are other members of the Toronto paramedic service
in self-isolation well I would imagine that there should
be some some might have returned from travel in the last 14 days and may be
home isolating as as a result of that certainly so I in connection in
connection with this case it has been announced today are there members in
self-isolation and if so how many we’ll have to let the
investigation proceed happy to provide you with details when I’ve got them
thank you go ahead a question for chief peg if you could elaborate on something
you mentioned earlier in your opening comments shelter or shelters at
undisclosed locations could you elaborate please on what of specifically
who are those shelters for and again why are they being kept undisclosed I’ll
actually let I’ll let Mary Ann respond sure please thank you for the question so there are
two specific programs that we have opened as I spoke about before there is
a an isolation actually there are three there is an isolation site for people
who need to self isolate for 14 days because of travel there’s an isolation
site for people who are awaiting test results that have some reason to suspect
that they may have covered 19 and then the third site that we are we’ve secured
today is a site for people for kovat 19 recovery so I mean obviously you know
these are for people’s privacy you know even with our regular hotel programs we
don’t disclose the specific locations of those programs and so I think it’s just
in respect of people’s privacy you know the most important thing is that they be
allowed the time to time to recover and just to clarify the all three of the
Scheldt the special shelters you mentioned all three are going to be
undisclosed locations yes all three thank you Matt Bingley Dr. Joe Phillip I
know we’ve been dealing with a lot of serious stuff this week had a chance to
talk to the members of the press gallery and we all collectively wanted to ask
you this question based on social media how many scarves do you have I’m not
sure many fair enough but I’m happy to take any suggestions if you have
particular patterns that you’d like to recommend we’ll leave that to Twitter
okay thanks very much everybody have a great weekend there is no planned
briefings for this weekend we will update through the weekend though with
with numbers as they become available stay healthy thank you

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