7 thoughts on “Public Health Response to Severe Influenza

  1. Why would anyone trust you when you've been lying about vaping for 10 years. You've been lying about snus for 30 years or more!

  2. Maybe the flu is spreading so fast this season because you are forcing legitimate chronic pain patients, many whom have compromised immune systems, to go to their doctor every month just to comply with your Opioid Guidelines. They are exposed to flu every time they go during flu season. The Guidelines aren’t working, by the way. Drug overdoses have risen the last two years anyway, but quality of life for chronic pain patients has deteriorated. How? They are spending more time and money to get less medicine, they are turning to alcohol or illegal drugs (!) in order to self medicate, and they are committing suicide. Great job, CDC. You can ignore these issues for a while, but not forever.

  3. Run every one get that flu shot I herd it's 30% good and 70% bad!!!!!!!? lolololol cdc is just pushing scary tactics due to cdc chem flu trailing ,,has no one found it funny it's every state so fast and strong and effect on animals now to since they know people love ther animals and treatment expensive ,,,money maker and de population,plane sight ,I've got to be a true 🐑 or blind if no one see this

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