Noska, Amanda, MD – Essentia Health

name is Amanda Noska. I’m a physician at
Essentia Health. I specialize in
infectious diseases. Patients come to
see me for a variety of different infections. I manage patients who have
bloodstream infections, pneumonia, cellulitis. I also help manage
the care of folks living with HIV or hepatitis C. I think it’s important
to bring the latest evidence and a fresh
perspective to patients’ care, especially as a sub-specialist. And I try to do that
on a daily basis. And I also try to bring
a positive outlook to my patients every day. I think one of my favorite
things about my job is getting to know my patients
and learning about their lives and their stories. So that’s, I think, one of
the best things about making connections with patients. And it also helps a lot in
terms of caring for them and figuring out what
is making them sick, helping them to get better. You know, I really
think that a lot of times in interacting
with our patients, knowledge helps to relieve a
lot of anxieties. And many of the conditions
I see patients for are completely treatable. And help folks, once we get
them on the proper therapy, to feel better. And once people
feel better, they tend to have less anxieties
and to feel more comfortable with their health care and with
their overall quality of life.

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