Prevention for the Common Cold : How Nasal Rinse Helps Prevent the Common Cold

Hi! This is David Jackel on behalf of Expert
Village and I’m here to talk to you about using a nasal rinse as a way of preventing
a cold. Now on nasal rinse is the process that it actually cleans out your sinus passages.
If your nose is cleaned out, then your nose is natural defenses for pushing out germs
is going to work the best. So a nasal rinse takes the saline solution and sends it up
one nostril, goes through your sinuses and out the other nostril. So in order to do this,
you need to have water and you need to have the salt crystals. But you’re best off just
getting a kit that way you get the right kind of salt, an applicator, which is the best
way to go. So the first thing that you do is you open up the applicator, open up the
package of salt, there should be enough for one nasal rinse. Okay, slowly pour the salt
crystals into the applicator. Once the bottle has all that stuff in there, you have to put
some water in. But you don’t want water that’s too cold because if it’s too cold, it’s really
going to sting when it goes in there. The sensation is very similar to what it feels
like when you’re at the beach and saltwater goes up your nose when a wave hits you. So
you want lukewarm temperature water. Okay, so fill up the bottle to the line, there’s
a dotted line, put the top back on, screw it on tight, put your finger over the nozzle
and shake it up, get the salt mixed in and now here is the fun part. What you have to
do and this is not going to feel good, just a warning, but it will help you in the long
run, is you lean down by the sink. I like to have running water, it makes me feel a
little bit better and you insert the nozzle into one nostril, tilt your head down so that
it’s going to come in one nostril and roll out the other nostril naturally and then you
squeeze the bottle lightly. Now, I’m not going to demonstrate that right now, but the saltwater
is going to go up your nose, it’s going to go through the sinuses and it’s going to go
out this way. Do it till you’ve done half the bottle, then you repeat the same procedure
with the other nostril. You could blow you nose, but do it gently, otherwise you’re going
to hurt your eardrums. You’re going to cough, it’s not going to feel good but it’s going
to get all the gunk out of your throat. Sinus rinses are not pleasant experiences, but they’re
very, very helpful and if you suffer from congestion, they’re one of the best things
you could do.

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