Quiz MD – Preventing Cold & Flu

It’s time to play Quiz MD. According to the
CDC, it is estimated that 200,000 people are hospitalized every year from flu complications.
This time we will be talking about ways to prevent the common cold and flu…. Question
Number 1: What is the best way to prevent the common cold? A. Avoid people who are suffering
from a cold, B. wash your hands often, and C. get adequate amount of sleep….. The answer
is all of the above. It is important to get enough rest so your immune system is not compromised
as well as limit interaction with others that have cold like symptoms, and of course washing
your hands prevents not only the spread of a cold but other bacteria as well. Question
Number 2: What is the best way to prevent the flu? A. get a yearly flu vaccine B. take
cold showers C. Avoid wet hair in the cold. The answer is A. get a yearly flu vaccine.
A flu vaccine can help ready your body for a viral infection. This can lessen symptoms
of the flu or even stop it all together. Until next time, I’m Monique Evans.

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