Reality TV Scandals We Didn’t See Coming

Celebrity scandals can spread faster than
the common cold, and reality TV offers no shortage of material. Even though viewers have come to expect the
unexpected on their favorite hit shows, the following scandals still caught audiences
off guard. From legal woes to to shocking outbursts to
love gone horribly wrong, here are the reality TV scandals we didn’t see coming. 19 Kids and Counting The scandal that rocked the Duggar family
— stars of 19 Kids and Counting — was especially shocking, considering the wholesome
values they project on the show. In 2006, In Touch published a police report
detailing allegations from 2002 when a then 14-year-old Josh Duggar reportedly molested
four of his sisters and one family friend. A deeper investigation quickly revealed what
looked like cover-up attempts by parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. Within months, 19 Kids and Counting was canceled,
but that wasn’t the last of Josh’s troubles. He was also exposed in the Ashley Madison
hack, prompting him to publicly admit to years of lying and infidelity. But by December 2015, the eldest children
of the Duggar clan had returned to TLC with a new series called Counting On. In one way or another, nearly every member
of the family has returned for that series… except Josh. Duck Dynasty After Phil Robertson gave a now infamous GQ
interview disparaging homosexuality, a social media firestorm descended on the popular duck
call makers. The ensuing debate about free speech, hate
speech, and religious freedom threatened Duck Dynasty, prompting A&E to briefly suspend
Phil from the show — in its off-season, when it wasn’t even filming. Uproar from supporters caused Phil’s eventual
return. “My idea of happiness is killing things, boom
boom bow…: Duck Dynasty is hands-down A&E’s most popular
show of all time, not to mention a merchandising juggernaut, so the network decided to white-knuckle
it through the backlash rather than end the series and sacrifice a ton of cash. Flip or Flop The marriage of Flip or Flop stars Tarek [TAR-ek]
and Christina El Moussa [EL MOOS-uh] was already over when this bizarre incident hit the tabloids. After a fight, Tarek left the house and fled
to a nearby trail behind the house, but not before grabbing a handgun from a safe and
stuffing it into a backpack. Why? “There’s mountain lions and bobcats and rattlesnakes
and like big wildlife back there and I went up for a hike just to hit some trails it wasn’t
even a big deal.” From there, the tabloid floodgates burst,
and it was open season on the El Moussa’s marriage. Amazingly, the show is still recording new
episodes, and both Tarek and Christina are still starring together, despite probably
dealing with more stress than a cracked home foundation could have ever given them. Fixer Upper It’s tough to imagine the charmingly wholesome
stars of Fixer Upper, Chip and Joanna Gaines, being tangled up in anything scandalous. But in 2017, Chip’s two former business partners
— with whom he founded Magnolia Realty — sued him for fraud. According to The Waco Tribune-Herald, Chip
allegedly bought them out of the business for $2,500 each, just two days before the
announcement that HGTV had picked up the show. The kicker was, Chip had been in negotiations
with the network for over a year. Thanks to the show’s explosive popularity,
Magnolia Realty ballooned into a massive company. Chip’s former partners are now seeking $1
million in damages. “Did I embarrass a lot of people?” No, it was just it was just gross. It took you on a whole other level.” Meanwhile, fans of the popular show are currently
mourning the Gaines’ decision to end the series, but we’re sure they’ll have the popcorn ready
as the unexpected drama surrounding Magnolia Realty continues to unfold. Sister Wives This reality show is about polygamist Kody
Brown and his four wives: Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn. Obviously, their family dynamic is extremely
complicated, hence the structuring of an entire television show around it. But one kink in the chain that no one expected
was for one of the wives, Meri, to get wrapped up in a full-blown catfishing scandal. In Meri’s case, it was especially bad. Not only was her catfish, “Sam,” attempting
to exploit her emotionally, but he also turned out to be a notorious online scammer named
Jackie Overton, a woman who apparently did this kind of thing a lot. “This catfish was planting things in my head
and just telling me how horrible my family was. And specifically how horrible Kody was.” It’s unclear what Overton ultimately achieved
from her deception, other than providing an insanely juicy storyline for the show — which
the producers drew out for an entire season, of course. Married at First Sight If you’ve never seen it, this series does
exactly what the title says — two strangers get married the day they meet. There clearly weren’t high expectations for
any of those marriages. “Is that symbolic that they’re wearing black?” Still, nobody anticipated what happened with
Season 2 newlyweds Jessica Castro and Ryan De Nino. Castro and De Nino married in December 2014
and made it all the way to February 2015 before throwing in the towel. Why did they decide to end it? According to Castro, De Nino threatened her
and her entire family. De Nino didn’t outright deny anything, but
he did say in an Instagram post that he was “disgusted” by the accusations. Later, In Touch reported that a paralegal
representing De Nino in the divorce claimed he threw a tantrum during a meeting and “became
even more violent” to the point where others came in to check on the paralegal’s safety. De Nino later apologized for what he said
to Castro at the reunion show. “First I want to apologize for the way I talked
to you and I am sorry. No matter what it’s unacceptable and as a
man I need to take ownership of that. And for that I am sorry.” That’s nice and all, but it usually takes
more than an apology to make up for threatening to end the lives of your in-laws. The Real Housewives of New Jersey Granted, anyone who’s ever seen a mafia movie
has probably looked at Joe Giudice of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and thought,
“Oh yeah, that guy’s done some stuff.” But Joe and his wife Teresa were always adamant
