Novel Coronavirus Update | Daniel Z. Uslan, MD, MBA

I’m Dr. Dan Uslan, clinical chief of
infectious diseases at UCLA Health. A lot of people have been asking me, “What is a
coronavirus?” Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that can cause
anything from a mild upper respiratory infection, like the common cold, all the
way to severe lower respiratory infections, like pneumonia.
You may remember hearing about Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, or SARS, and
more recently, Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome, or MERS. The current outbreak
of coronavirus in Wuhan, China is of the same family as those other coronaviruses. The symptoms of the Wuhan coronavirus
can range from mild upper respiratory symptoms to severe lower respiratory
symptoms, such as pneumonia, fever, difficulty breathing, or shortness of
breath. In some cases, patients have developed respiratory distress, kidney
failure, and even died. While presently there is no vaccine or
cure for the Wuhan coronavirus, treatment is supportive. What that means is that
patients can be supported, for example, with intravenous fluids, or put on a
ventilator to support their breathing. A lot of people have been asking me if
the Wuhan coronavirus can be spread from person to person. So far, based on
what the CDC and the World Health Organization have told us, it does appear
that there is transmission from person to person. A lot is still being
determined about this virus, and new information is available every day. While at this time, there is no vaccine
for Wuhan coronavirus, there are some steps you can take to protect yourself.
Be sure to wash your hands regularly and to cover your nose and mouth if you
sneeze or cough. If you’re sick, stay home from work and avoid going out into
public places. If you’ve traveled to Wuhan, China in the last two weeks and
think you might be infected with Wuhan coronavirus, please let your doctor’s office
know before coming in for an appointment. Some of you may be wondering what the
difference is between the Wuhan coronavirus and garden-variety flu. We
are in the midst of flu season, and it’s important to do everything you can to
prevent getting the flu, including getting vaccinated if you have not
already. The symptoms of the flu include headache, cough, high fever, and muscle aches. Wuhan coronavirus is only a concern if you’ve
traveled to Wuhan, China in the past two weeks and have symptoms of cough,
shortness of breath, and fever. UCLA Health is well-prepared to care for
a patient with an infectious disease, such as the Wuhan coronavirus. We have a
team of infectious diseases specialists and emergency preparedness personnel who
have been training for years to take care of patients with complicated
infectious diseases, including new ones like this one. We have processes and
protocols in place, personnel trained, and all the equipment necessary
in order to provide safe care. There are a lot of other viruses this
time of year, including influenza, and the good news is that there’s a vaccine for
influenza that is safe and effective. Remember to get your flu shot every year,
to cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze or cough, to stay home from work when
you’re sick, and to wash your hands regularly.

100 thoughts on “Novel Coronavirus Update | Daniel Z. Uslan, MD, MBA

  1. TOTAL LOCKDOWN and stop all transport out of affected areas. The military should be doing food, supplies and medical assistance deliveries to people's HOMES in the affected areas. Too many people have already spread this, we need to take immediate GLOBAL action.

  2. Why are these people lieing to us? This man knows that the virus is so spread by people who are not so symptoms. Oh I think anyone who has been to Wuhan or China or with anyone who has been to China should be staying home! What is wrong with these people telling us that only if you're feeling sick should you avoid contact with other people?

  3. UCLA campus has many foreign Chinese students, and many of them went to China for there New Years, and will be returning to UCLA once the New Years holidays are over , what is UCLA doing today prevent the virus from spreading in campus and putting all the other students and staff from risk

  4. This virus under Contact and droplet precautions? Can i wear a surgical mask or N95mask? Adeno virus makes us wear p.p.e. auch as gowns, gloves, and a mask.

  5. 20200128: FAILS!!!! Please advise everyone who has BEEN to China, Wuhan ETC who feels sick to 1. Put on a face mask. Then: 2. Go to a doctor…..PS: Are any of the Nationally STOCK-Piled ANTI-Viral Drugs useful?

  6. What is fatality rate for Coronavirus in a % ? Mortality rates for treated individuals range from 1 percent to 15 percent for bubonic plague to 40 percent for septicemic plague. In untreated victims, the rates rise to about 50 percent for bubonic and 100 percent for septicemic.

  7. Yeah per 27 January some viral video nurse in Wuhan said this virus has already mutated to second phase, and it's get more contagious and deadly, she said it can transferred to at least 10 persons when you're in the vicinity of the suspect

  8. in Islam always teaches to always maintain cleanliness. because cleanliness is a part of faith. and also Islam teaches not to overdo it. for example in terms of food. God has recommended eating halal food. it is forbidden to eat pigs, dogs, carnivores, amphibians, fanged animals, carcasses and blood. but many people don't know and eat anything. even reptiles are eaten. I hope those of you who don't know deeply about Islam will open their hearts. and want to learn how real Islam is. and hopefully this calamity will end soon. Amen.

  9. If it travels from person to person why are u saying u should only be worried if u have been to Wuhan?!?! And get vaccinated?!?! Idiot propaganda.

  10. The plagues of last centuries coming coming back? Why?
    With all technological advances shouldn't we had this under control?🤐

  11. By now the people infected by the coronavirus may be in their millions. China cannot afford lies and deceits any longer.

  12. Mike David is correct. The Virology Institute in Wuhan is a level 4 bio-safety lab located 20 miles from the wet market that is said to be the source of the out brake of the virus, the bio-lab has been studying Ebola, MERS and SCARS since 2011. Coincidence ? think about it.

  13. Serious question, what is being done to trace and disinfect all of the aircraft that have been transporting this virus for the past 3 weeks?

