Recurring Strep Throat Infections Explained!

This comes from one of our viewers. Ariana writes, “I’ve started seeing someone long distance and every weekend he visits, I get strep throat. I’ve gone to the doctor every time to rule out other causes but I’m convinced it’s my new boyfriend. Is it possible he could be a carrier even though he shows no symptoms?” Yes. You know what? You don’t need this show. Turn the TV off. No one’s allowed to come in studio. (crosstalk) That’s it, we’re done. Yeah you could be a carrier. Of course. I think it’s a little less common to be a source of infection if you’re asymptomatic and the boyfriend obviously isn’t saying every time he sees her that he has strep throat but I think the solution here for her is just to get her throat swabbed and his throat swabbed to see who’s actually carrying strep if anyone and also what antibiotics it’s sensitive to because you don’t want to necessarily keep taking antibiotics over and over for nothing if that’s not actually the source or the cause. People tend to at times get repeat infections and it could be a urinary tract infection. In this case for her if it is indeed strep throat, we don’t know the formal diagnosis, you can’t just keep going back in once a month and just taking antibiotics. Not only are they going to become less effective but over time the onslaught that that causes in your body it’s not just destroying bad bacteria. It’s destroying your entire microbiome, lots of potential side effects. It’s a bandaid. So you have to always then figure out why is this happening? And I applaud this person because it may be the boyfriend and so you have to do more research. Don’t just go see a different health care provider every time or go into an Urgent Care clinic and say, well I seem to have a urinary tract infection again Well here’s another prescription for an antibiotic. I seem to have strep throat again here’s another antibiotic
Well I also think for strep throat.
that’s a good way To give rise to a resistant form of that bacteria that then isn’t going to respond to those antibiotics if that’s actually what you have. I agree. And you mentioned culture insensitivity. I like that you brought that up. Not even just for strep but in general, if you keep going back, sometimes people will just say, oh you have a urinary tract infection but they won’t determine which antibiotics will be effective against the organism causing your particular infection so that’s where the culture insensitivity comes in. So you may wanna ask them, are you checking for the sensitivity. If I keep getting this, I keep getting these symptoms to make sure you’re treating it adequately, whatever the infection may be if it’s a bacterial infection.

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