that they weren’t involved in any criminal activity. Turns out that was all a huge bluff, because
both Teresa and Joe made plea deals regarding a slew of fraud charges. In the end, they both went to jail, and Joe
also faces the possibility that he’ll get deported to Italy at some point. Teresa served her 11 months in 2015. She then returned to the show and wrote a
book about the whole experience. Who says crime doesn’t pay? Big Brother Being held captive in an environment which
is being broadcast to the world is literally the entire concept of Big Brother. You’d think contestants would be pretty careful
to not make racially insensitive comments that the whole world will see, but that’s
exactly what happened during the 15th season of the American version of the show. Contestant Aaryn Gries repeatedly made racist
and homophobic remarks and was eventually evicted from the house. “Does she not know we’re on TV and you shouldn’t
say stuff like that?” During her post-show interview, she tried
to explain away her comments. “I have said some things that have been taken
completely out of context, and wrong, and I do not mean to ever come off racist.” As to why the series made the decision to
air these particular comments, we’ll just go ahead and point to Business Insider’s observation
that before the controversial episodes aired, the show was in a ratings slump. Afterward? The show enjoyed its highest ratings ever. Dance Moms In 2017, Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller went
to prison for fraud related to a bankruptcy filing. According to ABC News, Miller was “allegedly
hiding about $775,000 in income” and “bringing $120,000 worth of Australian currency into
the country without reporting it.” Fortunately, for Miller, she already knows
exactly how she’s going to spend her time behind bars. “I’m going to pretend I’m in a movie and we’re
on set and I’m there for 10 months and that’s the way it’s going to be.” She also said she’s going to spend her time
in the clink “reading, writing and learning Spanish.” That just sounds lovely. Bachelor in Paradise What would a list of reality TV scandals be
without The Bachelor? In the beach-themed spin-off, Bachelor in
Paradise, a scandal broke out before the show even aired its first episode. After production was halted in order to pursue
an investigation into alleged “misconduct,” explosive allegations began to fly over what
occurred between the two cast members in question, Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson. Normally, cast hookups on a show like Bachelor
in Paradise are about as routine as an open bar, but in this case, there was a claim of
a possible sexual assault. When the dust settled, the investigation indicated
that there was no misconduct or evidence that “the safety of any cast member was ever in
jeopardy.” The show finally addressed the scandal in
the most Bachelor way possible: weeks of promotion, two dramatic sit-downs with both Olympios
and Jackson, and a full cast Q&A. While the producers of Bachelor in Paradise
may not have anticipated this scandal, they sure knew how to milk it for everything it
was worth. The Bachelor It’s no secret that The Bachelor has a rich
history of controversies, most of which involve drinking shenanigans, infidelity, or castmate
hook up speculation. But how about when a cast member is accused
of hooking up with the show’s staff? Unlike the Bachelor in Paradise scandal, there
was apparently no question about what happened this time, at least not according to host
Chris Harrison, who went in hard on the alleged rule-breaker, Rozlyn Papa. “Rozlyn, you entered into an inappropriate
relationship with one of… with one of our staffers.” Harrison spelled out the details of the forbidden
tryst to People, saying: “She had a physical relationship with a producer
on our show. You cannot do that. There is no gray area. […] Other girls on the show saw it. The producer confessed more than once and
to more than one person. I cannot make it any clearer.” Still, Papa denied that the relationship had
ever happened. “On my child’s life, that never happened.” She also told Us Weekly, “There was no making out! […] If I had known that I was going to get
accused of it, maybe I would have gone for it!” Citing her confidentiality agreement, Papa
refused to elaborate on what actually occurred between her and the producer, leaving the
whole thing open to speculation. Dog the Bounty Hunter Another victim of his own uncensored tongue
is Duane “Dog” Chapman, the mulleted, sleeveless wonder who tracks down fugitives. Dog took some serious heat after a recorded
phone call hit the internet, revealing his repeated use of derogatory racial terms. After a brief suspension and making the news
talk circuit, Dog was back on A&E bagging bail jumpers. Because if there’s one thing Americans hate
more than racism, it’s having to find a new favorite show. “I’ll yell at you all I f—— want. What the F— you gonna do? F—— Nothin’!” Paula Deen Apparently watching Paula Deen make sugar-coated,
deep-fried butter balls wasn’t enough for America to forgive Deen for her controversial
testimony during a racial and sexual discrimination lawsuit. “Now according to the deposition Dean was
asked have you ever used the N word yourself? She replies ‘Yes, of course.'” Even though she won the suit, the heat from
the controversy was too much for the Food Network, who kicked her out of the kitchen. That sweet Southern grandma persona couldn’t
keep her business partners from publicly cutting their ties with Deen, either. Forbes reported that Smithfield Foods, Target,
and Walmart all dumped Deen — along with the endorsement deals that were earning her
$17 million at the height of her popularity. “Well hey, friends, hahahaha.” But she didn’t go quietly. According to Eater, Deen acquired the rights
to all of her old Food Network shows and turned them into a subscription-based online network. On top of that, she launched a clothing line,
competed on Dancing with the Stars, and attempted to return to cooking on TV with a new syndicated
series called Positively Paula. There’s just no stopping her. “I have gone nuts, okay talk about my nuts
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