No Strict Diet No Workout! Stomach Slimming No Exercise No Diet Lose Belly Fat!How To Lose Belly Fat

hello everyone you are welcome back to
this morning ASMRget rid of stomach fat, lose weight super super fast and
look years younger Mukbang. and this morning friend I’m
using this seed that is very powerful yet very effective, this seed will help get rid of stomach fat this seed is packed with enough miraculously and beneficial to health. black seed is used for treating digestive tract conditions including gas, colic, diarrhea, dysentery, constipation, and hemorrhoids. black seed help to cleanse your system, if you have Bloating this seed is also good let me show you the seed, black seed, this is black seed
you can also call it black beans okay they are very tiny, black seed are used for respiratory conditions including asthma, allergies, cough, bronchitis, emphysema, flu, swine flu, and congestion let me show you again, it is very tiny black bean. so i’m gonna keep this seed away because I have the tea. I will drink the black seed as a Tea I have the tea so I’m gonna keep
the seeds but if you have the seed you can just use it but since I have the tea
I’m gonna make use of the tea okay when I keep the seed aside and I need only a tablespoon or a tea bag. if you want to use this to remove stomach fats you have to drink it for three to five days for you to see result, in fact my friends
after I finish drinking it you have to drink it with something that will
help to leave you feeling full for like three to six hours, so after you finished
drinking this every morning you are not expected to eat till after six hours
okay and then you have to do it three to five day, if you wanna use it to get rid
of bloating just prepare the tea and drinking before you sleep and over the
nights you get rid of bloating. you want to use this to lose weight at
least you can drink it for five days and still do the same thing, you will not eat after drinking it for the next six hours, that mean you only eat food that are low in calories for that six days and friend you’ll be
losing your weights super fast and also get rid of your belly fat but if you
just want to use it to maintain your stomach flat, you just have to drink it
only this morning just like me okay, if you also want to use it to maintain your
slim fit you just have to drink it this morning just like me. Friend what I will do is for me to grab my cup and my spoon then I need hot water because it’s tea that’s
okay, then I just need a sachet of black seed. I going to eat this thing with something and that is carrots, Low in calories and full of fibre, carrots are one super food for weight loss and get rid of stomach fats super fast. it will prevent you from craving for fats food and this will also help to nourish your body, so I’m going to slice it into
small pieces alright so guys I’m gonna keep this one
away, if you have the black seed you have to blend or grind it before you now use it for the tea so why this
is dissolving in the water I’ll be eating my carrot when this carrot is very fresh, I
love it. please note that the carrot is optional, if you don’t have carrots you can go ahead and sip your tea, the reason why
I’m eating carrots with the tea is not to feel hungry for like 6 hours,
when don’t crave for fast food, fat and oil food carbohydrate food, friend you will be
burning belly fat with easy. it’s going to be easy for you to lose weight
because when you don’t eat much, you will not gain weight you will not gain fats in your stomach this is a mukbang for lose weight and get rid of belly fats, this help to convince you that this is actually good
and is OK for you to eat it aside that you can see that i am looking very fresh because I’m eating this so
even though you don’t want to lose weight and you don’t want to get rid of belly fat this is also good for you because health is wealth, for healthy living this will help to nourish your body so if you just want to look years younger let say 3 4 5 10 18 20 21 year then just join me to be eating this and you will look fresh young, smooth, natural and supple. I will continue to eat my carrots. friend in this channel I will make
losing weight and getting rid of stomach fat very easy for you, it’s so easy for
you to lose weight and get flat stomach. If somebody that wanna lose weight, want to get rid of stomach fat and also want to maintain her shape, flat stomach, tiny waist tiny waist then this channel is for them
share the video share and also recommend the channel to them because to lose
weight and to get flat is easy now, I’m making it easy for you now, i will remove the tea bag from the water and throw it away, I need to stir the tea. I will keep this spoon and i will continue to eat the carrots and then I’m gonna drink this last just check it out oh come yeah so hot and it smell good I love tea especially in the morning this is good if you want to burn belly
fat you want to nourish your body this is remedy for you, you want to look
years younger just join me to be doing this every morning. this is good what this tea will help to do is to increase my metabolism, this will help to
nourish you and it’s also going to improve your brain health, it’s going to
make you alert and his also give power, I will continue to sip, if
you want to use this to gain manpower just add 2 clove of garlic and 1/2
tablespoon of honey into this and friends this will give you manpower, I will continue to sip because it’s very hot I like this, I like this, I so much like it. it’s good, I will continue to drink friends, after I finish drinking and eating this I’m not going to eat in the next six hours and after six hour i will eat
food that is low in calorie, do you know why? so I will not gain weight or fat, I wanna maintain this slim fit and flat stomach, i want to keep looking years younger so join me to do this if you want to look younger, flat tummy, tiny waist,
big backside and slim fit, let me continue to drink this. this is good. I will continue to drink this off the
camera okay let me sip one more before I end the video, this is good i’m feeling it, I am good and I’m going to end this video right now after the video I keep drinking these so
guys if you want to join me please do join me this is what you need to do if
you want to use it to get rid of belly fats remember it is three to five days, if you want to use this to slim down five to seven days and after that you need to
continue to do, if you just want to look years younger and you already have slim fit and flats stomach just want to maintain it, you don’t want to gain weight, you don’t want to get fat on your tummy just drink it this morning and continue to
follow me to do mukbang every morning and night okay, friend I’m going to see you again in my next video bye

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