Reasons Why You Might Miss Your Period | The Hormone Diaries Ep. 17 | Hannah Witton

– Periods, oh no, not pregnant, then why did I miss that period. (upbeat clapping rhythm) Hello and welcome to episode
17 of the Hormone Diaries, the series where we chat
about all things periods, hormones, contraception,
all of that good fun stuff. Just figuring it out as we go along. In this episode I wanted
to talk about the reasons why you may miss a period. I am someone who has
missed lots of periods. Missed kind of implies that you
have some kind of regularity and then you skip one or you’re late, I’ve just always had irregular periods, so for me, it’s like I’m
constantly missing them, and then sometimes they just
disappear for a few months or years at a time, so thought
I would talk you through reasons why you may miss a period. So this series started
with me coming off the pill for the first time in seven years, in that seven years, I
didn’t have a period. I think I was off the
pill for almost a year, then I went back on the pill for a bit and now I have the Mirena coil. During that time when I
was contraception free, no interfering hormones, my cycle was still pretty irregular, and it was also long. So the average cycle is 28 days, and normal can kinda be
anything between 21 and 40, mine were averaging like
42 days, about six weeks, which on the one hand is
great, ’cause less periods, but on the other hand,
I’m very jealous of folks who have very regular
cycles and they know exactly what is happening to their
body at any given moment. And before we get stuck in,
I just want to reiterate that not all women have periods and not all people who
have periods are women, some trans men have
periods and trans women, who are women, don’t have periods, so yeah, we are going to
be talking about people who have periods, and
people who might miss their periods for whatever reason. So reason number one, the most obvious one is you’re pregnant. So your period, the blood that comes out, is the lining of your
uterus, which builds up waiting for a fertilised
embryo to come and nestle in and then it just cooks there for nine months and that become your baby. But if no fertilised egg
comes and embeds itself in that uterus lining, your body’s like, don’t need this.
(whooshing noise) If you are not flushing out that membrane, there is a high chance
that you could be pregnant, because it stayed there,
you fertilised an egg, that’s one possibility. Also after you’ve given birth,
if you are breast feeding, you may still not get a period, because of all of the
hormones of the breast feeding also stops you from getting pregnant, but if you are bottle feeding or doing like half breast
feed, half bottle feed, your period can come back sooner. It really varies for different people, but the NHS website says that
you can still get pregnant three weeks after childbirth,
so if you are post three weeks and maybe still breast
feeding or whatever, be careful, be careful, if you don’t wanna have
like two kids in one year, that sounds like a lot of hard work. The second reason you
might miss your period is because of excessive or sudden weight gain or weight loss. And this is one that has affected me. I lost loads of weight when I was ill, and my periods stopped, no period. If your calorie intake is too low, then your body stops producing the hormones that it needs to ovulate. If this is happening to you and maybe you have an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia
and your weight has dropped and your periods have stopped, then definitely go and see a doctor. And with the weight gain, your body actually
produces more oestrogen, which can affect your cycle,
or make it stop completely. Reason number three is stress. Your mental health can
affect your menstrual cycle. It can make it shorter,
it can make it longer, it can make it heavier, it
can make it stop completely, looking after up here can
help you regulate that cycle. So if you miss your period,
but you’re going through a really stressful time in
your life, that might be why. Reason number four is over exercising, just like mental stress
can affect your cycle, so can putting your body
under physical stress, and it goes with the
weight loss thing as well, if your calorie intake is too low, then your periods may stop. I have a question here, which is about professional athletes, ’cause they must exercise all of the time, so what happens to their periods, the other thing with professional athletes is they literally have like a whole team of physicians and doctors and coaches, they have a whole team of
like people around them making sure that they are healthy and fit. But yeah, if you’re not
a professional athlete, over exercising may not
be too good for you, and can affect your menstrual cycle. Number five is hormonal contraception. This is another one for me, reasons why Hannah has missed periods. So it’s usually the progesterone-only pill that can cause periods to
become lighter or less frequent and stop completely, I think
in America you call that one the mini pill, it’s the
one you take continuously rather than taking a
break, and then the IUS, or the Mirena coil,
which is what I have now, also just contains progesterone and so it can have the same affect, basically any other hormonal contraception that is progesterone-only,
so I think the implant and the injection also can
cause your period to stop. When it comes to hormonal contraception, if an when you come off the contraception, your periods will come back,
so it is not a permanent thing. Reason number six why
you might miss a period is because of chronic illness, and again, this one applies to me too. If you have a chronic illness,
it may affect your periods, it may make them stop completely, because your body is kind of prioritising what to do and what to take care of. I found this for me
especially during flare ups. I was diagnosed with
colitis when I was seven, but I had a whole bunch of
flare ups during my teens, like between 12 and 15,
and then with the flare up I had a few months ago,
my periods just stopped, so whilst I was in the
middle of a flare up, my body just goes, nope, no no no, and that can happen with a lot
of other chronic illnesses, your body just shuts down the
menstrual cycle and is like, one thing at a time, lads. Reasons number seven your periods may stop is menopause, or the menopause. It’s basically puberty going backwards, it’s something that you start,
you go through for a bit, and then you come out the
other end and you’re infertile. But basically during menopause
your oestrogen levels decrease and obviously that
affects your menstrual cycle, and did you know, HRT,
hormone replacement therapy, which a lot of trans women use, was originally designed
for menopausal women to ease them through the
symptoms of menopause. How cool is medicine. Menopause usually happens
between the age of 45 and 55, and in the UK, the average age is 51, but about one in a hundred
people who have periods experience premature menopause, so going through it a bit younger. And finally, reason number eight that you may miss your period is if you have PCOS, which
is polycystic ovary syndrome, which I’ve done a whole
episode of the Hormone Diaries about with my dear friend Leena. People with PCOS do still have periods, but if you miss your period, it could be because of
PCOS, if you get me. So yeah, those are a bunch of reasons why you may miss your period, I’m still trying to figure
out why I’m missing mine, bodies are fun, all of the
things happening at once, and it just kinda goes, uh what, however, it is recommended
that you go see your doctor if you have missed three periods in a row and have gotten a negative pregnancy test. You should also go to the doctor if you got a positive pregnancy test, you may wanna figure out what to do next. I hope you enjoyed this
episode of the Hormone Diaries, please give the video
a thumbs up if you did, I really do hope that you’re
still enjoying this series because I love making it. Let me know in the comments
about your last missed period, what that was all about
and how that went down, if you want to share. Thanks for watching again, please do subscribe and
hit that notification bell so you know when I upload next. Bye. (upbeat clapping rhythm)

