Prevent The Flu NATURALLY So You Can Run Strong ALL Winter Long!

Hi everyone, it’s Bretta Riches from and today I’m going to further discuss more of the health foods
and health supplements that essentially puts your immune system on a really
strong foundation very quickly to make a positive impact on your ability to avoid
getting the cold and flu. Obviously a runner needs a constant source of
nutrition and this is especially true for the winter as a precautionary
measure for avoiding the cold and flu. So, with that said here are more natural
ways to help your immune system punish viral or bacterial invaders so you can
keep logging in high mileage without any downtime spent nursing yourself back to
health because you got the flu. According to Desiree Nielsen RD and author of the
book Un-Junk Your Diet which I linked the book below if you’re interested,
there are many foods that can easily toughen your immune system giving you
more ways to prevent the cold and flu. For example, mango and pineapple,
according to Nelson, both mango and pineapple are incredibly high in both
vitamins A and C and that in itself is a good thing because vitamins A and C are
both needed to recharge key immune system cells. Eating a half a cup of
pineapple per day was found to stimulate the production of more virus-fighting
white blood cells. Cherries – According to Nelson, cherries hammer out chest
congestion by boosting natural anti-inflammatories that help keep your
lungs stay clear and strong. Strawberries – According to Nelson, eating 1 cup of
strawberries contains 149% of infection-fighting vitamin C which will
put your immune system in a stronger position to defend against the cold and
flu. Other foods that Nelson recommends is peanut butter because peanut butter is
very high in vitamin E which is vital for immune strength. Honey – is a highly
effective cough suppressant that was actually found to be a better cough
suppressant go to many over-the-counter drugs. Cocoa powder gives great immune
support by suppressing inflammation as well. Red Wine – According to Spanish
researchers it is pretty clear the drinking no more than 2 glasses of
red wine a day reduces chest and nasal congestion by 44% even if
you have allergies. According to the researchers, red wine is very high in a
special plant compound called resveratrol which has been proven over
and over again to outsmart viruses and effectively combat infections, making a
real difference in preventing the cold and flu. So, make drinking red wine a
highlight in your efforts to cut down on colds. Star Anise – You are less likely to
get sick if you eat more star anise which is a licorice-like spice pod that
significantly boosts immunity. Star anise makes it harder for you to get
sick because it boosts immunity since star anise is very high in shikimic acid
which was found to effectively wipe out viruses, such as influenza A, B and
the avian flu! Research has found that, even in low doses, shikimic acid is
more than enough to improve your immune function, liberating yourself from
viral infections. Star Anise is also high in antioxidants, vitamin C and
quercetin which collectively ensures your immune system continues running
fully and dominates and destroys more than 70 strains of bacteria and fungi. So,
star anise really puts your immune system in the best position to dodge the cold and
flu. Coriander Tea – is a citrus flavored tea that really keeps
you moving forward during the cold and flu season. The Journal of
Medical Microbiology found that drinking 16 ounces of coriander tea per day
significantly reduces your risk of bacterial infections by 25%. According to the researchers, coriander tea works by giving less power
to bacteria by damaging the bacteria’s protective outer membrane, thereby
deregulating the consolidation of a bacterial infection. Flavonoids
makes it increasingly difficult for you to get the cold and
flu. According to the Journal Advances in Nutrition, the
researchers found that increasing your intake of flavonoids which are
conveniently found in apples, blueberries citrus, onions and romaine lettuce,
flavonoids decreases your chances of getting sick by at least 33%. A very simple overview as to how flavonoids destroys the cold and flu
strains is that flavonoids act as antivirals that stop the replication of
viruses. Running progress can be so easily derailed by the cold or flu,
that’s why it’s not only important but essential at the holistic level to
really commit yourself to including the items that I just listed above into your
diet to extra fortify your immunity. For more nutritional information for running,
please head on over to my blog and don’t forget to subscribe
to my YouTube channel to stay up to date on the latest research regarding the
proper biomechanics of running. Thank you so much for listening and watching. Have
fun out there on the roads. Bye for now!

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