One & One: Flu by Sahera Khan (5)

Assalamu Alaikum, how are you? I am ill, headache and cold. It was your fault. My fault? You were ill. You spread out your germs on me. You made me illness. Thank you very much. My fault, I passed on you. You should say keep away from me. Why you came my home? What for? Your mother stroked me my head. She gave me the bitter medicine and put vicks on my nose. She says ok then she went off. Not be funny! Well, your aunty care about you. So I can’t make to see my friends at the cafe since I have not seen them. You made me illness, thank you very much. Plenty of time you will see your friends again anytime. They will understand. Give me a hug. Hug? No thank you.

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    Comedy – One & One (5) by Sahera Khan.

    Flu: A young woman stay in bed.

    Created by Sahera Khan, January 2020.

    English subtitles/captions and no audio.





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