100 thoughts on “Reasons Why You Might Miss Your Period | The Hormone Diaries Ep. 17 | Hannah Witton

  1. I'll be honest, I read the title as "reasons why you might miss having your period if your contraception stops it" as in being sad that your period doesn't happen…

  2. interesting, sort of period-related thing: women going through menopause often have big issues with "flooding". This is because the hormones are all over the place and progesterone will suddenly drop (as opposed to tailing off like in menstrual cycling) and the lining just sheds very quickly. I think it is a big issue that isnt talked about so i found it interesting to hear (and have some warning for when the time comes for me!)

  3. Obviously you have a variety of factors to consider (weight fluctuations, chronic illness, IUD) but i think the most likely reason you have missed a period is because of the IUD. I got mine about a year and a half ago and only had two periods in the first 6 months and then none after. I know people who either have no period at all, or their cycles are a lot longer and lighter. 🙂 Glad your recovery is going well!

  4. my mum started taking HRT pills becuase she was having really bad flarups, so bad that she couldnt sleep without overheating- and i mself am missing mine cuz i have pcos, i havent had a period all year and i mean, not complaining lmao
    & im a trans man so the symptoms arent actually that bad! extra testosterone, more bodyhair is p nice

  5. This might not be a reliable example, but in this television show about teenage professional gymnasts they mentioned that it was super common for none of the girls to have gotten their periods. The context was that one girl thought that her lack of periods meant that she hadn't gone through puberty yet, so she didn't realize she was fertile and accidentally got pregnant.

  6. Seventeen episodes! Where's the time gone? I may be a guy, but I find this series very informative! Keep it up!

  7. Every time I start a new job I dont get a period for 6-8 weeks. Also since starting the mirena coil last June I have had extremely light periods I would describe as spotting.

  8. I'm on the implant so I don't really get periods anymore. Occasionally one shows up for whatever reason but other than the one I had when I got a new implant in January, I haven't had any in about 2 years. Which is nice, honestly

  9. I have never ever missed a period in my life, I’m regular like a ticking clock and I always know what’s going to happen. I have always had super long, painful, heavy and uncomfortable periods and so a month ago my gynecologist prescribed me a hormonal pill to help deal with that. I am now on the 31st day of my cycle when they’ve always lasted 28, have had none of my regular pms and I’m honestly freaking out a bit of wheter or not it’s going to come (my doctor said with this pill I’d still get periods). This video couldn’t have arrived at a better time!

