Preventing summer Season Migraines

>Is it true that the headaches are more
prevalent in the summer?.>They are.>Why?.>Well you know there’s um
we have many causes of headaches, but the more common ones especially during the
summer, are cluster headaches and even more common are the migraine headaches
okay, so what happens with the headaches is that any change in temperatures
especially a rise in temperature of greater than 90 degrees, will cause us to
have an 8% increased risk in developing these headaches.>So what do you do?.>Number
one most important keep yourself hydrated, okay cover yourself, make sure
if you if you are prone to, you’ve noticed that during the summer you
develop these headaches, you’re more sensitive, my recommendations are for you
to go ahead and take prevention, such as try to be in a pool spa cool environment
especially during the hotter times of the day.>Is it connected at all to
barometric pressure?.>It is absolutely, it is, so you have your barometric pressure
it’s basically the weight of the air in our environment, and what happens with
this is that when you have a low air, low barometric pressure, you are more prone
to developing storms, and when you have a higher barometric pressure at
that point that those are sunny and clear skies, and they’ve noticed that
migraine headaches do occur because of they can’t be triggered during the
summer because of these changes in barometric pressure, the low barometric
pressures when the storms are coming.

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