Puissant Miraculeux Gel pressé à froid contre les Vergétures,Varices,Cellulite, tout types d’imper

the history of the people of israel we
reports that the eternal himself took care of feeding his people for 40
years do not have just with the manna my loves but also with the quail is
what you know the eggs of quail? do you know the
power of this little egg called Quail egg, for 40 years the eternal
at fed his people in the desert with
quails and quail are in fact animals that produce the eggs, these eggs
have unlimited properties I you conjure it, cuckoo my loves
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today I wanted to talk to you about some something else but
I changed the theme this morning because I noticed that aware of the
week I had a lot of messages then in the sense of stretch marks
Varice of cellulite short all all just as it relates to imperfections
of the skin of my darling so I changed
the theme I wanted normally talk to you today
today I am going to present you a extraordinary gel you are going to me
thank but before we start in the heart of the subject of grace think of
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someone she will come to thank you before to come and thank Marie Leonie coach, we
will get into the thick of it but before I would like to say a few words about
the quail eggs I’m going to take a another extraordinary video for you
talk about the details, already for today these eggs heal them
most unimaginable diseases For today I will give you a
a glimpse of what these eggs can do at
outside as well as inside your body i have my Cameroonian clan who at
to treat rheumatism with quail eggs by doing how they consumed
Quail eggs but did not throw the shell he let the shell dry
for a few weeks after He crushed those shells that he put
in water and drink, I assure you his
rheumatism has disappeared, indeed the egg of quail is the
the only dietary egg that exists in the world, the egg we see there stimulates the
growth of the organism improves intelligence quotient fight
stress heart ache obesity asthma fights all different
forms of allergies on the skin she treats eczema, stretch marks
she treats the fighting varix high blood pressure
all diseases related to the liver and kidneys I conjure you this egg is also
an afrodisiac and an anti allergic an anti-inflammatory, a
antidiabetic an antihypertensive but we do not have much time
I’ll tell you about everything What the quail egg can do in your
organism the consumption of these eggs treats also sexual impotence that this
either on the side of the man or the woman if you
are dry, so stop everything that you were doing
settle in comfortably for watch this video
Well my love presents the gel that will come to arrange
any imperfection on your skin especially those who are suffering
Varicose veins stretch marks and cell I say
especially those I did this extraordinary video for you
this morning because as I tell you that’s not what I had to do
today but I thought about it changed so you can started the
week with a smile so I preferred to do it first
this video for you I
assure you this is one of my favorites it’s one of my originality and you
Do not be disappointed I promise you, ok but darling so follow
my good look today I will present a solution
miracle that prevents aging skin, eliminates stretch marks
eliminates, varicose veins this gel this solution will come fight and fight
against all the imperfections of your skin then without further ado let’s go
to start first of all you will need 4
Quail eggs here, two three eggs normal aloe will see it send it nature
naturally bowls that we will use
As for quail eggs, we are going to use the egg white and yolk unlike
with normal eggs so we will just have to use the white of the egg, the yolk on
will not use it then I will take my Aloe vera gel
wash beforehand that I’m going to cut it and extract
the juice , Slab gel vera prevents aging
skin to fight against imperfections fight against cellulite but and others
types of skin infections this aloe vera gel will come to repair I
you’ve already told all that is bodily problem, all that
itching elsewhere you remember I made a video
With to wash your flower well my loves this is our aloe gel that
we extracted so I’ll take our eggs That we have

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  1. Waouh je suis surprise de tout les bienfaits des oeufs de cailles ,jamais entendu parler .Je suis contente pour tous ces connaisse là. Merci bcp bcp ,coeur sur toi❤

  2. Bjr coach Merci pour tes astuces Stp dans le mélange on y ajoute aussi les œufs decaille ? ou c'est seulement l'alo vera et le blanc d'oeuf ? Je ss aux Emirates Abrabe Unies

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