  10. Two months ago I missed my period, turns out stress REALLY affected my body, and the fact that I might have been pregnant stressed me out more. Luckily last month everything came and went smoothly. This video is so informative, thank you!

  11. Recently missed a period and started bleeding while on my birth control pill because I was trying to graduate, get married, and move states all at once. Now that two of those things have been crossed off the list, things are returning to normal, but having that lingering over my head during all the stress was the worst! So thankful for an amazing doctor who eased my concerns about all of the things

  12. Love this series, but I can't believe it's already at 17! Even before I went on the pill my periods were clockwork-regular, within a 24-hour window I'd say. I only remember ever missing one and it turned into a very early miscarriage. I hadn't even taken a test, even though I was late and had always been so regular. Only way I can think to sum it up is: a weird way to find out why your period is late is having a doctor tell you you're no longer pregnant.

  13. Amendment to stress bit…stress can delay ovulation, so if you ovulate later, you will have your period that much later. If you have already ovulated, stress will not delay your period. The corpus luteum comes from the follicle from the ovary that released the egg. It is what provides progesterone for the second half of your cycle (estrogen dominates the first half) and in pregnancy until the placenta is formed. But, it has a short lifespan of about 2 weeks unless a fertilized egg sends the message to keep producing progesterone. So basically, unless you conceive, the corpus luteum is like a mayfly and dies pretty quickly. Average lifespan of a corpus luteum is about 14 days if you have a 28 day cycle, which isn't always the case, but 12 days is the minimum days unless you have a luteal phase defect in which the corpus luteum dies/breaks down sooner so you might have a week of spotting before your period as a result. But that would mean you have an earlier period, not a late one. So stress after ovulation doesn't make a period late (but it can make it early with a luteal phase defect). Hope this helps and is not too boring or sciencey.

  14. This is a really interesting video, I didn't know breastfeeding lessened the chance of getting a period back. To add, I'm an on very high dose estrogen pill and I skip my period because I continuously take the hormones and skip the sugar pill, so that's another way to skip a period too! I'm not sure how a progestrone only pill would work since that hormone builds the uterine lining right?

  15. I am a high performing athlete. I have been since before I started having periods. For me, all of my training has never interfered with my periods but I was really irregular. I am now on the pill and they are regular.

  16. To answer your question about female altheletes, look up Female Athlete Triad. Quite a few professional athletes, especially cyclists, marathon runners, and such, have it.

    Interesting video! I´m at the tail end of a year-long flare up of Crohn´s disease and I haven´t had a period in about six months. I´ve also lost 25 pounds because of the disease, so that may have someting to do with it as well. Hoping it comes back soon though! I´ve kind of started to miss feeling like a fully functioning woman 😉 .

  17. I really love this series, it's my favorite!
    Also, have you considered doing an episode on abortion? That could be really interesting!!

  18. I had 2 whole years when I didn't have my period due to the fact that I had anorexia, and then when my body was getting back to a safe space I relapsed. I cried when I got it back as it meant that I could have babies once more and that my body was getting better which I was happy about! Now I am on the pill so my periods are regular

  19. I read that the over-exercise reason has been debunked, that it's actually mostly because of genetics…need to do more research though (and more research needs to be done on women's health generally)

  20. thank you this video Hannah! I have ulcerative colitis and my periods have never been regular – this helps explain why. I’m so glad my consultant asked me about it last time I saw her and she’s going to get me referred to a gynaecologist. I had no idea before that having IBD would affect it – though I should’ve learnt by now that everything affects it!

  21. I've been taking the pill for about I years and I finally got an appointment to get an IUD. My doctor was hesitant because I had no negative symptoms with the pill. But I explained I didn't want to take hormones anymore and that I wanted an IUD without hormones. However, because I often have anemia (which I guess can be considered as chronic illness) he recommended an IUD with hormones. Because without hormones my periods might be heavier and cause my anemia as well

  22. A lot of athletes actually lose their periods… Due to bad balance in food/training I guess. Also a lot of dancers (a form of athlete) lose it because of the same reasons or eds.

  23. currently 20 plus days that my period hasn t come , im guessing its beacuse i have been depressed and under a lot of stress it has happen before to me not having my period for month but i used to be on the pill now im off it so i dont know when it will return , i use the app flow to keep record of it .

  24. I usually have times in the year where I will have two periods a month and then nothing the month after that. Usually my cycle is around 6 weeks.

