Prevention for the Common Cold : Reducing Stress to Prevent the Common Cold

Hi! This is David Jackel on behalf of Expert
Village and I’m here to talk to you about fighting stress. Stress is a major cause of
catching a cold. But fighting stress is much easier said than done. When you relax, your
immune system strengthens, your body gets a chance to rest and it repairs itself so
that it can operate at peak capacity. So conversely, if you don’t relax, if you’re stressed out,
your body gets tacts very heavily and it isn’t able to perform functions like fighting off
a cold. So how do you fight off stress? Well, you have to let yourself relax. I try to take
at least 1/2 an hour a day where I’m just not doing anything, you sit back, relax, watch
TV if you have to, anything to take your mind off of all the things that might be bothering
you. Exercise is a great way also to relief stress. Getting enough sleep will help you
relief stress. I use to get very stressed out and it effected my immune system quiet
a bit, I was catching colds constantly and it was almost always related to something
that was happening at work. So what I did, was force myself to take on a routine that
reduces stress and made sure that I slept at regular hours, that I wasn’t spending all
my time worrying about things that I couldn’t deal with at the moment and I made myself
a little more calm that I normally was and as a result I got much healthier.

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