News Wrap: At least 3 dead, dozens injured in Baghdad protests

In the day’s other news: Thousands of gun
rights demonstrators flooded the streets around Virginia’s state capitol in Richmond today.
Many carried military-style rifles as they protested gun control measures proposed by
the state’s Democratic leadership. Police maintained tight security, but no major
incidents were reported. We will have an on-the-ground report from Richmond right after the news
summary. In Iraq, at least three people have died and
dozens more were wounded today after new battles broke out between anti-government protesters
and security forces. Demonstrators clogged Baghdad’s streets and threw rocks at security
forces, who returned fire with live rounds and tear gas. Hours later, three rockets fell inside Baghdad’s
Green Zone. Two landed near the U.S. Embassy. No casualties were reported. Health officials in China today confirmed
an outbreak of viral pneumonia there can be transmitted by humans, raising the risk that
it could spread quickly. This weekend, the number of coronavirus infections tripled to
more than 200 people. Three patients have died. Travelers across China are being screened
amid the world’s largest annual human migration for the lunar new year holidays. GENG SHUANG, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson
(through translator): Since the outbreak of corona virus, China has taken a serious, earnest
and professional attitude to actively deal with it, worked out a strict prevention and
control plan, spared no effort in treating patients, and properly managed those who had
close contact with the patients. JUDY WOODRUFF: Officials believe the outbreak
started last month at a fresh food market in Central China. China is banning certain single-use plastics
in major cities by the end of the year, and phasing them out nationwide by 2025. The move,
announced Sunday, is aimed at tackling the country’s severe pollution problems. In Beijing today, many residents welcomed
the ban, which ranges from plastic bags to utensils. CHEN SU, Beijing Resident (through translator):
There is some inconvenience, but the environmental pollution is so serious right now. Our food
and our health are both affected. So I feel the ban on plastic is good, and I support
it. JUDY WOODRUFF: Other plastic items will be
phased out in three waves, first in larger cities and then in smaller towns. Meanwhile, in Thailand, pollution levels soared
today as toxic smog shrouded its capital city. The haze has blanketed the area for more than
a week. It’s largely caused by vehicle emissions and smoke from the burning of farm fields.
Volunteers cleared dry leaves from those areas to prevent bushfires. And children in Bangkok
wore face masks to school, out of precaution. Hundreds of Central American migrants tried
to cross into Southern Mexico by river today after officials denied them at a border bridge.
Throngs waded from Guatemala to the Mexican border, where Mexican police in riot gear
met them. Mexico has cracked down on migration after President Trump threatened sanctions
and tariffs. And back in this country, the nation commemorated
the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. today, more than 50 years after his death.
President Trump and Vice President Pence visited a Washington memorial honoring the late civil
rights icon. And communities across the country, from Colorado
to Texas and South Carolina, held marches and parades. Still to come on the “NewsHour”: guns in America
— protests in Virginia over moves to limit access to firearms; Australia faces a bleak
future, as wildfires continue to burn across the country; from Nixon to Trump — a prominent
Republican on this impeachment moment; and much more.

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