  25. At the very beginning my periods were irregular but after about 4-5 months they became as regular as clockwork, just like my mom. About 2 years ago I switched from nonpill forms of contraception to the pill and at first everything remained the same, the only thing that changed was that my periods got lighter (no complaints from me lol). But then after 6-7 months or so I started missing periods for no apparent reason. I mentioned it to my doctor and he said that with the type of pill I am on, skipping periods is not unusual as it thins the uterine lining so much at times that there’s just not enough to shed or it’s so little it doesn’t look like a typical period. He also ran a pregnancy test just to be sure but it came up negative. He told me to keep and eye on it and if it ever was more than 3-4 missed periods in a row to see him immediately. He also told me to take a pregnancy test any time I miss one just to be sure unless I haven’t had sex for two months prior. My little sister didn’t have the same luck I did. She is now 20 and her periods never got regular. Even on the pill. She now has the implant so she doesn’t get a period anymore. It’s much easier for her to not get one at least for now. My mom and I would carry extra pads and tampons with us for her because hers was so unpredictable.

  26. I got the implant last year, I bled for 3 months straight and now my cycle varies from 25-50 days! It used to be like clockwork but I don't get any period pain at all now and it's also very light, so that's nice! I recommend the implant to anyone who might be thinking about it 🙂 (also recommend a menstrual cup, it was particularly handy during those three months)

  27. As a dancer I was always very irregular when growing up, and now I have the mirena coil I haven't had one in months! I've always been very envious of people who could predict their period to even an afternoon. Cannot relate… nope.

  28. My university degree involves frequent (1/2 a semester) clinical placements in four week blocks. Can literally look on my period tracker and tell you when they were because the drastic change in routine from normal student life and increased stress of a graded placement created 50-60 day cycles. First few times I was convinced I was deffo pregnant, three years in I stopped been surprised

  29. 5 years of anorexia and bulimia as well as 3 years of seizures means that I have missed many a period in my time

  30. I have a period question – so sometimes I have really really painless periods, like I literally wouldn't know it was happening if it wasn't for changing pads and stuff, and then other months they're really crampy and sore ones and nothing in my life changes, like same diet, exercise, environment, and I'm not a stressy person so it can't be stress or anything, and I can't understand why I get such different period experiences. Do you have any thoughts/ideas?

  31. I've missed periods in the past due to overexercise/under eating (not necessarily both at the same time) & I have to be honest & say that at the time I was like WOOHOO I don't have to deal with periods anymore. No, no folks. That's a dangerous path to go down. If you don't have your period (unless you're pregnant or for some other reason you know of), it is most likely your body in whatever way saying OH NO we can't do the period at the moment because TRAUMA, thus I would advise anyone who may be thinking WOOHOO no periods for me to maybe reconsider their thought process… I'd stress that the missed periods I had, mainly I was in no way underweight & nor had I lost weight speedily. You know, we're all meant to be different weights despite twaddle like BMI charts or whatever. If you're maintaining a weight where you don't menstruate, I'm going out on a limb and saying it ain't a weight you're meant to be (& why not just throw away those scales anyway – it'll in the end mean more happy!) Poetry!!! 🙂 xxx

  32. I love this series!
    I've technically 'missed' maybe 2 now? Not really sure. I got the Jaydess IUS (Mirena, but smaller) almost a year ago, went into a roughly 7 week cycle with super light bleeding for the first 6/7 months, but haven't seen anything since Christmas. Definitely no baby, and doctors have said this isn't uncommon. So, that's that I guess. Sort of makes me a bit sad not to be able to use my mooncup…

  33. Very informative as always 👍 this is how sex education should be taught in school. Fun and engaging 😊

  34. A female person is the only person that gets a person. Lay off the political correctness. Nobody actually cares.

  35. this couldn’t come at a better time in my life. my last period skipped a month. I never ever skip. I’m always on the date but then the first month i ever have sex my period just doesn’t come. I was freaking out

  36. i came off the pill in December after 5 years of non-stop use, and today, after 5 months, it is the first period i got off-pill. when i went to see my gynaecologist in march she told me not to worry, but i still felt kinda weird about it. Now that it is back, of course, i can't wait for it to be over

  37. I’ve been on the injection, now implant since I was 15 and I’ve had like 2 periods in 7 years? I honestly love it!

  38. I am jealous of people who have longer period cycles. Since I was in middle I have always been regular and knew when I would start within a few days. Even on contraceptives that usually make them go away my body was like nope you will still be regular.

  39. Great vid! Even as a cis man, I love learning all I can about the human body so that I can understand what other are going through.

