Pneumonia Causes, Symptoms and Who is Affected Most by Pneumonia

(energetic piano music) (Medical City Arlington) – Pneumonia is an infection in the lungs it can be from bacteria, it can be from viruses, chemicals. The most common bacterial
infection for Pneumonia is pneumococcal pneumonia,
strep pneumonia. Other causes besides
pneumococcal pneumonia, you can have viruses like Influenza, can cause pneumonia, other
types of viruses also. Chemicals, people can
go ahead and actually aspirate food contents into the lung, and that’s called aspiration pneumonia. The symptoms of pneumonia, for bacterial pneumonia you
can have high fever, 105. Productive cough with
greenish, yellowish sputum, and we need to make sure this is phlegm that’s coming out from the lungs, not post nasal drip. You can have rusty-colored
or bloody-tinged sputum with bacterial pneumonia also. You can sometimes proceed with a shaking chill called rigors. Also, you have some malaise where you’re just weak, tired, and then breathlessness,
so when you’re getting up trying to move you can
feel short of breath. Sometimes you can see a
bluish tinge to the lips as people are short of breath and not getting enough oxygen. Symptoms for viral pneumonia are fever, not as high, some aches, pains. Usually a dry cough as opposed to a productive cough. And the symptoms just aren’t as severe as with the typical
bacterial forms of pneumonia. Everybody is at risk for pneumonia, anyone can get it. The people that tend to
require hospitalizations more or become more ill are
those that are very young, and then, those who are already age of 65. People that are immunocompromised, where they can’t fight infections well, people that have HIV,
patients that have infection or have disease processes
like COPD, asthma may become sicker, and the symptoms may be more severe in that, in that group. (Medical City Arlington

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