Reproductive Disruptions and Adrenal Fatigue – Preview

Infertility, recurring miscarriages, pregnancy
complications, as well as postpartum fatigue are some of the challenging issues facing
women afflicted with Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome. The more severe the Adrenal Fatigue is, the
more chances of risks in these areas that you will encounter. Now, infertility is probably
the most challenging for most, even in the milder stages of Adrenal Fatigue. Symptoms
start with endometriosis, PCOS, PMS, fibrocystic breast disease, fibroids from time to time,
or even breast cancer. These are alert signs to the woman that the body’s in trouble
hormonally, but also because much of this regulation falls through the adrenal system,
we have to start paying attention to your adrenal glands very early on. I will teach
you how to recognize those in my video on this topic. If you are able to get pregnant,
but you also have symptoms of recurrent miscarriages, especially during the first trimester, this
is another warning sign. Many are able to get pregnant, especially if they are young,
but if they are in the advanced stages of Adrenal Fatigue, they find that they have
recurrent miscarriages, especially during the later part of first trimester. This is
another warning sign that the body’s in trouble, and the reason is most likely tied
to a progesterone deficiency during the Adrenal Fatigue stage. We will need to go through
that, as well, and how to prevent it, what to look out for, how to alert your doctor
so you don’t go through the trouble of getting pregnant only to lose the child. Now, for
some that are fortunate enough to pass through the first two hurdles, then how to maintain
an uncomplicated and uneventful and pleasant pregnancy becomes the third challenge. During
pregnancy, the body oftentimes goes into a mode where it is trying to reserve all its
energy for the fetus, and if the reserve level is not sufficient, the draw down on the body’s
reserve can pose a significant problem as the pregnancy advances. Symptoms can include
sugar imbalances, fatigue, depression, salt craving, blood pressure irregularities, and
others, and we will need to address those if you want to make sure that you don’t
get into that type of situation. Finally, many women do go through postpartum or after
delivery fatigue, depression, and low blood pressure, and these are also significant and
advance warning signs that the body is simply too drained after delivery, and many women
report that they’re never quite the same. Now, in order to prevent this from happening,
we have to try to help the adrenal system well and very early during the early pregnancy
stage. So, for a woman, reproductive dysregulation doesn’t have to be very serious, provided
you are on the alert, let your doctor know what to do, and take preventive steps that
are natural, non-stimulating, good for the fetus, and good for your body, to ensure that
your reproductive cycles, not only through your regular menses, but throughout the pregnancy,
as well as the post-pregnancy period is very smooth, very pleasant, and uneventful. This
is Dr. Lam, and I hope that you enjoyed this video on reproductive dysregulation and Adrenal
Fatigue Syndrome.

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