Noah’s Sick Day Battle with the Furious Flu! SuperHeroKids

– [Noah] Achoo! (suspenseful music) – Hey, SuperHeroKids! So, today we’re doing the chess challenge. (chess pieces rattle) Noah! – [Noah] Achoo! Achoo!
(boxes rattle) – Was that Noah sneezing? (gasps) The Furious Flu! (gasps) – Noah!
– What’s wrong? (Noah coughs) – Nothing. I was just building a box
fort and then it fell over! – Are you sick? – Sick? No, why? (coughs) – Because it sounds like you sneezed, and the entire house shook. (pants) – I am perfectly fine, okay, guys? (inhales) Achoo! – Oh yeah, he’s definitely sick. – And rude. You remember what happened
the last time Noah got sick? The Furious Flu! – The what? – The Furious Flu. The worst virus know to men. – I don’t know about that, but all I know is we definitely need to try to get him to take his medicine. – [Noah] Achoo! (bangs) – And fast! – I’m the Furious Flu, I’m gonna eat you. Yam-yam-yam. (sneezes) – Oh no! It’s worse than we thought. We have to be really
careful and not trigger the Furious Flu! (coughs) – Hey, buddy. You’re sick. So, you gotta eat some
soup and take your medicine to get better. – Is it (coughs). – Noah, your face is shaking. – No, it isn’t. – Noah? – Noah? I’m not Noah. I’m the Furious Flu! Achoo! – This is gonna be a lot
harder than I though. – [Noah] Achoo! (coughs) (shrieks)
– Disgusting! (cries) Sorry. – Oh, furious snot from my nose. (slaps) – Oh! He’s getting his sick
germs and snot everywhere! – You ready? – Yeah. – Huh? (buzzes) – Got him! – Okay, Noah, we can do this the easy way or the hard way.
(Noah coughs) – What? (electric fence buzzes) (laughs) – What are you pointing to? (gasps) Ew! – (gasps) Yes! (coughs) – [Hope] (mumbles) my new shoes! – Hope! You let him get away! – Sorry. (pensive music) – [Eden] We’re running out of time! – [Hope] I know, the germs keep spreading! – [Eden] What are we gonna do? No matter what we try,
he just keeps escaping. – [Hope] What if instead
of trying to make him take his medicine, we trick
him into taking his medicine? – [Eden] How would we do that? – Wow! This pizza looks so delicious! – I’m so excited to eat it. – What are you guys eating? – Would you like to try a bite? – Mister Furious Flu? – Yeah (oinks). I would like a slice. But no tricks! – Oh yeah, we have no tricks at all. – (chomps) Tasty. Wait, wait! What is happening to me? What did you do? – We put your medicine
in your favorite place, pizza! – [Noah] Oh no! – [Hope] Noah, Noah! – [Eden] Are you okay? – Yeah, thanks, guys. I never though I will get better. – It was rough but we did it. – We make a great team. (energetic music) – [Girls] Achoo! – Oh-o! (whimsical music) – If you may be a SuperHeroKid,
click that subscribe button. – Click right here to watch
more of our awesome adventures. – See you there! (upbeat music)

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