Pulse E01 | A Toddler’s Struggle Against Pneumonia | Put Chutney

The penumonia has affected this little girl Akshaya This is the story of her struggles against Time, Healthcare procedures and Poverty Baby had a slight fever for a week We went to the nearby doctor and he confirmed that it is fever She already had cold but I didn’t know that She was having fever on and off the entire week Morning she woke up and was drinking milk She had high fever even then Suddenly she sneezed and blood started coming out of her nose Seeing the blood, I and my mother got so scared and called my brother He immediately took her to the hospital and duty doctor was there They said she would’ve pierced the inside of her nose with something which caused the bleeding We brought her back to home but she was still bleeding Then we got her to same doctor to check Doctor said that she is not alright, admit her immediately We didn’t have the money I and my sister decided to take her home but Doctor said she will not survive that long. Admit her immediately. We admitted her as she became so weak and sick I started to cry out of fear Even after 2, 3 days of admission nobody told us anything about the seriousness of the kid’s condition. 3 days they kept her in the hospital And in those 3 days she became unconscious She didn’t return to normalcy Then they told that she can’t be treated anymore Take her to some other hospital I asked where should I take her They told that her lungs are filled with mucous which became hard like a stone To treat this we need an ECMO machine which is available only in Apollo hospitals Ten minutes only They made them reach here, did all the necessary procedures gave the medical report, the ambulance came they took the kid in the ambulance and we admitted her in Apollo Once we reached there In the blink of an eye, they started the treatment They showed my child’s X-ray scan They explained about how it looks right now and how it should look ideally. Till her lungs return to normalcy she should be in hospital, they said All the Doctors sat down and explained to us Do not worry about the cost, we will take care of it. Doctor called me up and asked me to be there with her for emotional support But when I went near her she isn’t aware of what is around her She was looking around here and there which made me worry even more They took care of her really well, I have no complaints Whenever I see, they were around her all the time …
All the time Even the nurses there, they won’t leave the place … They will be there near my child only No amount of thanks will ever convey my gratitude towards them

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