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Jeff would prefer not to be identified
on this video. Jeff, tell us yourself what what’s been going on with your nose?
“I have an abscess inside my nose, and its doubled (in size) in the last two days.” I’m going to use a spray, a medicine called cetacaine, its a topical anesthetic. It works great in the nose. That is what we need to numb up. Are you ready?
“Yep” Alright here we go You may feel some of this. Does that hurt?
“I can feel it but it doesn’t hurt” Its right there. Yep, that’s an abscess. Am I hurting you?
“No” I need to get a culture of that. So I want to get just the pus. Opened it up a little bit more. Not hurting anything?
“A little bit”
Oh you do feel it? ok let me get that out of the way then. Still or just when I was doing it?
“It stings a little bit but thats alright.” How about pushing on it? How’s that? “I can feel it but not as bad.”
Not as bad as the sharp thing? I don’t believe we mentioned it earlier, but there is somebody in your household who has MRSA? “She “had” it” A family member had it, got treated with some clindamycin and that cleared it up. “Clindamycin and they opened it up.”
And drained it?
“and drained it” So she had an abscess also?
“Yea” We’re going to get you some clindamycin also. With Jeff’s return visit we see the swelling has
gone down the drainage is slowing or even stopping, and we also, when checking
the culture in the sensitivities, when we took the culture initially found that
his bacteria that was growing in him was MRSA. If you have comments or questions please
write them below. Until next time, this is doctor Vaughan telling you to stay in good

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  1. Is it true that once you have mrsa your medical chart gets marked because you always carry that from time of contraction on?

  2. How do you get MRSA verses any other infection .? Is it a touch transfer or airborn or is it just something some people are more prone to. Like staph infections you basically get from normal staph on your own skin right? Im Immuno suppressed from Humeria I take twice a month by injection for Ankylosing spondylitis , I also have , what Im told Some sort of Lupus componenet , My ANA was positive and 2 of the other test came back positive but its not "active" I get the butterfly rash and thats what led them to do rhe blood work. I work with the public and my Dr is always telling me I should go out on disability because she worries about my risk lf infection. I work in an ophthalmology office , and have never once even gotten pink eye or EKC which is VERY contageous. Im careful to wash my hands frequently but I just dont knkw much about MRSA ,as we dont see patients with it. Some have had it post op from larger surguries but never eye realated. Just wondering how you pick it up ????

  3. That was pretty good, because I tried going to my nose and pushing on the concha nasalis media & the neurosensorius olfactorius, to see how difficult it was to perform this procedure and I have to give it to You'!, ' It's Not That Easy ', Kudos Doctor'!!…

  4. At 1:28, I noticed you had an extra incident'!,edited from your video'!,,, a 'nick' on the mediarim rim of the nostril with the scalpel, I noticed a little bleeding-cut'!, which is expected in such 'small working spaces' , but I still say good work performed'!…

  5. did it get in his nose from doing drugs? because that's an odd place to catch something and that or shared piercing equipment or jewelry is the only thing I can think of how it got there… opinions please?

  6. I get hard painful "nodules" in my nose occasionally but never thought it worth showing my Doctor. Are they same thing, definitely different, or wouldn't know? If they could abscess maybe I should show Dr. next time they occur?

  7. I like you idea about only getting pus for the culture. I've often wondered if the cultures I see on other Drs channels are skewed when the culture swab is dipped in the wound that is saturated with blood and numbing medicine. Glad I discovered your channel through my friend Dr Mellick and also Drs Oller and Gilmore.

  8. Curious, why wasn't he tilted up a bit further to mitigate drain into the sinus (and when I feel that I gag)?

  9. I had MRSA in my nose, I had never felt such pain in and around my nose. My doctor just gave me meds.

  10. Doc, why didn't you use a instrument to push the puss out instead of using your fingers?  It seemed you could not get a good position to get the puss out with your fingers. Just a question. You did another outstand job as you always do!  Thanks for the video!  Take care and GOD bless!

