radang tenggorokan: cara mengatasi sakit tenggorokan (part #1) | Terbukti

[DISCLAMER] Peace be upon you, and Allah’s mercy and blessings Friends of Hannah are proven to be healthy hopefully continue yes amen>>this time I will share the herbs to overcome a sore throat quickly and naturally>>although it sounds trivial inflammation of the throat is a very disturbing disease yes>>especially if you are in a very crowded activity and can not be compromised>>ok before making the concoction I want to thank thousands of proven channel subscribers>>who have faithfully watched the videos that we upload every day>>and also I want to invite those of you who have not subscribed>>please click on the subscribe button below this video>>ok all you have to prepare is the first table salt>>just enough>>then I will also use lime>>then here I use honey>>the fourth I use warm milk>>and finally we will use turmeric>>later I will make 2 concoctions>>the first one is I’ll make a salt water solution>>just provide one teaspoon of salt then brew with warm water>>and stir until dissolved>>gargling with this saline solution can help kill bacteria that cause inflammation in the mouth>>then I will also make a drink to reduce strep throat>>Preparation of turmeric in advance by slicing it into small slices like this>>turmeric is a traditional medicine, yes, to fight infections and diseases that are compounded by weakening the body’s immunity>>including strep throat>>This is because turmeric has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties>>then I put these slices into the glass like this>>then I prepare half an orange juice just enough like this huh>>then I squeeze it>>orange and warm water that we will use later can relax the throat muscles>>then I will add a packet of honey>>here I use honey tj>>actually it is better if you use pure honey, the results will be better>>while vitamin c in oranges yes and honey will increase your body’s immunity>>and fight the attack of bacteria and viruses that cause inflammation>>ok after we prepare 3 ingredients then add warm milk until the glass is full yes>>then we stir it>>by using these 2 concoctions 2 times a day God willing your sore throat will get well soon>>but remember that most cases of strep throat are early symptoms of flu>>which can be cured with natural ingredients in a relatively short time>>but some things strep throat also shows more serious symptoms yes>>and need professional medical treatment>>therefore if in 2 to 3 days your sore throat does not improve>>you better contact your doctor to find out more about the causes of your sore throat>>okay friends that are proven like that the way parents used to treat strep throat with herbal ingredients>>You may share this video with a friend or relative who has strep throat>>I hope the pain will recover soon, amen>>in the next video later I will share tips on how to treat laryngitis in infants and children>>of course, still with herbal and traditional recipes>>Wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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