  14. In Japan here, I already have at least 2 boxes full of masks and it does help to some extent IF you wear it correctly. Many people here do not wear it correctly and it's half on or it's not tightly fitted. If you wear it fitted tightly to your face and wash your hands for at least 30 seconds to 1 minute plus having some hand sanitizer is a plus after going outside and do not touch your face while outside, you are taking preventive actions.

  15. Don’t worry guys! If it’s being spread through snakes, there’s only thousands of snakes being transported from China to the USA everyday!

  16. K so I’ve never Been wuhan and I have sore throat runny nose fever and I’m coughing a lot..but my doctor just said it was a throat infection

  17. SUGGESTION: All infected countries /affected should implement all in public to wear mask till further notice. All schoolers to wear mask as in school they are exposed in crowded situations. No masks at least find an appropriate scarf to wrap appropriately as mask. This will prevent/curb the virus from any further chance in transmission and all those infected with obvious symptoms wld have gone for medical help and you will be relieved you had protected yourself!

  18. Let me copy paste something I also wrote.

    Less than 3 months ago, scientists at the John Hopkins Center for Health Security ran a simulation with a Coronavirus from a bat similar to the Wuhan Flu that eventually kills 65 million people.

    Here is the article, it is worth a read:

    The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security worked in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to wargame the scenario, called “Event 201.” They even have videos of things like artificial newsreels to go with the simulation.

    This isn’t the only one, they have hours of videos talking about the specifics of the simulation and government responses. Perhaps there is some interesting info in there on potential government actions if someone feels like mining info.

    As for how this relates to the original conspiracy I posted? Hard to say. People have been concerned about a coronavirus outbreak worse than SARS for a long time, and Bill Gates has been saying for years that a plague like that is his biggest fear in the near future. It could literally be a coincidence. The movie Contagion also had it come from a bat, there are scientific reasons why it is more likely to come from one.

  19. Embrace and celebrate the corona virus! No borders! No walls! No humiliating medical profiling! Crush xenophobia! Embrace cultural enrichment! Where are the sanctuary cities for the oppressed and disenfranchised corona virus carriers? Humans aren't "infected," they're human! Kindness, Always! RESIST RACIST AND INHUMANE QUARANTINES! No borders! No walls! Crush xenophobia! Down with racism! Down with disproportionate discrimination of, fear of, and isolation of carriers! Don't isolate the infected in hospital cages! We're soooooo much better than this! Strong and independent women: stand up and lead! Crush the patriarchy!

  20. Anti Vax mom be like: Nope, no shot will be taken by our kids, we' re fine with our oils and herbal meds..

  21. The rate of increase…. the geometric progression of how fast these numbers grow…..will be VASTLY DIFFERENT….once we know if there is a contagious aspect during the 2-14 day early incubation period, or not. This is a key point to get right before we go and show predictive charts. Yet still…….we don't have a clear answer on this. The Chinese govt who was blamed for not being open on information on previous outbreaks… says the virus is asymptomatic, and is contagious when there are no outward signs. Yet….the US, including the CDC, say that this isn't true….that instead this virus acts like other viruses….and is only contagious when there are outward signs. This policy extends to the "Screening" that is done at airports which include seeing if the person has a temperature, a fever, etc. This method can be totally ineffective…and the rate of increase can be magnitudes more…if this assumption of being contagious only when showing symptoms…is false. We need this nugget of information before we assign any other predictive charts to this outbreak.

  22. Its time to humble yourselves and get the message China and the rest of the world, and turn away from these years of worshipping animals, festivals and idols and turn to the Lord Jesus with all your hearts and serve Him. That is why we are here in this world. Stop rejecting your Creator for He is coming soon, whether you believe it or not. Jesus Christ is coming soon and these are some of the signs. All this preparation being made, but how many has prepared their souls to meet with their Creator ?

  23. Indian doctor said he is willing to help the state and the central government as well as China if required.

  24. Throughout history many diseases as this comes from China. When will they ever learn. SARS then this. Still handling wildlife animals known to carry diseases and selling them in wet markets. What the hell has that laboratory in Wuhan done during 17 years after similar case, aren't they supposed to be research of preventing emerging diseases? Why withholding information from what they got. Did they really think they are going to be the only the first and only savoir, knowing it related to SARS? What a focked up and backward mentally. Once again is everyone else responsibility. Nice one communist party. Turn up the volume a notch party just starting.




  26. Here`s what I am worry `d about NOT THE VIRUS Its simple to cure Purell hand sanitizer, I have the vid, Its the VACCINE, It will kill you Its a depopulation plan.

  27. ok thank you about that so i really really thank you and thank you for the short notice because we are so happy for us filipinos that we are . To learn from you from your good good good advice add add ad


    Epicenter of Corona virus , market where it originated from

    Fried rats , bats , cats , dogs , snakes , some birds , pigs all of these which are prohibited in Islam for reason and now everyone knows as well after Corona virus epidemic

  29. BULLSHIT and LIES from the Pharma Industry for USING peoples FEAR to make MONEY with Vaccinations ! DON'T BELIEVE them !

  30. Fact:actually crona virus started spreading because of a BAT soup made by the chinese people -_-
    And yes dont come at me i blame chinese people for making STINKIN BAT SOUP!! (I also feel bad for chinese people)

  31. Atleast now people should stop causing pain to animals and torchuring them for pleasure of eating flesh when we have enough vegitarian food and move towards cultivating more and more vigitables, humans are not meant to consume flesh, its a biggest mistake of humans, humans are designed to survive on vegitarian food, to consume least evolved specis which dont have pain receptors. Infact vegitarian food helps our body more in building strong immune system unlike flesh which creates allot of issues apart from these kind of deadly viral infection now and then.



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