  11. So once you have MRSA infection, do you always carry it in your body or can it be permanently cleaned up?

  12. I love how attentive to the patients you are! Always checking and triple checking to make sure the procedure is as comfortable as possible. Well done Dr.!

  13. Working as a charge nurse in Emergency in the Uk, I have seen many abscesses in many places , but not seen one in the nose either, very difficult location . Great job

  14. Great pain control, I know how painful these abscesses can be. Congratulations on the growth of your awesome channel Mark!

  15. It seems like it would be safer to keep the patient upright while lancing the nodule. With him flat on his back, I'd worry that the infected drainage would gravitate back into the nasal cavity, sinuses, and throat. Eww.

  16. I have one in the exact same spot. I've been taking antibiotics (given by urgent care) for two days after the infection had spread from my nostril to just below my right eyes. By the time I went to my PCP today I asked about getting drainage and she said that it would've been a tough call to do it simply because of its location and its proximity to the nasal passages and other important areas. we scheduled a follow-up in a week while I continue taking my full bottle of 875mg amoxicillin to see where I'm at. Ive never had anything like this. In a matter of two days it went from a small bump in one nostril to large swelling on the right side of my face! now it's confined to my right nostril.

  17. YIKES! That's the first time I've seen a nostril abscess and that had to HURT! Our noses are so sensitive as it is. Nice job working in such a hard area to drain.

  18. I have a pimple (i think) inside my nose and its recurring on the same spot. I always get rid of it and it comes back. sometimes it has some pus on it. Is it an mrsa?

  19. Thank you for showing the culture report. I find it interesting how technology has developed to tell us what will and will not work to combat an infection.

  20. damn I bet that was sore. like toothache and backache, that's one of those pains that you can't get away from……..

  21. I'm pretty sure that the initial injection to the inside of my nose would keep me from having this done in the first place.

  22. If I found something like that in my nose now I'd probably just ignore it and let myself die first before seeking out a Dr for help. Reason being, years ago I had noticed a visible bump inside one nostril while looking in the mirror. I had to go to the ER for another reason a few days later and it was still there (still is! and painful!) and I mentioned it to the dr. His reply without even bothering to look? "It's from picking your nose too much". (wtf???????) (a) I never pick my nose! (b) that's one hell of an assumption! I have allergies so yes my nose gets the sniffles (it runs) but there's absolutely no reason to pick it! I was appalled by his reply and my jaw on the floor. But hey what should I expect from an emergency room that misdiagnosed my husband's MRSA for 6 whole months (not 1 single culture taken while lancing) and it took a visit to his cardiologist to get a diagnosis and he sent him to an Infectious Disease Specialist. SIX MONTHS!!! So yep half of my nostril is still blocked after 15 years but I refuse to be humiliated again so I refuse to seek an answer as to what it is.

  23. I actually had one of these an year ago it hurted so much that i sometimes cried,and when i tried to pull it out hurted so much…….i know the pain,i jope no one should get one of these

  24. You should be more direct to the viewers about how contagious these are, especially on people with suppressed immune systems. My ex had one. But he got it from someone in his family. Then I got it from him. I got better but I was very sick for over a month. I had staph cellulitis. He got infected twice. But I cleaned endlessly on all surphases people touch. Mine was suppressed because I have a sleep disorder. He chooses to get erratic sleep.

  25. hello please I have something similar growing in my nose, I have been using penicillin on it, it drained yesterday but it now looks longer than before. am in Nigeria and health care is not so good. my email is my [email protected]

  26. I have this in my nose and it's stopping me from breathing, I went to hospital they have me antibiotic, it's filled again and clogging my air way in nose, do I go in? Do I try to drain it myself? Bothering me

  27. I have one just like that for years now and treat it with a thick coating of cocaine. It has not improved any but the treatment is Great.

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