Psycho, psychology, pneumonia | Po Cudzemu #52

shrewd polakov utterances angles Kengo mouth octo popper Avenida Marius whoa Vizag alliances share out sahab’s affair another say yo Sammy action area – Lavinia move each a congrats Neil opinion move each tag off angles kiswa viktoras at national pet yes triad no spa vodka my own toda shabeeha top pair yes Yemen Amorites resolve a new scheme Cellini’s duro a least she wrote initial cactus on bars Oh Chester Giovanna means enemy say hallelujah bangle school psychology well it was Joey reading Drake’s lines in the dream of course it was trust me when it comes to psychology I know what I’m talking about I took to psych classes in college you took the same class twice it was hard Maximo Ben Jesus woven psychology Tina chilly psychological 3 at $1,000 for one day one horribly dramatic day in which my client suffered irreparable psychological damage to her self-esteem oh and she keeps the Mercedes naughty Sammy’s Asad gypsy hole octo psychologist up socotra psychiatrist you mean you’re here to get more pills yes I am what happened to the ones I gave you I swear them out didn’t throw them out he ran out no I didn’t run out I’m telling you the truth well it doesn’t matter because I’m a psychiatrist not a pharmacy and if you want my help you do it my way Chicka Hold’em over my suave up Seija trishna boom accent Lea Michele oh stop no sulabha psychiatric at one point in my life I spent time six months in a psychiatric hospital they gave me ECT and I have an ongoing battle with depression stay Sammy Regina yes – Slovak koruna Pavano vlr asylum shut up shut up shut up mini ship today is a carcinogen departure rostrum see whole chili psycho an assistant is supposed to do this by Miranda is very private and she does not like strangers in her house so until she decides that you’re not a total psycho I get the lovely task waiting around for the book dot a group analogy – subic – Reza – a nice viens Anna’s post away me Verushka top one gear school psychic you seem nervous Eliot how do you know my name I’m psychic plus it’s a non name tag first Daniel chili I’m psychic – macho echo yes turn brush comb Allah – Thai psychic esteemeth Nichkhun in spa Venetian povedilla GSM cehotina a poor school news Naruto Tassimo psychic moderators winter tour nakum wins renewed our emotional baggage I’m a psychic Regina a psychic what she’s the real deal eg last week she predicted I would have a sensuous encounter with a guy named mark and I did is anyone here named Marc Maron Bodom nice woven coutras not chips ichika Yamaha Co see her ultimate psyche brainwashes likey thus the answer was stumbled upon by another an intuitive program initially created to investigate certain aspects of the human psyche if I am the father of the matrix she would undoubtedly be its mother Optimus Oaxaca Haji Veronique – Rakesh Levin Sharon stop seda as natural yeah I’m sure cannabis was born attack my own silicon I’m psyched exciting quite shiny oh my god made one opening for regular age internal fencing I got it this is like I’m pretty psyched myself lucky Sam spotted the movie episode on him at the stick to the condo yet Gangnam style you shouldn’t go yeah cops it after Thomas watch Nia sigh the stone on the Sam wash new tack shop shuts Tavia can I interest myself yes please do not just dancing ok I’m sorry from Korea how are you leave Washington sigh top so Donnie sewed on him to forgive school pseudonym player name was Heisenberg Walter Hartwell white Heisenberg is kind of a pseudonym you know business name Jacob is Taurus watsuhita nips at Omaha Manhattan gives a pony in a a Cell associate contacts to moderate a bitch mental loop emotional characteristics roof or TV she emerged as far as Natalia momento luma suave are emotional emotional a Lokhande sniff motor taxes metric cehotina wanton destruction of precious antique cans she was ordered to pay 50 cents to replace the cans and two thousand dollars in punitive damages and mental anguish mental anguish the wash teacher Kenya cehotina neomu ova illness wave of crispy rapper yes Tina message NIOSH an upper and logic watt Zeppelin II Poots pneumonia I’m sorry sir I can’t I’m at the hospital with Lea who are you talking to alright yeah turns out that flu might be pneumonia nothing too serious pneumonia very serious keep me posted yes very well thank you Taksim Osasuna Cedars to evoke Torres not yet no matter Gina pneumatic we’re surrounded by criminals there’s no bed and you can hear the faint sound of someone screaming through all the vents that’s Hitchcock his arms stuck in a pneumatic tube solare here no chance – JA – JA yes cinema que debe spotted near poem yes litera Ted tacky spoof anger skin Emma’s body Ella Alice Nami tow service cannot show consist ova receipt chili paragon October museum vote chinko Justin Justin I am shocked Rodimus pterodactyl trippin guess who’s me pterodactyl perhaps I can persuade you what if you could give your son this genuine pterodactyl egg replica yes em Chicana Rostova pterodactyl nearest Vamshi Richa Chadda oh just a minute action stoic psycho box oh no guns bazookas yells Kim so Viktor’s at national pet s my auto de chelly rapper yes Nick Nana Nana Indonesian is enemy psychology trip psychology psychologists say Halak psychological psychologist a psychiatrist Sahara psychiatric cehotina at Agra psycho tulip see whole psychic Ruska psyche silica I’m psyched Yamcha e pseudonym siddhanam alexeevna chato macho macho yakov mental loop emotional solution short context o kazama’s asada new mega dota2 – toast to resignation a pen loop petty nacho quad pneumonia – Lisa Paula new pods pneumatic numata cian albo pterodactyl chili pterodactyl lambda J Palma Guam collection visit of contango chin cartoony psycho yes Tanya

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