  40. I do remember when my exgf said her periods delays for 3 weeks, i started choosing a name for a baby. Then was like, what if we do pregnancy test first? Reason for delay was a stress 😀

  41. I'm a pre-t trans guy and I've noticed that for the past 5 or 6 years I've had a very irregular cycle or no periods at all during school/uni time. I think it might be a stress thing but it still freaks me out every time. I literally didn't have a single period for like 10 months in 2017 and that was WEIRD. I've also not had one since the beginning of March (right at the start of my first uni semester for the year), and I've noticed that since then my voice keeps doing this thing where it sounds like it's breaking/crackling/like I have bubbles in my throat and I'm not sure if those two things could be connected?

  42. Mine are nearly always down to stress (I have anxiety) but interestingly I've started to have more frequent periods when stressed now (which is far more unpleasant).

  43. The timing of this! I have always had very regular period. Last year I changed the pill that I was on and it was like clockwork. I'd stop taking the pill on the Friday, the period would come on the Monday around midday. It was so practical, I used to take a tampon with me and only put it on at the beginning of lunch break and that was me.
    Last month I didn't get a period and I was freaking out because it is not something that happens for me, but my pregnancy test was negative. This month I had all the side effects of period (extreme sadness and tiredness) but got next to no blood.

    I like the idea of waiting three months before consulting your doctor, means you have some sort of pattern to explain to them!

  44. i remember in school my friend was an epic swimmer and she hardly ever got her period due to that – took her ages to figure out that that as why!

  45. I can attest that yes, pro athletes (depending on the intensity of the sport they play) often don't get periods. A lot of gymnasts start super young, and a lot of those young girls never get their period at all until they stop competing at such a high level. This is also why a lot of those young gymnasts don't develop their womanly bodies until they stop competing.

  46. I've been extremely regular my whole life, and 5 years on the pill didn't change that. But then I went off the pill almost a year ago and my last period was 10 days late! pretty certain it was stress, and the stress of thinking I was pregnant made it even worse

  47. No period for over a year here thanks to the implant <3 I used to have terrible cramps and now I feel freeeeeee
    it's honestly so good
    I just kind of miss my cup

  48. I've always been very irregular, the Dr's kept saying I was fine even though I was only have 3-4 periods a year but now after a year of tests I'm told I may have pcos. I have just done 8months without a period 🙈🙈

  49. We’ve obviously never met but (with all due respect) you are one of the loveliest ladies I’ve had the pleasure to have listened to.

  50. I’ve been struggling anorexia for 2 years now and it began in the summer of 2016 when I started excessively exercising. Ever since August 2016 I’ve not had a period

  51. I love this series! I have endometriosis, and my gynecologist’s goal was to stop my periods completely. The pill worked for a while, until I bled for two months straight. I’ve been on the Mirena IUD/coil for about 9 months and I haven’t had a single period the entire time. Which, for someone with endo, is a blessing. Only downside is that I take semi-regular pregnancy tests because I don’t have a period and I get paranoid!

  52. I have the Merina coil as well and have about 3-5 periods a year. It’s great!!!! I had the copper coil and was constantly spotting and had very regular heavy heavy periods that you could almost set your watch by. So the Merina is a freakin joy

  53. This is so crazy! I saw your photo shoot post on lindablackers ig and I clicked on your profile to see if you had a YouTube and then I found this video which is perfect for what I'm going through right now! I NEVER miss my period it's always on time maybe 1 day late but that's it. And I was so scared something was wrong with me health wise but this video has reassured me. Maybe because I'm fasting and I'm going without food or water for 18hours my body is a bit confused right now.

  54. its very common for high level athletes to lose their periods, i had some friends in an intense swimming tranning program an almost all just got occasional spotting

  55. the only time I ever missed my period is when I went on nexplanon. My cycle is super regular, give or take a few days. I find it funny sometimes because I have fibromyalgia and a myriad of mental health issues, but I always get my period no matter how stressed I am

  56. your beautiful and sexy and have a sexy voice if I was with you i would take you out and show you off

  57. the last period i missed was a year? ago, my cycles are usually pretty normal, about 28 days then i have my period but this one lasted almost 50 days! i was so scared because i was on birth control at the time, and was in a sexually active relationship with my boyfriend and was terrified that i was pregnant,even though the odds were very low. suffice to say now i know it was from stress,i was coming off of some anti-depressants and going through a terrible court thing so my body just didn't want to focus

