Pet Care : Treat a Cat With a Cold

This is to demonstrate how we treat a cat
with a cold or upper respiratory infection. The first thing that’s always needed with
a patient that’s sick of any type of disease, is a good physical exam. So we use our instruments
to look them over, we get their temperatures to make sure they don’t have a fever, and
try to find out what the problem is. Cats with colds or upper respiratory infections,
typically have nasal discharge, or typically have ocular or eye discharge, and also may
or may not be eating really well, and very commonly they’re sneezing and, or coughing.
And, so what we want to do is examine them, (you look good Joey) and find out if any of
these types of symptoms are going on. And once we do recognize those symptoms, that
way we can move forward and institute therapy.

8 thoughts on “Pet Care : Treat a Cat With a Cold

  1. Mamma146 is right, this doesn't tell anything about treating the cat. Not a bad vid, but not what the title states.

  2. Why should he tell any one , They no money in it . If he would of tell pet owner how to treating the cat , Would help so many cats .

  3. @mammal46 No disrespect, but if you're a nurse then you should know that the intsrument the Vet used was a ophthalmoscope…

  4. Most Not All Veternarians are con artists and rip offs, they don't care about pets. All they care about is making money I hate this video and before anymore morons write me. My problem with this video is that they were supposed to show a treatment, not a diagnosis. I am a nurse I know the difference between a stethascope and an opthalmoscope. In my haste I said the vet with the stethascope, ( I MEANT AROUND HIS NECK,) I thought ppl were smart enough to know what I meant but obviously not.

  5. @mammal46 ok, I understand your point. But I misunderstood your comment which was " all that was shown was a doc looking at a cat with a stethascope." I took that literally as the doc "looked" at the cat by using his stehascope. But I digress… I will agree with you that there are some Vets charge way too much (especially at corporate chain hospitals…) My cat had a UTI…and they pushed to have X-rays because his PH was 7 (a little high). No stones were present, but I was out around $600.

  6. I'm trying to figure out if one of my cats has a cold or she just has allergies right now.

    But this is what's been happening for the past 3 days,

    She's sniffling, acting like she has to sneeze, she doesn't eat much. "She's sitting right in front of the water right now trying to drink it. "
    Anyway. And this cat LOVES to eat!! When I get food ready and my other cats are in her way, she slaps at them so she can get first serve, and when I fed them last night and today she didn't do that. And also she loves to play outside but lately she's been sleeping in my room with me. And my mom said that her breathing is weird too. It is sick season right now. 3 of my daycare kids have hand, foot and mouth disease and other people have been having upset stomachs, and I've been getting headaches every night and my nose is runny too. But I just wanna know what is wrong with me cat. I don't want her to be really sick that she's gonna die, cuz I just lost a cat last week from old age (had him for 17 years.) and I don't wanna lose another cat. So can anyone tell me what's wrong with her?

    Also she has a sore like thing on her mouth.

    Thank you!!

  7. I brought home a little friend from my local shelter yesterday. He has a cold, and to make matters worse he just got fixed so he has a cone on. He's been sneezing all day and whenever I leave my room he meows at me to stay. If anyone's wondering, I've known this cat before the shelter. He was a stray in my neighborhood and I visited him everyday till someone brought him to the shelter. So he's pretty comfortable with me, and I'm very happy that I'm the lucky person to take care of him.

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