Pharmacist: Cough, cold medicine not best for children under 12

28:18 Omg I would say probably twice a year that we run through a little cold session Renee Welk is a mother of two. she says it’s a constant battle to figure out what to do when her kids get sick 22:29 Claire used to get ear infections all the time they were usually cold related and came afterward so we really did try to have to figure out what are we going to do Welk says it’s a tough decision as a parent because you don’t want your children to suffer. but Pharmacist and drake university professor Ed bell says getting liquid over the counter drugs may be not be a good decision – especially if your child is 12 years old or younger. :48 Well the regulations governing the use of over the counter cough and cold medicine for children are undergoing some recent changes he says the FDA is looking to move up the age restriction on liquid over the counter meds, from 4 to 6yrs old. a significant difference from when the limit on age was 2 years old back in 2007 1:17 We have no evidence that they work in children under 12 and they asked the labeling on the bottle and the box to be changed to that Stand up; There’s evidence that the dosage on the back of these medicine cartons is really just a guess Another reason to give it a second thought 3:05 The pediatricians basically said well we’ll just base the dosage on a childs weight Bell says that’s an inaccurate measure. and to top it off, he adds you can be giving your kids too many drugs that don’t work – while they suffer from the side effects 4:30 an hour or two later if the child doesn’t seem better it’s very easy to give more and more and more and thats where the problems are most likely to occur In the end when it comes to a cold Bell says it

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