persil et citron : voici comment s en servir pour votre santé

Discover this infusion to eliminate
toxins and lose weight quickly. You will only need one ingredient
to prepare it: parsley We propose in this article an infusion
with parsley, very easy to prepare. In addition to helping you lose weight,
it will bring multiple benefits to your body, namely: detoxify the body,
relieve kidney problems and disorders urinary tract and fight fluid retention
stored. Before switching to the brew recipe,
first discover the many virtues of this aromatic plant that is parsley. Parsley is one of the most
used in cooking around the world. This aromatic herb helps to raise
the flavor of the dishes is also a mine of benefits! Indeed, parsley possesses
multiple therapeutic and dietary virtues: Parsley is a concentrate of nutrients
Parsley is rich in vitamins and minerals, especially in vitamins C, B9, K, iron, magnesium,
phosphorus, calcium, zinc and many others minerals needed for proper operation
of our body. Parsley also contains several antioxidants that protect the
cells of the body against the radicals free which can damage them. As you could see we are going to serve ourselves simply
of two ingredients, you quickly understand that it does not take much to stay
in health As you know Parsley is a detoxifier
Thanks to its high potassium content, this plant is considered a real
natural diuretic. It eliminates water stored in the body. Parsley has
also an action on the kidneys. It allows to clean them by eliminating toxins
accumulated and thus helps to protect them. Parsley helps digestion
Parsley has antispasmodic virtues and carminatives.It allows to expel gases
bowel that can cause bloating and helps relieve colic, constipation
as well as indigestions. Take 200 grams of parsley crush sieve
, boil in 1 liter of water and make an anal purge with the one liter, morning and
evening, remember the product in you the longest possible, you will see that it expels
all the dirt, clean the colon, the belly kidneys everything, Parsley for a fresher breath
This aromatic plant is excellent for oral hygiene.Consumed fresh,
parsley picks up the sulfur compounds (responsible bad breath) in the intestine
and the mouth, which has the effect of reducing bad breath.
In addition, parsley is rich in chlorophyll, a substance that helps neutralize
odors. I will advise you to use it
once crushed and sieved like that in bath of mouth if you do not want to drink it the
morning to young, a drink even if it is the things to do ,
You can also use it to fight against cancer
Parsley contains a significant amount Apigenin, a flavonoid known for
its anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties For that
* 5 tablespoons chopped parsley * 1 liter of water
* 1 lemon Preparation and consumption: Wear water
to a boil and add the chopped parsley. Infuse for 10 minutes, then filter.
Your infusion is ready add your half lemon!
Drink 2 to 3 cups a day, without to exceed a liter! Take a cure of 5
maximum days. According to a study conducted by researchers
from Ohio University, Apigenin prevent the immortality of cells
cancerous. Normally, cancer cells get
develop by inhibiting the death process cell by which they must pass.
According to the results of the research, apigenin acts on cancer cells
by intervening in the process of regulation genes, which would have the effect of
to make mortal again. This against menstrual disorders
Parsley contains apiol which is considered like an emmenagogue, that is to say, he
promotes blood flow in the uterus and regulates menstruation.Thus, this
plant is effective for remedying amenorrhea (the absence of menstruation), but also
to dysmenorrhea (accompanying pains the rules). For pain, once you have
sift do not discard the leaves as a poultice with white clay apply on the
belly and let dry, of course if you do not want to do it
Just drink a fresh glass of juice parsley is my fast but it works too
; against urinary tract infections Thanks to its diuretic properties, the
parsley can be helpful for relieving infections Urinary.
It allows, indeed, to fight against the retention water and eliminate the bacteria that
can lead to urinary tract infections. For that
Boil 200 grams of parsley leaves Previously crushed in a liter of water
sift and drink a glass both hours, it will make you urinate and in passing
clean the bladder and. Get rid of infections and microbes Parsley, a slimming ally
I talk about it in. Several videos. Indeed Parsley is one of the best plants
to lose weight. Thanks to its properties diuretics and depuratives, it eliminates
liquids and toxins stored in the body.
Its high fiber content makes it possible to provide feeling of lasting satiety.
In addition, parsley can act as an anticellulite, by stimulating the reduction of accumulated fat
in the body and eliminating dimpling. The infusion of parsley Here is the recipe for an infusion of parsley
very easy to prepare and that brings many benefits to the body.It helps to eliminate
toxins and all other substances which may be harmful to health. It also helps
to fight against urinary disorders and kidney problems.
Ingredients: * 5 tablespoons chopped parsley
* 1 liter of water Preparation and consumption: Wear water
to a boil and add the chopped parsley. Infuse for 10 minutes, then filter.
Your infusion is ready! Drink 2 to 3 cups a day, without
to exceed a liter! Take a cure of 5 maximum days.
For men if you have problems of colonists, prostates, precancers, begigne tumors
then, proceed in the same way the juice, add a lemon and proceed to
a purge, let the product penetrate , serve while it is still lukewarm
, hot limit Once it is good, proceed to purge
Do it as often as you can will help a remission and help the cells
unhealthy to die but especially to prevent new tumors to form or even
still recurrences Caution : Due to its composition (high concentration
in iron), parsley in large quantities is not recommended for pregnant women, people
with kidney problems or who are taking anticoagulant medications.
your doctor before following this cure! Remember to share this so that it helps a
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