Queen Elizabeth II Admitted to Hospital

Image Source: Business Insider BY NICHOLE CARTMELL

ANCHOR LOGAN TITTLE Queen Elizabeth II has either canceled or
postponed all engagements for the coming week after being admitted to the hospital Sunday.

The monarch experienced symptoms of a stomach infection known as gastroenteritis—characterized
as an inflammation of the stomach’s lining and intestines. The Center for Disease Control
reports its commonly known as the “stomach flu,” but is not caused by the influenza
virus. (Video Via: Al Jazeera)

She was taken in as a precautionary measure, but is
said to be in “good health and good spirits.”

And while a CNN royal correspondent says there
might be reason to assume that her condition has worsened, this seems to be standard protocol
for someone in her position of power.

“… she was out and about the day before and she
seemed pretty healthy. It doesn’t seem like anything more than a bout with gastroenteritis
and she’s being treated as a precautionary measure. They would do so with someone in
their mid-80s.”

But her age is a sticking point. Sky News reports it might impact the
queens recovery.

“Let’s not forget the queen is 86 years old. And so when you
are experiencing perhaps a degree of dehydration as well it might knock her slightly more than
perhaps a younger person.” 

According to The Daily Mail, the queen doesn’t like
to cause commotion about her health. In fact, this will be the first time in 10 years she
has been admitted to the hospital resulting in a significant change in her schedule.

queen is expected to be hospitalized for two days.

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