Okay John good morning
-Good Morning You come here to “Rights by the Quiropraxia” Problem bring your right arm AHA! (so is)
What happened? What happens is that grabbed me,
I grabbed the truck and … I strength to climb
And while pulling for … I felt a very strong pull here And a pain … very, very strong! If hand,
I want to load something, and not

Dr. Bone’s I can not carry anything can with this hand I can not even bend my fingers or this right here is hurting me,
and I feel pain almost to the leg Bone is …
AHA! (so is)- When I do! but
He’s hurting pretty Okay Is this when it happened? I now in the morning
Today in the morning … then? They will make noon, few hours ago, ok How far you can raise your hand? Handy if you can lift the whole arm if you can lift Okay. Can you make me your hand back of the neck? yes – Is there trouble there? Do not.
-Bájala more Annoying there?
-do not
Ok, now Your hand low and Did you make back your back? Now is there trouble there?
Very little, not But hold on,
-okay Hey Now huh? … What is the problem there in your hand?
When the extend and look! Right now I am extending and It’s hurting me!
– AHA! (so is)
But all this! – AHA! (so is)
Osea can not hold a glass of water !, I do not know if they are your fingers?
That is,

But here goes And it hurts all this! me this I have to do like this!
– AHA! (so is) But if you are really hurting me strong,
He’s hurting pretty Ok … enough … and … I even do so … Ah! Oh!
– If you want to extend your fingers you?
It hurts right …! -te is hurting, have problems Ok, let me see … we give you Ok can you hold this in your hand? And the fingers? Try to hold
Oh no! – I can not! you can not? No, I can not, if dropped me ? It’s something that weighs no more than … More than one pound? and you can not sostene
No, that can not sustain A pound and you can not hold? Ok, missing 5 minutes to noon We are July 7, 2017 Let’s start therapy, this is the before And now let’s see What happens? okay okay Eh … Juan are the … … twelve thirty in the morning We started at 11 and 55 minutes
It’s been 35 minutes Since we started giving rehabilitation To your right arm How do you feel now? and a little better
Well, more and better!
Already, I can no longer it hurts like when you enter,
when we started
– AHA! (so is) It hurt, now relaxed
-yes Uh … do you remember that you could not do? Lift that bottle! Eh … with your hand What could not do Well… for example, open and grasp your hand
What could you do? -not much
Just like that,
– How far he reached?
Just like that I can now close (fist) Full
– AHA! (so is) Step by step, when it comes not (he could move it) It was very difficult to see her well
– AHA! (so is) This hand not (could move)
-the standard are opening right ?, Yes, There’s pain away Help to do that?
Very minimal, but It is a minimum (of pain) is so hurt that you brought But no, it is not (the pain)
Yes, what I was -is by the injury, right? bone pain you brought is by There was Not Then, eh Besides other movement you could not do what? Not much of this, because when down, it hurt elbow – AHA! (That’s) what now? – do not! I do not elbow hurts
– do not you ?, elbow hurts -not And while if it hurt! – AHA! (so is)
Well you hurt me, if I feel pain, like … … say here as mild But … the rest … No … no … not It’s okay? It’s OK Another test was made a while … Was, I gave you a jar of gel … And she weighed one lbs at most … And I do not think you get, and you could not lift What you can get up now? Let’s do the test So look! Ok you can go up and down the bottle Ok, and while do not you could not lift? -do not
Do not
– Not even trying? No, no, I did not fall No no no While he slipped me And now? No Does not it bother? Nomas very minimal here, but I do not know who made the arm? (Laughs) so settled, ok Uh … would test fire were to hold it with your fingers Ah …
-ok there is now a little trouble right? But you can sustain? yes! Bone are there, tore the … Nerves there … And it just … eh Well, with … Inflammatories, hence spend with the doctor What do your inflammatories And so there I rest, I do not know to send you to But my part is all Ok John, how do you rate my work? No, excellent, excellent Dr. okay? If very professional Very ethical, very professional, Great, no more! Yes – Yes now!
Okay This … anything you want to say to the fellow Not because, if they have an injury So such as mine, a bone … I did not know I knew nothing … you AHA! But now I’m coming You feel very confident yes? Yes because in rehab Arms, fingers, no longer accommodate more He went to another part of the body (neck and I was afraid of damage to the neck and hands and if I recognize that it is an excellent and is an excellent person, it works fine and … they come, if they have damage Dr. it can heal, or if you want plastering first come here
register and see, and you and here you are now more prepared to tell us, go to Dr. O … you put this in a cast or ok, your neck, also were bringing problems with your neck you just rehabilitate your neck, how do you feel now? -well light yes? I felt very heavy AHA! It feels good light, that I did not know, this here (cervical) I rehabilitate little neck
I think that by hand? AHA! If you reverberated in the neck
I reached to move the cervical And if it feels light! And how you felt your neck before? tense and
as robocop (Laughs) but I thought it was I do not know, muscles now, or what? But no, it feels very light, feel and Much, very ligerito shoulders I no longer felt the shoulders Very ligerito, even in motion Well John are here at your command Thank you Dr. Y No, on the contrary

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