Prevention for the Common Cold : Exercising to Prevent the Common Cold

Hi! This is David Jackel on behalf of Expert
Village and I’m here to talk to you about exercising as a way of preventing a cold.
Now, exercising always helps because it does so many good things for your body. Aerobic
exercise boosts your immune system and speeds up your metabolism. What that does when you
speed up your metabolism is flush your system. Aerobic exercise also makes your lungs stronger,
which is very important because if you have a strong respiratory system, you’re less likely
to catch a cold. Exercise also reduces stress which is a major cause of a cold. How much
should you exercise? Well, you don’t have to exercise physically, but it helps to do
it at least 3 times a week. I recommend getting 1/2 an hour of cardio exercise 3 times a week,
a treadmill is good, I like the elliptical machine, if you have good places to run, going
for 1/2 hour run is great, even brisk walking will do the job. Keep in mind though, that
if you’re going to a gym, you’re in a confined area with lots of other people and if people
are sweeting and it’s warm and everybody is touching the equipment, so wash your hands
constantly and wipe down machines before using them and be courteous and wipe them down after
you use them too. When you’re at the gym and you have a choice, choose a place to work
out that is near somewhere that there’s a lot of airflow. Being in a tight area where
you’re not going to get fresh air is really bad, because everybody is breathing really
hard and if one person has germs, everybody is going to be breathing the germs. So exercise
regularly so that you can keep your body strong and keep your stress level down.

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