Prevention for the Common Cold : What Not to Touch to Prevent Colds

Hi! This is David Jackel on behalf of Expert
Village and I’m here to talk to you about what not to touch in order to prevent a cold.
First and foremost, do not touch your face. Don’t do this, do not do this. Every time
you touch your face, germs travel from your hands onto your face. The germs that cause
a cold, go from your fingers, into your eyes, to your ears, your nose, your mouth, so don’t
touch your face unless you really have to and always wash your hands before if you’re
going to do it. Avoid close contact with people, particularily if you’re traveling where you
know lots of people are going to be interacting with lots of other people. So, of course you’re
going to have to shake hands from time to time, but try to keep it to a minimum, don’t
share things like cell phones, stay away from pay phones, don’t touch those because everybody
has put their mouth up to them. If you’re traveling in a train, don’t touch the handlebars
if you can help it, don’t touch seats, don’t touch things that lots of other people are
going to be touching. Also, don’t share food, it’s an obvious one but lots of people do
it and if someone is sick and they’re eating and you share with them, then you’re going
to get what they have. If you do touch something that may have germs, be sure to wash your
hands immediately afterwards.

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