#ONEVERSEWEDNESDAYS “Flu Season” (Prod. Harlow Beats)

Yo Peep this from the pen of a perfectionist
spitting rhymes that just twist your mind like the exorcist. All I need is my notepad or etch a sketch
I write til nothing left of this, I make this shit look effortless Whew, Too easy, this is flu season
I hop on a track spitting, slobbering, and sneezing. Independent with it cuz these labels getting
greedy La to D.C. I’m running out of CDs
Man I’m handing them shits out like candy Never fall in love that’s why these women
can’t stand me They be out here really trying to start a
family But me I’m not the type to ever settle for
a Camry I need that matte black coupe with the roof
missing, I ain’t ever going back to that soup kitchen
No free lunch homie I can not afford that, I want these m’s
Take the letter right before that

6 thoughts on “#ONEVERSEWEDNESDAYS “Flu Season” (Prod. Harlow Beats)

  1. Had to come back to you're youtube channel again today, to get another dose of you're music fam. Keep pushing!
    When you need beats, HMU and lets work!

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