  58. could you maybe do a video on pms/pmdd as im currently suffering majorly from pmdd (genetic) and feel like i cant help myself? constant crying/irritable/major anxiety/dont want to go outside/major fatigue xx

  59. At the peak of my life as a dancer (not a sport but definitely athletic) I often missed periods. Many friends of mine who've gone on to do professional work as dancers and gymnasts say they have one or two periods a year and they're very light, but their physicians assure they're healthy! kinda cool

  60. I've always been irregular, up to 90 days in between. I went to my doctor when I knew I was pregnant to get all checked out and get an "official" test and I told them up front that I was irregular and they STILL took that little wheel thing and said "oh you are x weeks along" because the wheel is only based on a 28 day cycle and I had to say AGAIN that I was IRREGULAR and that I actually KNEW when I conceived. 😒

  61. have no idea what periods I've missed bc I have absolutely no cycle yayyy – like every time I think it's become normal it screws up again lol idk why

  62. Hi Hannah 🙂 I have been a silent watcher until now but I am so interested in hearing about your opinion on whether there is a relation between the Mirena coil and anxiety and depression. I had mine fitted just over a week ago and I have been told by several doctors that as the coil is localised to the uterus the hormones will not flow into the blood stream, it therefore should not have an effect on moods. Because of this, I had absolutely no expectations for anything to change with regards to my moods. However, over the last 5 days I have been having random onsets of anxiety, a lot of the time it is for no reason or sometimes the tiniest thing will set me off and then I can't get out of it for a few hours. I have also found that I have been more emotional, I haven't cried in a long time and wouldn't consider myself an emotional person but last night I cried twice absolutely out of the blue. I am not due my period so I know it isn't down PMS and because the change in me is so drastic I started to ask myself what has changed in my life to cause this. I hadn't even considered it could be something internal and was only questioning what has changed externally in my life. I did not even think about the coil because of the reasons stated above. As I had some cramps yesterday I started to Google the side effects of the IUD. After doing this I stumbled upon many stories of women experiencing the same onset of anxiety attacks (even though I had not been looking for this in my search). For many of these women these side effects did not diminish over time and only went away after having it removed. I am still sceptical because the doctors told me hormones wouldn't go into my bloodstream and I would like to think I could believe a doctor over an internet forum. I'd be interested to hear if you have experienced anything similar or considered whether the coil may be having any of these effects on you. I know you have been through a massive ordeal which is likely to trigger anxiety and depressive episodes anyway but perhaps the IUD could be exemplifying these symptoms.

  63. I have always had irregular periods too, i feel like the only one as my friends all have it at the same kinda time every month and mine are so unpredictable! Thankyou for talking about this in a video, feel it will really help other people understand.

  64. My periods have always been regular when not on hormonal contraception. I was a couple days late last time and thought 'eh, probably from the gym, slight delay' couple days later, nope. Bought a a couple of tests when it got to a week, boom babby in the belly!

  65. Does anyone know if it's bad for you to naturally have irregular periods? For example having a period every like 3 months?😂 curious

  66. Just a curiosity, have you ever heard of Trinessa or Caziant? Those are the two pills I’ve been on due to I guess PCOS and I have found it interesting watching this whole series and hearing how different the things between UK and US are. I’ve never had to wait a week in between packs of the pills and I take them every day. I was just wondering if those are in the UK as well.

  67. i'm 3 days late! Its stress for me….I think. Deffo not pregnant not had sex. Might be low calorie intake. i haven't been eating a lot lately. i probably been taking in child portions.

  68. I had a severe allergic reaction that ended in the ER (twice in one day) and I got the whole shebang. Epi injection, steroids, plus a couple of medications that just had some anti-histamines and I was tripping for several days afterwards on all those pills. I think I was in the middle of my period, i had maybe 3-4 days to go and it just stopped. It was kinda weird but i knew right away why I'd missed it. So fyi in case you have allergies, a severe reaction (and/or the medication after) can affect your period

  69. I’m either entering early menopause (at 20 lol) or it’s stress or weight gain cause my periods are like gone with the wind

  70. i missed a period and was terrified because i thought i had cancer or something. there was no way i could’ve been pregnant.

  71. Hannah, if not all women get periods and not all people who get periods are woman, how do I know then if I am a woman or not? I'm confused.

  72. Only women have periods. Biologically. Not speaking of like health issues. Men can’t have periods and that’s simple knowledge.

  73. You can get pregnant while brestfeeding! My friend had her daughter and was breastfeeding and using condoms with her husband and got pregnant when her daughter was like 6months old

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