Norovirus Food Poisoning from Pesticides

although the most serious causes of food poisoning like Salmonella come mostly from animal products for example most foodborne related deaths were attributed to poultry millions of Americans are sickened by produce every year thanks to norovirus –is Noora viruses can be spread person-to-person via the fecal-oral route or the ingestion of aerosolized vomit which may explain most norovirus food outbreaks but a substantial proportion remain unexplained how else could fecal viruses get on our fruits and veggies the pesticide industry may be spraying them on the water that used to spray pesticides on crops may just be dredged up from ponds contaminated with fecal pathogens the application of pesticides may therefore not only be a chemical hazard but also a microbiological hazard for Public Health so what’s their solution add more chemicals the inclusion of antiviral substances and reconstituted pesticides might be appropriate to reduce the viral aaja called health risk posed by the application of pesticides or we could just choose organic either way though we should always wash all fruits and veggies under running water as one solution to pollution is dilution you

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